Pros and cons


OK, DDO, there are a couple of things I need to get off my chest.

First off, MyDDO. First characters stop updating. Now they’re DISAPPEARING?! Acanthia and Vic apparently no longer exist in the MyDDO realm. Might be coincidence, but they both disappeared after leveling to 21. C’mon, a few little glitches are understandable, but this is ridiculous.

Then there’s this whole airship buff thing. I know, I know, I shoulda read the forums fora. Then I’d have known that airship amenities were going to be wiped – AGAIN – before I went and replaced all ours and put a month’s worth of time on them. Free TP for new amenities is indeed a nice gesture, and I thank you for it. But it doesn’t replace the plat I’ve now shelled out SEVERAL times, and frankly I’m not in any hurry to put new amenities on the ship not knowing if they’ll still be there the next day.


Naturally glitchy glitches are glitchy. Was it really intentional to have the breakables in Underdark drop Cure Light pots? At epic levels, there’s just not enough healing amp in the world to make those useful. There are still a number of “string table errors” when mousing over things on the map in King’s Forest.

And apparently the glitch with Uxyndar’s chest that was reported in beta hasn’t been fixed. I came across ol’ Uxy along with his little horde of water eles. Just me, my panther and Albus, the lvl 20 FvS hire – it was a tough fight, and I EARNED the loot from his chest. Alas for me, the chest was locked. I was annoyed, so I blew some of my precious few remaining Turbine points on a Gold Seal lvl 22 rogue. One of the things I really like about Gold Seal hires is that you can summon them from anywhere, not just at the start – or so I thought. But when I tried to summon my newly-purchased rogue, I got an error message that I needed to be closer to the start of the dungeon. Now I was REALLY pissed annoyed, so I went the retail therapy route again and bought a bell of opening… and got, “The chest cannot be knocked.” A long, aggravating fight, 80 TP and nothing to show for it – not cool.


So if DDO is really that bad, why did I stay up way, way, WAY past my bedtime playing it?

Because while it’s got its share of annoyances, it’s still cool as hell. I had an awesome time a few nights ago when Keava helped Acanthia explore King’s Forest and get almost all of Elminster’s messages. We checked out Underdark for a little while after that, and I think I probably said, “Holy crap!” at least a dozen times – the whole area is amazing.

Tonight I was tired and only planned to run Acanthia through the forest long enough to pick up the last few messages she didn’t have. But darn it, that was so much fun that I decided to kill “just a few more things.” And then a few more, and a few more, and… you get the idea. Then I found myself right by the Underdark entrance and thought, ah heck, let’s head in there and pick up a few slayers.


MANY slayers plus a few rares and explorers later, I’m finally thinking I should obey my drooping eyelids and head to bed. Not that I wasn’t sorely tempted to stay up and go for 750 slayers; while I love King’s Forest, Underdark is just incredible. Plus there’s lots of stuff in there that’s susceptible to Tomb of Jade, and it’s ALWAYS fun to turn your enemies into green statues. Next time I need to try to get a shot of a jaded Drider.

Since I’m, y’know, me, I did get lost a few times. First was in King’s Forest trying to guide Coyle’s sister the lost villager back to the safety of Eveningstar. It took me forever to FIND the lost villager, and when I did, she was on the wrong side of the river from the Eveningstar entrance and flat-out refused to cross the water. I dragged her all over the map with me looking for a way around, but she ended up getting herself killed when she ran off and aggroed a couple of dire bears while I was fighting some other members of their clan.

Then I came upon a group of scoundrel types who claimed to have saved some villagers from Drow. They asked me to find the leader of the other group so they could figure out how to divide the loot. Trouble was, I looked all over that whole area and never found the villagers.


But the worst getting lost episode happened in Underdark, when I picked my way high up on a ledge and came across a snoring dragon. I really didn’t think Acanthia could beat him but I sure as heck wanted her to try. Too bad for me that he blew me right off the ledge, far down to the bottom, and though I spent a good two hours or so exploring, I never could figure out how to get back up there. Wait’ll next time!


9 thoughts on “Pros and cons

  1. TorGrimorde

    I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that once you attack the dragon and he’s blown you off his perch, he also blows the bridge up that leads to him. So you can’t get back to him anyway 😦

    But, I cold have read/remembered that incorrectly, and I haven’t found him myself yet to confirm. Must be scared of me 🙂 {falls off chair laughing}


  2. Shindurza

    Had an AWESOME time in there with Comic on the 4th. I logged on for what was supposed to be a quick visit since I was at home, it was a holiday, and I figured that getting playing time was probably NOT going to happen. Yeah, well, with breaks for dinner and fireworks mixed in, I spent TWELVE hours connected to the game. He and I ran the whole thing, but could not get all the explorers because the last one was blocked by two earth elementals that would not activate.(I found the workaround for that, we have all the explorers now). It was just an absolute blast running that place, and we followed it up with a trip into Sschindylryn last night. Killed everything in sight, unfortunately there are 3 explorers currently missing from live, so we could not finish that. Personally, I am enjoying the new content MORE than I thought possible.


  3. deahamlet

    People claimed the dragon shows up over there but were never got him any time we went up! Awesome that you got him 🙂


  4. CheaterJoe

    Even, AWESOME reports! I laughed out loud, which I rarely do, when I read that the dragon just “swooshed” you over the ledge and, presumably, went back to sleep. Next time, indeed!


  5. legendkilleroll

    Place sounds so cool 😀

    I was going to tr when i hit 20 but the forest is calling my name and i dont think i can resist


  6. redcastle73a

    oooh the dragon. Thats the only thing, and the Sschindylryn portal, that I can navigate too at this stage. Waitin till the guildies are ready and we go together.


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