Thoughts arrive like cows, so I barbecue them


Tomorrow’s the day! In a little over 12 hours from the time of this post, the Menace of the Underdark update will go live as Druids, dire bears, driders and more come to DDO.

Last night I was reading through the Open Beta Release Notes thread to get a feel for the new update. There is a TON of info in there; I wouldn’t quite give it “tl;dr” status, but there’s no way my puny little brain is gonna absorb all that. I’m more of a “learn by doing” type. There were some things, though, that just stuck out to me for various reasons.

Fixed a bug where the Druid Reincarnate spell would sometimes kill targets immediately after they were rezzed.

“I’m aliiiiiiive! I’m aliiiiiiive! I’m aliii – wait, what?”

Green Steel Altars now use barter-style crafting, with searchable and publicly listed recipes.

THIS. Because c’mon, you know you’ve either screwed up at least one GS item or come close to screwing up, or you’re like me and just don’t breathe until after each tier is completed, which can lead to danger of suffocation.

Kobold Gems no longer take damage.

But they still hate you.

Pale Masters should no longer get nuked by their own auras.

‘Nuff said.

More hirelings have been added to the game to support high level and epic content.

Did Turbine add more high level and epic traps for the new hirelings to stand in?

Maloren the hireling has yet again been retrained to cast healing spells.

Doesn’t he read the forums? He shouldn’t be wasting mana on heals. He should be using scrolls and bursts. Real clerics don’t need mana!  [/sarcasm]

Fixed an issue where some hirelings would go brain dead and try to freeze up the quest instance. Bad hirelings, bad!

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Docents can no longer generate with race restrictions, because that would be silly.

Yes. Yes, it would, although Acanthia’s sometimes wondered how she’d look in a docent.

The power of generated treasure at low levels has been increased to more closely match the level of the chest it comes from.

I’m hoping this means no more masterwork arrows from elite Pit.

Greater Halfling Bane now properly deals bonus damage.

Acanthia sez: “Nooooooooooooooo!”

Disembodied eyeballs have met their match – blind effects now kill them!

I like this. Almost as much as I like using Kormor’s Belt to make the eyeballs do the worm.

Xoriat gargoyles are immune to Flesh to Stone.

I always wondered how you could turn a gargoyle to stone when it’s already, y’know, stone.

Fixed a crashing issue when moving between quests or teleporting.

Fixed a crashing issue that would occur when attempting to log out.

Does this mean I’m going to be able to get into Sands again? And that I’ll be able to log one toon out and log in another without staring at a stuck screen for 10 minutes before finally using the task manager to shut DDO down?

Arrow trails have returned to following arrows. Rumor has it they were following the Grateful Dead for a while.

There are arrow trails?

Talbron the Warforged has a new voice.

Didn’t Talbron just get a new voice recently? Is this the same one, or did he get yet another vocal makeover?


And last, but CERTAINLY not least:

You can now talk to cows (not that they have much to say.)

I was kinda bummed out when the Build Your Guild event ended, not just because it was a great event (which it was), but because I got my dates confused and mistakenly thought I’d also missed out on the chance to get the preorder in time to get all the cool extras that came with it. But thanks to a very surprising gift from an amazingly generous and wonderful friend, I’m the stunned and delighted owner of the MotU Collector’s Edition, and I can’t wait to experience the new content! I’d love to name this Benevolent Benevoler but I get the feeling that might embarrass him, so I’ll shup on that… but I’m LOVING my new panther hire, all the new companions, the learning tomes, the spider cult masks, ALL OF IT! Not to mention the 2000 Turbine points, which – being a gurl – I decided to spend on a little retail therapy. Artificer was the only “practical” thing I bought, but the companion tricks and armor appearance kits I also got are, for me, great enhancements to my enjoyment of the game (even though the kits went on sale AFTER I bought ’em, LOL). So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Thoughts arrive like cows, so I barbecue them

  1. Hawklynn

    A good post I enjoyed. I like how many of us think alike from issues of the game, because we all experience them the same (ex- Sands Crash or Hireling Intelligence).


  2. Micki

    “Did Turbine add more high level and epic traps for the new hirelings to stand in?”
    😀 this made me laugh. I used to play with a rogue a lot, and when he would stand on some traps to disable them, his hire would follow and just stand there until he died. I haven’t had this problem that much since I usually avoid traps a lot, so my hire does too (most of the time).


  3. krissonofpark

    There’s far to much thinking going on in these parts at the moment – don’t you know it’s dangerous and as for eating them – are you all mad?


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