Slayer count?


“HA! I kill me!”


Ever seen that show on Spike, “1000 Ways to Die?” I’ve only seen the commercials and not actually watched it, but I’m starting to think there should be a DDO version.

Last night Slvr and I were goofing around on his airship and I managed to fall off (I’m rather good at that). Unfortunately I was on my sekrit toon, the one I tend to play when I feel like being on DDO but not dealing with stuff, and the sekrit toon does not yet have a permanent feather fall item. So I splattered my sekrit self all over the Marketplace bridge. Lucky for me a very kind soul gave me a rez, and I sent him a tell thanking him and bemoaning my stupi – er, clumsiness. This led to a short but amusing convo about silly ways to die in DDO, which in turn led to a much longer and even more amusing convo between Slvr and me on the same topic.

Anybody can go into a quest and get killed by mobs. Nothing unique in that. But if you want something more interesting, you could start with the failed teleport, and of course the infamous /death count (don’t know that one? Try it, you’ll love it, honest, I swear!). Β There’s my occasional hobby of falling off airships without feather fall.

Taking that last one a step further, Even was once in a ToD group that suffered a dismal wipe. When she released, she found herself at the top of the spire in Market. Since that’s right above the airship portal, she jumped off, figuring to head to the airship and buy some Ghallanda rations… except she still had her Boots of Anchoring on instead of her Cannith Boots of Propulsion. SPLAT!

Another thing I’ve done more than once after releasing is head to a tavern or vendor and swap my haggle item in – forgetting that equipping my haggle item UNequips a Con or health item, and therefore kills me. Makes you feel silly… but if you’ve done this and want to feel better about yourself, watch B kill himself beating up the training dummy with a vicious weapon.

Slvr’s not immune either: “I’ll meditate for ki, switch from her normal earth stance to fire stance for improved healing while using Wholeness of Body… Drop four Con, and die.” And: “What I do is, I release to a tavern, then remove Envenomed Cloak in order to use Curative Cloak to speed up healing… and die.”

I know we talked about several more silly DDO ways of getting rid of one’s red bar, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. I’d love to hear others!


10 thoughts on “Slayer count?

  1. DougGlyndwyr

    Wife unequipped her dex item while drinking a Silver Flame pot on her monk and trying to cross a blade barrier while suddenly encumbered. Whack!


  2. tyger_katt

    Oh, I can play… where to start? Jumping off the broken bridge thingie (?) in The Twelve to get to the airship entrance and forgetting to equip The Bat first.

    Dying in a quest, releasing to the marketplace airship spire and jumping off to airship portal because I’m a monk and I’ve got slow fall… and no hit points. πŸ˜›

    Just being me. πŸ˜€


  3. Khoa37

    “and I managed to fall off (I’m rather good at that” – hahaha, we are the same person, I swear. πŸ™‚
    Oh, and the sekrit toon idea sounds so great, I need to make myself one of those, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with stuff.
    P.S. I’m a girl, too (I’m on Orien). GIRL POWER πŸ˜‰


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    There’s also the always-fun “go unconscious as a raging barb, stabilize, slowly start to regen, get to 0 HP, have Rage end, and die.”

    And I’ve more than once jumped off the Harbor wall, forgetting that I’m on my newly-created *something squishy* rather than my high-level character with FF or, at least, enough hit points to not care.


  5. BOgre

    It’s actually not a vicious weapon, its a combination of a barb’s Frenzy (adds the ‘Vicious’ property to all melee attacks), and Superior Cleave (360 degree cleave, at the cost of 10hp). So what I do is arm my Hellstroke, drink a Haste, hit Frenzy, then spam Cleave/4xSuperCleave over and over. My goal was to see A: how fast I could kill the dummy, and B: If the dummy could ever kill me. Well, the most damage it has done to me now is 325 points, and the closest I’ve been to death is 1HP! Actually, I think I did drop below 1 for a split second just as a +1hp regen ticked from my Mantle… Anyways, I unfortunately now have too many hp to get killed by the dummy 😦 But it was fun trying πŸ™‚


  6. Spencerian

    A more-heroic, albeit still undignified way to kill yourself (in-quest) is to use your Monk’s Rise of the Phoenix raise-dead ability on a party member when you have less than 40 hit points yourself. Oh, wait–Phoenix consumes both 50 ki and 50 HP…

    Ah, sh–


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