What do you get when your Amazing Gimp-O-Cleric starts her 13th run of the Thirteenth Eclipse at 1:13?

As one guy in our party put it, “The best messed-up Shroud I’ve ever been in.”

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things, Baz and Slvr and I, a couple of insomniac Monty members and a MOSTLY great bunch of PUGgers. We were filling up fast and I was still debating which toon I was bringing; kind of wanted to bring Jall but only if we got another healer because, well, it’s Jall. Except with only two slots left we had NO healers, and I figured Jall was marginally better than no healer at all, so I logged her in. Shortly afterwards another cleric joined and I was all happy that I wouldn’t have to solo heal… or so I thought.

We still had one slot and people started stepping in while we were waiting for someone to hit it. Just as we were debating whether to 11-man it, we got our #12, who said he wasn’t going to buff but asked for an invite to a ship with a navigator so he could get there faster.

And that’s when we got the first inkling that the other cleric might be a problem. He started throwing group buffs and I said we should wait until everyone was in, and he went off a little on me and a LOT on the poor guy who joined last and was still zoning into Meridia. “We’re all standing here waiting on you, you [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]!” Etc., etc., etc. And then I looked at his bio and stats, and realized that although he’s a legend build, he had only a few more hit points and 400 LESS spell points than first-life Drow Jall. A human 36-point pure cleric with 1500 mana?! But OK, I’m not stupid enough to judge playing ability/survivability on stats, and honestly it makes me a little happy to see clerics with lower stats than Jall because she feels less gimpy to me.  LOL

So we head in and start beating on portals, the other cleric is being a general arse… and then he shuts up and stops moving. Some people thought he was DCing, some (including me) thought he was piking. And then another guy in the party said that the other cleric was drunk as hell and had been the cause of a failed Shroud right before ours.

*gulp*  Just the position I did NOT want to be in – solo healing Shroud with three people I knew and trusted, and seven strangers (I’m not counting the drunken idjit). But I do not drop party once I’ve committed, not EVER. And I figured at worst, we’d at least get two chests because c’mon, who wipes in Phase I?

The first phase actually went well. No healing mana needed at all, just the radiant aura was plenty, didn’t even use any bursts. But Phase 2 – that’s when all hell broke loose. I was very glad that a friend and former Monty was on with his warchanter bard so there was at least SOME other healing going on. Right away one of our fighters started taking a LOT of damage. While we were clearing trash and then beating down the red-named gang, this wasn’t too much of an issue because everybody was close enough to be in healing range. But once we started pulling them apart to finish them off – ugh. The guy died a couple of times because he wasn’t in range and I had NO idea where he was. But we made it and headed for the puzzles – I think he died again in the blades there, can’t remember for sure, I know his HP dropped alarmingly but hey, unless something really bad happens and the rainbow wall comes up, nobody wipes in Phase III either.

Ah, but Phase IV – WOW. It started out OK even though someone got the fight going before everyone was in, and then the last devil got killed while there were still about five sets of blades going. I had one of those “OMG DDO don’t you DARE FREAKING CRASH ON ME NOW” moments when Harry dropped – you know, the screen freezes, the music stops and you get that “oh CRAP” feeling in the pit of your stomach. And then there’s this huge BANG of noise and everything’s moving again, except about five people are dead. Jall tried, she really did, but she ended up in the penalty box with most of the party (the drunk guy was still sitting in Phase I) while the few live people left gave Harry some heck… AND WON.


There was some confusion over getting rezzed; I’m guessing lag was an issue again, because I SAW the guy who was supposed to rez Jall start to cast – only nothing happened on my end until JUST as I got teleported (still dead) into Phase V. (WHY does this count as dying again if you’re already dead?) Harry got done his little speech about how he should be on Shavarath instead of in some crummy fountain room with four henchmen and twelve eleven people (since the drunk was STILL in Phase I) who wanted to kill him, we all came back to life and started beating down the red-names. The fighter was taking massive damage AGAIN, had to rez him once. I looked at Jall’s mana bar and saw just a blue sliver, figured running around in water would take far too long so I gulped pots until she was full again – no way was I giving up now that we’d come this far!

We’d decided to save Adur-Nac, and while those who needed it got their health and mana back, the melee types boxed him into a corner and it became pretty obvious that our fighter really DID have some kind of issue, because just standing there blocking I was having to throw heals on him continuously just to keep him alive. Turns out he didn’t have a single heavy fort item… at lvl 19? I already have 20 shreds of tapestry in Char’s bank for her Minos, and she’s only lvl 9. Heavy fort isn’t twink gear, it’s a necessity, especially for melees. But I was glad everybody was cool about it because he was a nice guy. A couple of people told him about Minos and about running Relic to turn ore in for a heavy fort item, but thankfully nobody went ballistic on him.

When Harry first came down things weren’t too bad, was going through a lot of heal scrolls on the fighter but nothing more serious than that… and then the blades came out. The ranged and casters and I were trying to dodge blades and people were getting scattered; I tried to keep heals centered on the melees but that meant that some of the squishies were getting killed. A lot. Jall had a close call or two from forgetting to watch her own health bar. I had selfishly cast her Divine Intervention on herself (’cause hey, if the cleric goes down, everybody is probably going down) and had JUST been about to click it again as it wore off when DING! – the blades got me. Someone, I’m not sure who, sent me a raise, but coming back with 10% of your HP and blades EVERYWHERE just led to more dings. But they kept raising me, and I kept coming back and trying to heal/buff myself and restore at least SOME of the red bars to the party.

It was ugly… REALLY ugly. But we made it! Fifty-three deaths… *sigh*  As Slvr pointed out, though, 18 of those don’t count because 11 were the end of Phase IV, and seven were people who were already dead at the end of Phase IV but “died” again on the way to Phase V. So “only” 35 deaths… but the only one that mattered was the big red winged guy, so it’s a win, right?

Oh, and once we were outside, Baz dropped the drunk guy (who had FINALLY DCed while we were in Phase V) so he wouldn’t be able to get back in and loot. I’m sorely tempted to name him, but as totally classless as he was, I can’t bring myself to be just as classless by calling him out. He’s on my “special” friends list, and that’ll do.

Could’ve been worse – Jall could have done her 13th run of the Thirteenth Eclipse at 1:13 on Friday the 13th.

11 thoughts on “Triskaidekaphobia

  1. GMTrojan

    Wow! Since I have not even flagged for The Shroud, I do not know what I would have done in your shoes. Nice to know about Hvy. Fort, as I have Minos, but don’t often use it, as I am using the upgraded Sora Kell. When I end up doing Shroud, I will switch, and not force my healer(s) the pain of rezzing me so much.


  2. Ebondrake

    LOL- well played, Even. I try not to drop so long as there is a shred of hope (aka one person left alive), but drunken a-hole pikers make me see red. You’re a better (wo)man than I am, Gunga Din.


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Maraga doesn’t have heavy fort, but she also doesn’t try to melee bosses unless somebody ELSE has the aggro… and generally, she doesn’t melee anyone unless somebody else has the aggro LOL (She does have mod fort and usually the Stalwart Trinket for 10 HP/10% fort, for 85%, so that’s PRETTY close…)


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    Oh… and 9 of those deaths were yours, so I’m not sure if those count. Plus your extra death in Part IV (y’know, where you die, DI kicks in and you die again?)


  5. Mizzaroo

    I always think its never nice to name a person in a negative way no matter how mad they make me. Theres just something about doing that that just makes me feel worse than the person who was rude or stupid or something worse than rude and stupid.


  6. deahamlet

    Even the ugliest armor in this game looks hot on elves. So not cool :). Drow really are the super race hehe.

    Congrats! Sometimes the most fun can come out of the most challenging of runs. If the group is fun and light-hearted.


  7. Spencerian

    A point of order for one melee class: the Monk. They find Heavy Fortification on outfits quite a bit. A great one (outside of the much-loved Garments of Equilibrium) is a Deathblock Outfit of Heavy Fortification. Once at L20 on my main toon, I rethought using a Minos once I started using Green Steel items to stack immunities, and the Minos became a no-brainer.

    That must have been the ugliest Shroud win I’ve ever read. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it. Tenacious group you had there!


  8. BOgre

    Was proud to be a part of it. Part IV was really the worst, and when we were down to just 3 standing I was sure it was over. So glad we ALL hung tight. And as usual, you’re self proclaimed Gimp acquitted herself bravely and in fine style. As for the ‘drunk’ I’m convinced he was piking. He got angry at the entrance, and decided he’d “show us” for making him mad, as gimp as we were. Glad to know we didn’t need him after all. Oh, and funny how these disasters are more memorable than the smoothies, eh? Such much fun. 🙂


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