The eyes have it


A couple of named items, insomnia some free time and an urge to experiment with video capture software adds up to one big party.

The above video was shot on a guild airship (yes, you have to click the still image to open the video, since DDO’s edition of WordPress won’t allow me to embed the video in one of those nice players). I was going to tell you how I did it… but I think I’d like to see if anyone can figure it out. Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to do this on an airship or in any other public area, at least at this time.

Now get those dancing shoes on and click that picture!

6 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. Evennote

    @Geoff – Close enough! Acanthia summoned the beholder with a Shard of Xoriat, and made it dance with the Wild Mage effect from Kormor’s Belt. It took a lot of tries before she got a dancing beholder instead of a barkskinned or bubble-headed one. I’m trying to collect one of those belts for all my toons just because you can have so much fun with them (yeah, I have too much free time).


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  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Emma came in just as I was opening the video saying “I’m bored.”

    She’s no longer bored.

    (Well, OK, now she’s bored again, ’cause the beholder’s no longer dancing)


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