Time to get a mooove on


If you haven’t yet gotten the Menace of the Underdark preorder, now would be a great time, ’cause you can still get the bonus goodies (companions, Turbine points, awesome panther hire, Spider Cult mask, learning tomes, etc.). You know you’re gonna want it, because I’ve seen it and when it goes live, it’s gonna be legen – wait for it – dairy.

So hay, now that you’ve herd about it, get those calf muscles going and hoof it over to the new DDO Market to get the expansion now – don’t wait until the cows come home or you cud miss out! The new content is the cream of the crop, with lots of new adventures to farm for favor and new areas to milk for XP. You’ll have a field day playing it – it’s sure to put you in an udderly great mooood! But after June 25, all the extra perks will be put out to pasture and gone forheifer.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong. And that’s no bull, so… don’t have a cow.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the cheesy things I come up with when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, so don’t start trying to horn in on my weirdness or steak a claim to my nerdiness.

14 thoughts on “Time to get a mooove on

  1. patang01

    I’m just glad that the innocent critters in Kings forest now run when they see you. Like the foxes, frogs, deers and squirrels. Even if they move like mechinical christmas toys.


    1. Evennote

      @Mizz: No, you wouldn’t, because dudes do not love me, hence my single status. To dudes, I am at best “practice girlfriend” material – yanno, the girl they hang out with and talk to while they wait for someone better to come along.


  2. Mizzaroo

    YOU MADE A BLOG ABOUT MOOMOOS!!! Thatd be good enough for me! Haha. I love moomoos! By the way, whered you find the 3 headed Brahmin?


    1. Evennote

      This is why you’re not a guy. If you WERE a guy, you might get pulled in by the moo-moo blog, but as soon as someone posted a blog about better moo-moos, you’d forget I existed. πŸ˜›

      It’s a FOUR-headed Brahmin if you look close, and it was in Eveningstar on Lamannia.

      Oh, and if one of those new mails in my MyDDO mailbox is from you, teh mailbox is broked once again. :/


  3. Mizzaroo

    4 heads?! Theyve evolved TWICE! Its not my fault I like cows so much! They go ‘MOOOOOOO!’ And I just absolutly enjoy it! I would not forget you though. Well, I suppose I could always bother you on the Forum mail system. Yup. I think I will.


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