y u no play ddo rite??!11!!!!111


I guess I’ll just never get it.

Nearly every day, I see something in game chat or in a blog post or on the forums that lets me know how completely awful I am at DDO. So many people think if you’re not doing things exactly the way they would, then you must be doing it wrong.


Well, color me wrong. I joined DDO to have fun, not to feel like my ePeen is bigger than anyone else’s because my pixels are more über than your pixels. And yes, one of the biggest ePeens I know in this game belongs to a female – or maybe she prefers to be called an überfrau, ’cause she’s, y’know, so über. Sadly, she’s not unique.


At least a few of my friends from MyDDO are reluctant to join PuGs, worried about being ridiculed if something goes wrong. I often feel the same way myself. I kept Vic out of an eVoN run last night; I really wanted to join, and they sat around for a long time waiting for a trapper. I know Vic can handle the traps, because she’s done it before, but there was one guy in the group who’s given Even hell before for not having enough HP/armor class/something else I can’t remember, and who totally ripped up Jall after a failed ToD flagging run. He was so harsh that another friend of mine who was in that group says she’ll never again run with ANYONE from the guild he was in at the time.


So many elitists. So many insults. “Why are you using mana to heal?” “You’re stupid if you don’t have [insert spell] loaded.” “You should have taken [insert feat or enhancement] so you wouldn’t suck.” “You’re only using [insert gear]? Hahaha, fail!” Etc., etc., etc. It all boils down to, “If you’re not doing it like me, you’re doing it wrong;” or in other words, “You’re a noob and you’ll never be as über as me because I am the Überest of the Über, dummy.”


Jall is probably the toon who’s taken the most crap from people. A healbot! Who uses mana! And drinks pots! OH THE HORROR! What I can’t figure is WHY so many people give such a damn about how I play my toons. If Jall is keeping your red bar up as well as any other healer could under the same circumstances, why do you care how she does it?

A while back, Jall went through 26 major mana pots during an epic Devil Assault run. It was a group to make any elitist prig shudder – gimpy Jall (this was before I LRed her, so she was REALLY gimpy) in her first eDA and possibly the first time I’d done an epic with her; Slvr on his bard doing his first epic ever on ANY toon; Billy, who’d never gotten an eDA completion, on his nearly-as-gimpy-as-Jall cleric; Day with her ranger doing her first-ever eDA; Levin on his not-at-all-gimped caster; and a random monk who turned out to be pretty darn good. It was possibly the ugliest completion of eDA in the history of eDAs. Soooo many deaths! Neither Levin nor the monk died at all, and miraculously, mostly thanks to Death Pact (she didn’t have DI yet, since this was pre-LR), neither did Jall. She kept her aura going while throwing out bursts and heals as fast as possible and drinking pot after pot. Unlike your average elitist, though, I’m not COMPLAINING about how many pots she went through. If anything, I’m BRAGGING about it – I’m proud to have friends who are MORE than worth chugging pots for, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


I like building the best toons I can and doing well with them, but I don’t get all butthurt when my own – or anyone else’s – toons aren’t über builds with über gear. Give me a wipe with a fun group any time over a completion with a bunch of asses.


I’m not sure how it would make me a better person if all my toons were completely über with full sets of twink gear. What would I do? Go to my class reunion and brag about having more hit points than anyone in my guild? Tell a job interviewer that I always lead the kill count with my +99 Epicly Epic Greatsword of Überness +15?


I know DDO is more than a game for some. Heck, it’s more than that for me sometimes. But you elitists out there seem to think that makes it OK for you to judge the people behind the toons based on their toons. Oddly enough, I have never ONCE been in a group that wiped because someone’s build or gear wasn’t up to snuff. I’ve almost never been in groups where a wipe was solely the fault of one person – and when it was, it was either an honest mistake (like the poor guy who’d never done VoN6 and accidentally ran too far ahead, locking himself in with Velah while the rest of the party was locked out) or blatant stupidity (like the guy who claimed to have run Hound many times, but immediately started killing the puppies and wouldn’t listen to everyone telling him in text and voice to stop).


I’ve probably built and geared my toons differently than other people would have done – and to me, that’s a GOOD thing. Sometimes that means having to approach a quest in a new way, and again, that’s just fine with me. I’m always willing to listen to advice, but not to insults. If that’s a problem for you, do us both a favor and don’t group with me.


So I guess I’m doing it wrong… but if so, I don’t want to be right.

25 thoughts on “y u no play ddo rite??!11!!!!111

  1. PrdPolack

    As I have said, and I have no recollection where I first heard this, “We may all be playing the same game, but none of us are playing the game the same way.”


  2. Roamin_Ronin

    Amen! I was afk waiting for a Reavers Fate the other day, and when I came back we had lost our healer and half of the party. Scrolled through party chat and the star and another guy were ragging on him/her for any reason they could find. It’s a dick move to do that to anyone, let alone somebody you expect to keep you alive so you can brag about your kill count. Dropped without saying anything, no way I’m grouping with those jerkwads.

    I joined the Adepts channel after I saw a comment on Keava’s blog about it. I’ve yet to run with anyone from the channel that’s given me a hard time for not being the uberest, they’ve all been exceptionally nice even when I’m taking up a backpack slot. Thelanis needs more like that. 🙂


  3. chyribdus

    We’ve gone through that type of person on cannith more than once and have an entire guild full of them. My guild has an “elitist” that goes out of his way to HELP people make their characters better and stronger. THOSE elitists are the good ones. Lately, the pugs that I’ve gotten into have been getting better and better PEOPLE. I could care less if you’ve got a good toon since I know I’ve made plenty of mistakes building all of mine.

    Most elitists need to take a step back and remember when they first started and how it was. A few of them, that wouldnt help because they actually managed to build a good toon 1st try, but even those need to be slapped upside the head and given some humility.

    If I ran into any of you on cannith and you were looking for a PUG, I’d bring you in to one of mine in a heartbeat.


  4. Evennote

    @Prd: Love that quote!

    @Ronin: Adepts are AMAZING. I’ve run with them quite a few times, everybody’s always incredibly helpful and NEVER gets upset no matter how badly things go.

    @Chyr: There’s a huge difference between an elitist and an elitist snob. The Adepts program Ronin mentioned is run by the Inferus Sus guild on Thelanis and is a great example of elitists who are about helping people rather than dissing them. BTW, our little Cannith guild mostly plays Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and Friday nights (Eastern time). Feel free to look up Tirae, my main over there!


  5. LrdSlvrhnd

    That was a fun eDA… on the other hand, I don’t think I did another epic for months after that, and even then it was only grudgingly and on my monk… and I still refuse to flag Maraga for ToD, which may be because of that eDA… *g* (And she is too gimpy, shush!)


  6. krissonofpark

    Enough about Elitists, rather not think about them, just thinking about them is enough to put you off playing – what I want to know is:

    What on Eberron is going on in that picture and that picture?


  7. Domfig

    Picture 6? I heard of guild initations but seriously?
    Even you are only playing it wrong if you are not having fun. If you are playing something and not having fun its not play its work!
    There will always be people trying to tell you how to play your toon or gear them or whatnot, I don’t even listen anymore I just move on.


  8. krissonofpark

    @Even: I was been generous when I suggested it was only two of the pictures that required explanations, but we will leave it at:

    I see that clothing is optional in your Guild (which wouldn’t be a problem if there was an alternative to the seriously bad underwear) and someone let a Dwarf out in public wearing that, I think the fashion police will have to be called.


  9. legendkilleroll

    Great post :D, if your ever on sarlona you seem like the type of player i would love to play with.

    I am sometimes hesitant to join groups myself, especially a raid, once was looking at a hox which ive never done, by the time i decided i may try it the group was full lol.

    A group up yesterday which said “have a clue” “dont join if not” something similar, that must have been full of lovely people 🙂


  10. Evennote

    @Dom: Oh… um… clearly you haven’t had your official “induction” into Destiny yet. *looks innocent*

    @Kris: I’m in a guild of two, and nekkid dancing is ALWAYS one of our aspirations. It’s popular with a lot of people from my old guild as well.

    @Legend: Yep, I’m on Sarlona sometimes, got some favor farming toons there. When I’m there, I’m usually on Ironica or Rhennie. I’m not fond of groups that insist you know the quest, so I don’t join LFMs like that. I’d much rather run with someone who’s a first-timer but is willing to listen and contribute than someone who thinks they know it all because they’ve done it a zillion times. In fact, on about my zillionth run of the Pit, a friend who’d never run it before came with me and found a way past the air trap in the second furnace room that I’d never seen before. There’s always something new to learn!


  11. redcastle73a

    If you’re on Thelanis you have only to ask for help and I will try and gather what resources are available to assist. Earlier this evening my guildies and I ran a sorcerer through the flagging for Beyond The Rift and while I wasn’t able to see it through to the end (real life committments) my fellow guildies saw him through to Eveningstar. We are a very small guild but we have big hearts and warm smiles. I guess thats why ubers hate us.


  12. Shindurza

    We are the Uber. Lower your shields and surrender your weapons. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.


  13. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    Players who are awesome people can recognize their growth as players, admit their own mistakes, and they don’t rip up other people to plump their own ego. It’s that simple.

    My guild gets accused of being elitist sometimes, but I see so many of them being fabulous, laughing at each other when they make dumb dodo mistakes or get each other killed. They are very frank with each other, but this doesn’t always play well with non-guildies who weren’t expecting it. There only two members of my guild who I think have ever been out and out troll jerk-faces, and as a consequence, I try to limit grouping with them.


  14. Micki

    🙂 how on earth do u get them to stand on their hands?

    Oh, but yeah, I hate those people who get down on others about their build without knowing what they can do. I did see this über cleric online today I decided not to run with her (yes, it’s a woman). I ran crystal cove with her some and she’s nice and all, but way too über for my taste “I have learned how to build a cleric with over 500 h and over 2000hp”. “First u run this and that, then you get this and that gear, and you need this and that”. Come on now. If I want advice, I’ll ask, ok?

    Luckily I haven’t really been bullied by über ppl, and I tend to bite back if they try. 🙂 Tell me I suck? Well if I suck then it’s your fault because u didn’t do a better job at protecting me (when running my cleric).

    🙂 I did though, turn down running In the demon’s den with a Wizard at about 200 hp. I told him that even though I consider myself to be a good healer, I don’t think I can keep you alive in there. (he was also very impatient, prob a kid?)


  15. dgomon

    Sometimes love you just say all the right things in all the right ways. It seems as the game gets more players some elites are being overly critical instead of remotely helpful. I was very glad to read this post. Maybe just maybe some of those trying to compensate (for their own small issues) will see their type of “HELP” is uninvited.


  16. Emmeliine

    Enjoyed your post a lot. Too bad I’m not on Thelanis, would probably be fun playing together.
    Now with the epic levels our guild is getting more and more independent, we’ve already shortmanned 2 hard Shrouds just with guildies. Not to mention ADQ, HOX, VOD, eHardVON… It’s great not to depend on anyone who might annoy you. We will try to flag our “fresh” guildies to Ascenscion Chamber these days and see how we go.


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