10 thoughts on “Help yourself

  1. Mizzaroo

    AHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats so funny! I had a similar conversation once on another game. I was just like “Psh! Get your own dude! I EARNED mine.” Haha. People like that mek meh layf.


  2. Spencerian

    Our guild keeps a MASSIVE stock of Clubs of the Holy Flame from Delera’s Tomb, just for this occasion. We tend to send them to each other–often, and in many emails. 🙂

    You’re welcome.


  3. Micki

    I happened to see this post while scrolling through your blog looking at the pictures 🙂

    Just the other day when I was on my sorc, someone sent me a tell “Hi. I’m new. Can I have some money?” I’m like “Why are you asking me?”, and he’s like “because I like the look of your toon” (or something like that). I sorta hate beggars even in real life, because too many times they’re dishonest. They tell you they need the money to get home, when in fact they’re gonna go spend the money on booze or something else. Then he’s like “So can I?” and I reply “Not that plat’s that big of a deal, but if you need it for e.g. a hire, just run a quest on normal and you’ll get enough”.

    Oh, and I just remembered. When I was running VON4? on Thaz, another cleric sent me a tell “Do you have a sword for me?” So I reply “Do you wish to trade or buy?” and they don’t reply 🙂 I mean come on. It’s one thing if you’re helping a friend or a guildie out, but asking a random person for charity? I think that’s bold if nothing else.


  4. Micki

    XD another funny story, btw. I was running some quest on Thaz (always in a pug, lol) and this one player says in the party chat “Thaz, can I have a buff?” I’m like “what kind?” and another player sends me a tell “give him water breathing”. 🙂 For a sec I was like “huh?” until I got that he was joking, or sort of. So I just replied “I don’t have it, lol”


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