A woman scorned


So, a while back I posted about how Acanthia soloed the Pit at level 5. I was pretty darn proud of her, as the Pit was long my nemesis. (Now we’re just drinking buddies.) Alas, ComicRelief was not so impressed:

CASUAL??? Pffft – I scoff at “casual”. HA! says I.”

And thus “The Dare” was born, whereupon Comic vowed that he would solo the Pit (with hireling) on normal with a level 5 character. Now to be fair, he’s since done that… but not without deaths and/or re-entries.

DEATHS??? RE-ENTRIES??? Pffft – I scoff at “deaths and re-entries.” HA! says I. I could take poor squishy Syrmere, my level 2 wizzy, in there and, though it would take hours if not days if not weeks, have her pick off trogs and oozes one or two at a time, release and heal, then go back in and repeat until the place was cleared out. So THERE.  😛

See, when it comes to the Pit, you do not poke fun at me. My ex tried that – “Oh honey, you could never solo the Pit.” What did I do? Smiled, nodded, waited until he went to bed and then soloed the Pit. So when Comic scoffed at Acanthia’s solo run on casual, I knew what had to be done. I smiled, nodded, waited until my new ranger Chartreusia reached level 5, and then – armed with resist and cure pots plus a few wands for backup, a FvS hireling who liked to blow all her mana casting Soundburst whilst tending to forget that she could heal, a pair of sweet scimis (Rusted Shamshir and +1 Seeker of Backstabbing) and a +1 Seeker Composite Longbow of Shattermantle – I soloed the Pit. With all optionals (and STILL NO DAMN MUCK’S DOOM!). On NORMAL. With NO deaths. With NO re-entries. At LEVEL FIVE.

And just to prove it, I got two screenshots showing all the relevant quest info from the experience report. You can see them here and here.

Top THAT, oh round red smiley-faced one.  *grin*

23 thoughts on “A woman scorned

  1. Shindurza

    The gauntlet has been thrown, I can see the gloves coming off on Cannith Friday Nights. Do I have to send you two to the PvP pit to settle this? 🙂


  2. ComicRelief

    @Evennote: ‘Bout time. You think I scoffed at you just for the fun of scoffing (that was part of it, to be sure, but not the entire reason)? How else was I going to get you to try it, with you being all “Oh, you can’t run it at level 5 on normal…”? *EWG*

    @Geoffhanna: That is the plan – just haven’t had the time…yet. But I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    No, you have to send them to the Pit PvP to settle it!

    I was on for most of the time she was running this last night (er, this morning)… she was complaining about the Soundburst and the lack of a Muck’s Doom then as well *g* As well as listening to me whine about the PUG I was in… and didn’t tell me even once “Shut up, I’m tryin’ to beat Comic!”

    (Even, in case you were wondering, I closed my computer when I went to scrounge some vittles, which sometimes makes the laptop decide that I shut it down. Last night was one of those time, and I was too out of it to bother with restarting lol)

    Next challenge… truly SOLO the Pit. As in, no hireling 8-þ (And for the record, I’m not convinced I could solo the pit with 5 hirelings on my L16 monk… although I suppose that would probably be the best way to actually learn it (well, maybe not with FIVE hirelings, but…). Think I’ll stick with not knowing it and getting dragged through on Elite for the favor… I’m not too proud to haunt the AH for any Muck’s Dooms I may need.)


  4. Shindurza

    Funny thing about that whole “no Muckdoom” thing. Comic, Even and I ran The Pit on Cannith some time back and I seem to recall her pulling the Muckdoom there, then complaining because she couldn’t use it yet cause she wasn’t a high enough level. Can’t please some people ya know? 😉


  5. ComicRelief

    @LrdSlvrhnd: I’m not sure if it is possible to truly solo “The Pit”. I’ve heard that it is, with a high enough jump skill, but I’ve never seen it – to use the air jets in the third furnace room requires someone not on the jet to turn the valve…

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have a high enouigh jump skill, in any event.


  6. Evennote

    Acanthia’s jump skill is something like 52 unbuffed. With her Cannith boots and a jump potion, I’ve never been able to make the jumps in the third furnace room without using the vents (and yes, I’ve tried).

    Now, normally I hate PvP with a passion. But for the chance to kick the round red smiley butt, I might make an exception. *grin*

    @krissonofpark: Witnesses? That’s what screenshots are for!

    AND HEY. I bet you if I added up every run on every toon, I’ve run the Pit AT LEAST 200 or 300 times. I’ve pulled Muck’s Doom TWICE. At least Azida can equip hers now (sold the first one, stupid me).


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  8. Evennote

    Actually no, I bypassed the squishy wolf in favor of Ram’s Might. The wolf kept getting himself killed in Waterworks. I figured he wouldn’t last 30 seconds in the Pit.


  9. LrdSlvrhnd

    Actually… a ranger’s summons? Would be a handicap rather than a help. Basically wasting SP for the benefit of distracting MAYBE 2 monsters, if you’re lucky. They don’t scale at *all* (A level 4 ranger can summon a CR 1 wolf. Eh, not THAT bad… but an L14 ranger can summon a CR 4 kitty. Can you guess how long THAT lasts in content that an L14 is running?

    They need to have ’em scale at *least* as well as a bard’s summons list (mind, I’d prefer scaling more along the lines of a cleric/wizard or even FvS/sorc… but I’d settle for bard)


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