A night to remember


It seems like just last week Even was running her first Shroud and bemoaning her lack of jump skills as she failed to get that extra chest. Since then, her little sister Acanthia has gone whizzing past her – Even’s sitting at 15 Shroud completions while Acanthia picked up her 20th last night.

Oh, how far I’ve come. I actually semi-planned it for a Shroud-A-Thon, which semi-fell through since a lot of people were either on timer or watching the Super Bowl (YAY GIANTS!) at the start of the night. But we ended up doing two runs back to back, with Acanthia taking the completion on the second one to get No. 20.


After helping him get flagged earlier in the week, Acanthia even got to talk Drizz through the jump-and-click procedure for a shot at that infamous extra chest. He was a great sport about it, despite a few references to snipe hunts.  *grin*

Best thing was, nearly all of my favorite people were in either one or both runs, and the few who couldn’t make it because of being on timer or already in other quests sent well wishes. I kept holding up the party to read tells, but no one seemed to mind. I’d name everybody but I’m sure I’d leave someone out by mistake, so I’ll just say THANK YOU to everybody who was there whether in body or spirit, and OMG I’m still stunned by the 20th Shroud gift I got from Mara! He joked about being my quest slave for a day after I gave him a couple of GS ings – if that’s the case, I’m going to have to be his quest slave for about nine years.  LOL


All in all it was a great night, and – though I was tempted by no less than FOUR +3 tomes in my end rewards list – I took the essence of cleansing so that Acanthia can start working on another green steel clothing item. There was much laughter and of course a nekkid dance party in the fountain at the end, complete with dancing ball, music, fog and… squelchies.


We wrapped up the night with a romp through Vault of Night and then everybody who didn’t have to go to bed trotted through Sins of Attrition, led by Baz, who swapped me a Devil’s Keepsake for a Demon’s Blood so now Vic has all the ingredients to make Boots of Anchoring – which, being the level 15 squishy rogue she is, won’t be needed for a while, but it’s nice to have that out of the way. After that Dona and I were the only two intrepid souls still awake, so we both said we were going to bed and then hung out on the airship dancing on the strength shrine instead. Dona’s groping of Acanthia in the above pic was purely unintentional… I think.  *grin*


Edited to add the above pic per LrdSlvrhand’s request. LOL

6 thoughts on “A night to remember

  1. kinggartk

    Sorry to sound noobish, but I’ve run shroud over 50 times and I don’t know what extra chest your speaking of. have I been missing something?


    1. Evennote

      *grin* I see you saw the next post. Not everyone knows about the extra chest, probably because there’s only a chance at it if the party contains someone who’s never run Shroud before. 😉


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Aww, you couldn’t have gotten a picture where Maraga was actually PLAYING her banjo instead of just standing around? I mean, the way I was spamming those songs, it shouldn’t have been that difficult LOL

    ‘Twas great good fun, thanks for inviting me along!


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    MUCH better… Maraga felt like she was coming off like a jerk in that first pic, with everybody dancing and her just standing there lol


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