Letting the cat out of the bag


When about half the members of your elite Shroud group have less than 400 HP, you expect that a group fail will be on, well, y’know, the group.

You don’t expect to cruise confidently into Phase 2 and see your adventure come to a grinding halt because the stupid lion gets stuck in the stupid tree.

But that’s just what happened to Even and a bunch of friends. Mowed down portals like a hot knife through butter in Phase 1, then headed to Phase 2 and decimated the trash before pulling the rednames. Esarhal crumbled before us! Anur-Shub got frozen out! Ubein-Lnaa never even knew what hit him! Unfortunately though, Nimrisr wedged himself (herself?) firmly into the tree in the southwest corner and sat there laughing his bezekira butt off at us.

Nothing worked – we could, with difficulty, target him, but melees and ranged couldn’t touch him. Firewall didn’t work. Blade barrier didn’t work. Intimidating him didn’t coax him out; neither did killing off all his buddies. Several people submitted tickets and got nothing back except, “We’re working on it.” Half an hour or so later, people had places to go or things to do or were just tired of sitting around looking at a kitty stuck in a tree (where’s a fireman when you need one?), and the group disbanded.

‘Twas a fun time, though. Besides grouping up with several old friends – a number of Even’s former Monty’s guildies were in the party – it was a jolly group. While we were waiting, we all piled into the little nook where Nimrisr’s head was sticking out and sat down on top of each other. The wizzy put up a dancing ball and a very pretty prismatic ray so we could have a disco party. We didn’t get the completion, but it was fun while it lasted.

7 thoughts on “Letting the cat out of the bag

  1. Micki

    πŸ˜€ Muahaha. That’s hilarious. Although it sucks that the run ended there. πŸ™‚ I prob would have started over at that point instead of waiting.


  2. krissonofpark

    Had a bug in a quest a couple of days ago, with our group a sub-boss just didn’t turn up and you had to kill him to complete.
    Having reached the end of the quest, killed everything else (including end boss), we searched every inch of the dungeon and sent in tickets, he still didn’t turn up.
    We hung round in the quest as least as long as it took to get to the end, before quitting with no completion.
    And if we had reformed and started again, we would all have had time to completed it.


  3. Evennote

    Wish I had video of another Shroud I was in recently. We were saving Adur-Nac while the casters ran around in the pools to get their mana back, and all of a sudden Harry started pelting us with his meteor swarms even though Adur-Nac was still very much alive. Harry didn’t come down; he sat up above throwing fire at us, didn’t descend until we killed Adur-Nac.


  4. TorGrimorde

    We had the same problem with Crateos in Epic Snitch a few weeks back, but luckily my chaos beholder summons and our pale master could get to him and finish him off. Was slow gong though!


  5. deahamlet

    Oh I just love the new physics /sarcasm.

    I have died just jumping up. I have died jumping down 2 steps on a staircase with FF on. From “falling damage”.
    I have gotten stuck in invisible walls. I have gotten stuck behind walls. In walls.
    I have had an objective enemy stuck in a wall to the point of not having any idea where he was.
    Also had enemies stuck like yours, but archon worked to kill him (he was not a named though).
    I’ve had spells casting a foot from me stopped by some invisible bump in the road. I’ve had heals blocked by invisible blockades. LOL

    Thanx for the vid πŸ™‚


  6. Thoriek

    It Happened to me once in hard shroud.
    We killed him with divine punishment, niac’s and eladar’s and let him respawn in the beggining to kill al four.
    But it was slow and stressfull, I really think the best way is recall and re-enter.
    Last month there was a lot of issues like that in every level quests.
    A guildie got a kob stuck inside the wall in shan-to-kor, the part where you need to kill all to open the door. He opened a ticket and got it solved in 5 minutes.
    I got stuck in the wall at least 5 times in the next 2 weeks, and used the /stuck command for the first (2nd, 3rd, and so on) time.

    I hope all get solved when the expansion goes out.


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