Party hearty!


“Just once, I’d like to see a full guild party of six.”

– Shin, referring to our little MyDDO Cannith guild

Most Friday nights find me on Cannith server, where Shin has made a guild for we good folk of MyDDO. Usually it’s just Shin, Comic and me; we usually start running stuff around 10 pm EST (give or take), which is not a good time for Mizz (who’s also a member) and apparently not for Geoff either although I really think he needs to get his lazy butt on there and run with us some Friday night.Β I dragged B on there a month or so ago and he’s been showing up when he’s able. Dea joined about the same time.

This past Friday night was shaping up to be another short-manned one. I was the first one on. Comic followed a bit later and we were about to head into the Forgotten Caverns for some House K favor when someone sent me a tell, which was really weird because the only person online from my friends list was Comic. But there it was:

Stranger: *pokitypokepokepokity*

I didn’t recognize the name at all, but I had a sneaking suspicion. So I said to Comic, “Hold up, don’t go in yet, either a friend is about to join us or I’m being poked inappropriately by a total stranger.”

Turns out weeks of cajoling had finally paid off. Lrd had at last dragged himself over from Thelanis to join our little group! We rawked through Forgotten Caverns on elite (OK, maybe we didn’t quite rawk it, but we got through it despite being two lvl 6 toons and a lvl 4 in a lvl 8 quest) and then Chamber of Insanity. Shin logged in and the four of us had a great time in the House D Depths chain.

Sometime during all this, Shin made the above comment about wanting to have six guildies on at once. It wasn’t long after his remark that Dea signed on. And then, just as we were pondering what to do, B showed up – and we were six!

Left to right above: Dea, Shin, Rawr, Tirae (me), Comic, B and Lord!

12 thoughts on “Party hearty!

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    It wasn’t the cajoling so much as “Dammit, I just signed on to play and Thelanis crashed on me! Well, maybe I’ll try another server… eh, what the hey, might as well go for Cannith…” followed by “well, since I have a character there anyway, I s’pose I might as well show up…”

    So, you can thank the server crash for it *g*

    ’twas great good fun!


  2. Shindurza

    All I can say is that was some of the most fun I’ve had in quite some time. I DO have a blast two-manning with Comic Monday-Thursday, but except for ONE Reavers Fate raid I had not been in a group of any kind(That’s right, ZERO PUG’s) since I left Khyber 9 Months ago. Couple that with making the comment about having a full group just once, and to have it happen THAT fast was just outstanding. Pile on getting to run with LrdSlvrhnd for the first time, and 6 of us pressing “Push to talk” at the same time frequently ’cause we’re a bunch of talkative yappers made for an enjoyable evening for me, and hopefully for the rest involved πŸ™‚


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Five of y’all, the sixth was just typing half a comment out, ending with “Dammit!” because one of you push-to-talkers already said it *g*


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, I’ve had a few occasions where an edit button woulda been nice… lol maybe Even can edit your comment and then just delete everything after *g*

    (Also, Even, while you’re editing, “Sometime during all this, Shin made the above comment about wanting to have four guildies on at once.” Might want to change the number!)


  5. Evennote

    I did the edits. I’m leaving the comments ’cause I like them. πŸ˜€

    Arright, arright already, the comments are fixed. NOW Y’ALL SHUSH. πŸ˜›


  6. LrdSlvrhnd

    And she inappropriately poked me on Cannith this afternoon, on a new character wanting to get guilded. Sadly, even though Shin made me an officer earlier, I couldn’t help her (apparently, needed to relog) but the sun, I mean Geoffhanna, signed on unexpectedly and could.


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