Thanks… for nothing


I made a post way back in May about my views on tipping healers. My views haven’t changed since then; the short version, in case you don’t want to read that whole thing, is that except under exceptional circumstances, I generally don’t see a need to pay healers.

BUT, if I’m on with, say, Victaurya or Acanthia (non-mana-using rogue and monk, respectively) and I find a mnemonic in the chest, unless I’m soloing or the party healer is an ass, I offer it to them even though Jalliria can always, always, ALWAYS use them. After all, Jall isn’t the one keeping Vic or Acanthia healed.

Jall just finished doing elite Devil Assault with a mostly good PUG. She died a few times (darn orthons kept attacking her while she was trying to cast blade barrier), but overall it went pretty well. Except… she went through four greater mnemonics and two majors. Priced those things lately on the AH? They’re pretty outrageous.

So who pulls a major mnemonic out of a chest? The fighter. Does he offer it to Jall? Nope. One friend told me to flat-out ask him – well, I’d need a backbone for that and I don’t have one, so first I tried the subtle hint approach:

“Thanks for the run, guys! I’m gonna go, I have to stock up on mana pots, went through a bunch of them.”

And… nothing. The guy was still in Marketplace, so I tried the trade channel:

“WTB 1 or 2 greater or major mnemonic pots at less than crazy AH prices, PST.”

Still nothing. I screwed up my courage and tried sending him a tell (of which I’m sure he never caught the sarcasm):

Me: “Hey, I just went through a bunch of mana pots and I’m kind of low on plat, the AH is a little steep for me. Would you be interested in selling the major mnemonic you looted?”

Him: “idk i might have a toon that could use it”

Me: “OK, thanks anyway.”

Coincidentally (?), just about that time a new major mnemonic appeared on the AH. I know it hadn’t been there just two minutes earlier because I’d been searching and refreshing for them.

I was thinking I’d never, EVER group with this guy again, but I dunno. I’d kind of like to do a Shroud or ToD run with him in it… and keep only myself and the other 10 people healed.  *evil grin*


5 thoughts on “Thanks… for nothing

  1. B.Ogre

    Never fear. My ranger Belg picks ’em up pretty often, and I don’t particularly go through lots of mana. See me on, ask for some. Happy to help the healers. 🙂


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    If I loot a Mnemonic or get it from the end reward in a group, I’ll almost always offer it to the healer, assuming said healer did an at least decent job. If they did something EXTREMELY nice to me (like the one who basically let me follow her my first time in Tempest’s Spine, and then came down and found me to help me get back to the end chest after getting blown off) I’ll just go ahead and mail any I have, and in that particular case any I get the next couple of days, without giving them the option of declining. “As partial thanks for all your help…”

    Mind, the party I was in with the cleric who kept whining whenever people took damage, and complaining about having to rez people because he couldn’t be bothered to heal us, and then died zerging ahead while the rest of us were waiting on the rogue to disarm a trap so we, y’know, wouldn’t take damage he’d have to not heal, and bitched about keeping together – well, WE were keeping together, it was the zerging whiny healer who didn’t… well, I looted 2 mnemonic elixirs and got a third from the an end reward for one of the two quests we did together, and I AH’ed all three of ’em.


  3. tyger_katt

    I’m beginning to think it is time for a DDO etiquette book to be launched. There is no hard and fast rule about the mnemonic pots but one would think it’s a matter of manners if the caster did a good job.


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