Extra, extra!


Now that I’ve talked several Shroud first-timers through the procedure of how to get the best chance at the extra chest, someone asked me to post some details here since there’s surprisingly little information online. So here you go! If you’re looking forward to running Shroud for the first time, I hope this helps you get that elusive extra loot.

First, why do you want the extra chest when there are already TWELVE chests on a normal Shroud run? Because you want large green steel ingredients. You might not need them YET, but believe me, you WILL. And just like the regular chests in the fourth and fifth phases of Shroud, the extra chest drops them. There is also a reasonable chance that you’ll find a +2 tome (bound to account), and a rare chance to get a +3 tome (bound to character).

Your chance comes at the end of Phase Four. As with the other phases, there is an altar at the end of the phase, and a portal appears once the altar has been clicked. If the party contains a first-time Shrouder, this portal will be just a bit different than the others – there will be a very, VERY small area that, if clicked, will transport the party to a secret room with an extra chest and another portal that will take you into Phase Five.

Remember, there is NO chance at the extra chest if there’s not at least one person in the party who’s never run Shroud before (in case you didn’t know, you can type /quest completions to see how many times you’ve run the various DDO raids), and it MUST be a first-timer who makes the jump/click effort. A few updates ago, the secret room actually appeared on the map (that’s since been fixed, it doesn’t appear now and even if you’re in it, it just shows up as a blank black space), but ONLY if the party contained a first-timer… hence how the existence of the secret room was discovered.

But you probably don’t care about the history, right? You want the best chance at LOOT! So to start, jump up on the altar and stand in the center. You’ll need to jump off the altar in order to click the portal in just the right spot to get to the secret room – it’s just high enough that you won’t be able to hit it from the ground. You do NOT need a great jump skill at all, just the little bit of extra height you get from jumping off the altar will work even if your Jump is 0. If it makes you more confident, though, by all means use a jump clicky, spell or potion.

Now, look at the portal. You want to aim for a spot just a HAIR above the exact center of the portal (the white area). Whether or not you use mouselook is purely a matter of personal preference, whatever you find easiest. Way, WAY back when, if you used mouselook, the little white targeting circle would turn red if you got it on the right spot, but that was fixed in one of the updates (think it was Update 7, can’t remember for sure). You won’t be able to target the spot with the Q key or backspace, so you can’t just do that and hit E as you jump – that would be too easy.

So take a minute or two to get a good look at the portal, and when you’re ready, jump off the altar and try to click the spot just a teensy bit higher than the exact center of the portal. If you get it just right, you’ll get some extra riches! But no pressure; if you miss it – and most people DO miss it – you’ll just get teleported to Phase Five.

One last note: don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you that you’ll wipe the party if you don’t click the right spot. I don’t know how this got started, but it’s a nasty bit of hazing that has never been substantiated.

Good luck!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Extra, extra!

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    I’m still slightly confused about whether it’s the first time per ACCOUNT, or per CHARACTER. Or per SERVER. I mean, I know Turbine has the means to check all of these things…

    Although I suppose since nobody asked me to try for the extra chest on Dona’s first run, it must be account or server.

    As for the party wipe thing… well, you know how rumors and urban legends go. Somebody quests with somebody who claims his brother’s girlfriend’s ex’s cousin’s best friend’s wife was in a Shroud where that happened, and it’s taken as the gospel truth. All I know is, my gimpy hagglebard didn’t manage to screw up badly enough for a party wipe, so much like ROUS’s, “Frankly, I don’t believe they exist.”


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