For the ones who help me hide the bodies


I really, really, REALLY wanted to get Jall to lvl 8 and then Stoned before the Build Your Guild event ended today (mistakenly thinking that she’d earn some nice guild bonuses, which turned out to be for new and returning players). But as she’s the first toon I’ve true reincarnated, and being a not-overly-soloable lowbie cleric, I’m finding that the TR grind is grindy. Things were starting to look desperate with just a few days remaining and Jall at lvl 5.

Enter friends! Slvr, before heading off on vacation (Goooo Red Sox! Beat those Cubs!), dug up a fighter alt and helped me tear through the Waterworks chain, Cerulean and a bunch of Harbor and Market quests. Baz stormed through Steam Tunnels with me. In less than two days, Jall was a newly-leveled 7… but she had just one night left to get those five bubbles on her XP bar lit up.

I signed her on a bit early to get a head start only to find no one I knew online (well, no one who had a toon around Jall’s level AND wasn’t already in a party) and no likely-looking LFMs, so I gritted my teeth and headed to hell – I mean, Tangleroot – for the third quest in the chain (Jall had already done the first two, which was all the Tangleroot I could take in a single night). She got to the very end, the fighter hire died in traps, as hires so love to do, and then the hobbie cleric took Jall out before she could get him first. The summoned air ele dispatched him, but poor Jall was JUST shy of being able to reach the rez shrine – she could actually get inside the door but not quite close enough to click before being zapped back to her soul stone.

But friends came through again! By that time Billy was on and sent me a tell asking if I wanted to do hard Pit. Hello?! It’s me. It’s Pit. HELL YEAH I wanna do it. “But, um, I’m kind of sitting here dead at the end of Tangleroot 3. All the bad guys are dead and I can’t quite make it to the shrine, and I REALLY don’t ever want to run this quest again.” No problem for Billy, who happened to be on his lvl 7 rogue, so he swooped in, disarmed the traps and carried Jall’s stone to the shrine before we partook of the box of crap loot and got the heck outta Dodge.

Pit was a joy, and not just because it’s Pit; more because I got to group up with my former guildies Billy, his wife Day, LG (who got Muck’s Doom! YAY LG!) and Chee along with a very nice newcomer who I suspect will soon join Monty’s as well. ‘Twas a great fun group; there were times I was laughing so hard I couldn’t type OR talk. And ’twas great XP as well, leaving Jall about 28K-ish short of that magic level 8. Alas, by the time we were done it was bedtime for everyone except me. One Redwillow’s PUG later and I was still looking at a dishearteningly large XP number to level.

Luckily for me there’s no timer on Pit, so back I went. Just as I was running up the ramps in the first furnace room, Baz signed on and offered to help. We battled through a normal run that seemed a lot tougher than the hard one I’d done earlier – even the force traps were hitting for more. And at the end, I still needed about 9K, and it was late, and we were tired. So we decided to scoff at ComicRelief’s scoffiness and go in on casual; I wasn’t sure it would get me QUITE to 8, but figured I’d be close enough that a few kills in Searing Heights afterwards would do the trick.


No trip to Searing Heights was needed, though; we enjoyed a much smoother trip through the Pit (despite my total inability this time to make it all the way up to the optional in the third furnace room), and thanks to still having a few minutes left on her XP pot, Jall got enough experience to level. After a bit more help from Droog, she’s well into lvl 16, and I’m still trying to sort through her TR bank to decide which gear to use now and figure out how to set up her hotbars. Her REALLY good stuff is min lvl 18, but that’s OK; I intend to have a ball getting her flagged for Demon Queen and Shroud and ToD, for starters.

I would never, EVER have gotten her leveled up so fast without my friends, and I sure as heck wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun without their questing help, crafted goodies and most of all moral support. I’m not going to try to name everybody because my Swiss cheese memory might leave someone out, but y’all know who you are. Thank you.  🙂

Now that Jall’s where I want her, maybe I’ll have time to head over to Lamannia and play my poor neglected druid, assuming there hasn’t been a character wipe since the last time I played her. I’ve been kind of avoiding Lama Land because 1) I was playing Jall nonstop; and 2) I didn’t get the MotU preorder and unfortunately I really can’t justify spending the money to get it right now, dealing with some recent medical bills, and the premium areas are no longer open to anyone who didn’t buy the preorder. So I couldn’t follow Shin and Comic into King’s Forest, and although I told them to go without me, they chose not to, and I felt really bad about that.  😦

It’ll be quite some time before I’ll have the TP to buy the packs when they’re released, so no new content for me for a while. I wanted a Spider Cult mask, and I REALLY wanted those tomes of learning (that would’ve been a big help for Jall, LOL), and a spiderling companion and a wolf companion (I LOVE the companions)… but oh, how I wish I could’ve gotten that black panther cub and/or panther hireling. I’m a total ailurophile and one of my cats is mostly black; would’ve been so great to run around with a little version of Victoria.  🙂

11 thoughts on “For the ones who help me hide the bodies

  1. redcastle73a

    awwww, I to know the terrible pain of the TR grind. I did part 1 of Waterworks, on hard as I can’t open elite. I lost the will to go into part 2. Soloing sucks frankly. Still have to complete the rest on hard and then grind through it again on elite. *sigh* So as it stands my level 4 is a low priority – the Thelanis Twins are the priority.

    If nothing else it gives me a low level to pug with but so many lfms for ‘know it’, ‘byoh’, ‘zerg’. All of which I don’t like.

    I’m really glad you had some awesome help getting Jal moved along some.

    Btw, also a cat lover and a cat foster carer too. Save the kitties. George our current foster was rescued a mere 2 hrs before he was to be put to sleep. *sob*
    We look after him, he’s adorable and so soft and cuddly.

    tc Keava.


    1. Evennote

      I have toons roughly every four levels on Thelanis, so just give me a yell if you want some leveling help. 🙂

      Both my two girls are rescues, and so is my mom’s cat. It’s a great feeling watching the “needs extra TLC – very shy” cat turn into a social butterfly who loves people, and the “feral, too wild to ever be adopted” cat turn into my personal lapwarmer. 😀


  2. Micki

    🙂 I haven’t cared much for the companions, but I wouldn’t mind having a render. They’re pretty cool. But I’m not willing to spend the TP.


  3. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    Maybe they’ll make the kitty companions available down the line for gold once the newness wears off so everyone can have. I named my kitty companions after my oldest cats Sabu and Mariah. Two of my DDO characters, Zoesha and Lasers, were named after my kitty Zoesha. 🙂


  4. ComicRelief

    BTW – you, uh, do realize that when you re-named this entry, that it broke the link to me (apparently), no? Hehehe


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