A match made in… Xoriat


Ah, Valentine’s Day, time to celebrate perfect pairings. I have no Valentine this year (at least not one that’s come forward, and no Valentine at all is a significant improvement over the Valentine I had last year). What I do have are a few thoughts on some of the weird gear that crops up in DDO from time to time.

Exhibit A: Our little Cannith guild has a well-stocked chest (no, I’m not referring to the way Tirae fills out her robes :P) that as of Friday contained a pair of Ogre Power +5 Gloves of Bull’s Strength. Hey, don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice item but… isn’t putting Bull’s Strength on Ogre Power gloves just a tad redundant? Since it’s the same non-stacking effect, it’s really just a pair of Ogre Power +5 gloves with a useless suffix. Not that I wouldn’t snap them up for Quiaga once she levels up enough to use ’em – +5 Strength is never a bad thing.

This belt led to one of those weird DDO conversations about weird DDO items in general and nothing in particular amongst me, Slvr and Comic, resulting in much laughter, a bit of snarkiness and utter disregard for trivial things such as “normal” bedtimes. Imagine a Charismatic Helm of Eagle’s Splendor! A Wise Necklace of Owl’s Wisdom! Clever Goggles of Fox’s Cunning!

And we didn’t stop there. How about a dwarven axe of greater dwarf bane (race restricted to elves), or feather falling boots of feather fall? Underwater action items of – well, ANYTHING! I mentioned that Even once had an Underwater Action Helm of Intimidation and idly wondered just what the heck she was supposed to intimidate underwater…

Slvr: Duh, you’re actually intimidating the water itself, which is why it won’t enter your lungs

*forehead smack*  Maybe I just need all this relationship stuff explained to me.  LOL


8 thoughts on “A match made in… Xoriat

  1. Mizzaroo

    Intimidating the water. Now THATS funny! Oh, and to answer an earlier question, Of course id be your Valentine for Valentines day. But only cause Im a nice person. And silly. Dinner time!


  2. XavierElanor

    Collect those items, its fun to have a museum. rr: halfling greataxes are nice too. My best item ever: Twilight Fullplate of Shadow. Great for today’s fighter/wizard/rogue on the go!

    I’m still waiting to see a RR: WF underwater action item of water breathing.


  3. deahamlet

    You know I’ve seen the charismatic X of eagle’s splendor. It went to vendor trash (it was on Orien so I can craft +6). It boggles the mind, maybe they should have some filtering on random loot lol.

    I am going to laugh if I ever see an underwater item with the spell to cast the bubble on top of it!!!

    I have seen a ring of underwater action that was race restricted to WF though. I didn’t get to laugh at that time cause I knew nothing about WF :).


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