Chains of lame


Even with all the amazing new gear the MotU update brings, the named Tower of Despair sets are still pretty darn cool. Acanthia’s got no less than THREE ToD rings (still waiting on Kyosho’s, though) along with assorted belts and necklaces. Even’s got two rings, although not the Band of Siberys she desperately wants. Jall’s got the Radiant Ring in her TR bank waiting for her when she gets to 18 again.

But not Vic. Poor girl, she just wants a ToD ring, ANY ToD ring that has +6 Str. I was hoping she’d get it tonight when she joined a ToD LFM filled with some great old friends.

Alas, it was not to be, despite a really good group, because the Judge has added a little extra something to his spiked chain attack – apparently they’re now Spiked Chains of Disconnect +15. Every time – EVERY time – he chained someone, the entire party DCed. And from what I hear, it’s been happening in other quests with chain-casting horned devils as well, so Sins of Attrition and Vision of Destruction are also likely borked (Baz has had the same thing happen on Sins, haven’t heard personally from anyone who’s tried VoD since the update though).

Chains weren’t the kind of jewelry Vic was hoping for, but the night wasn’t a total loss. I logged Ironica in to do some renown farming and got both her and the Sarlona edition of Flower Sniffers up to level 5, so she can now mail out guild invites. Acanthia is feeling rather sage after snagging a +3 Wisdom tome in her 40th Shroud, and Jall healed elite Delirium and used almost no mana, just aura and bursts.


Aside from that pesky chains glitch, I’m mostly loving the update. I rolled up a Druid during beta and had a lot of fun running around as a bear with my own personal wolf pack, so I made a new version of Shenlie on Cannith. I fully expect her to get lost just as often as all my other toons, but at least with her wolves around, she’ll have company.

2 thoughts on “Chains of lame

  1. Roamin_Ronin

    Aw, the chain disconnect bug is horrible. Just ran my first VoD, and flagged Tower for the first time as well this weekend. I was looking forward to running that soon, my monk needs his rings, lol.

    Congrats on the 40th run btw! 🙂


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