Macho, macho man


OK, all you guys out there who think you’re being all tough and macho telling us “little women” how to play the game, listen up: WE’RE NOT FREAKING STUPID.

Really, we’re not. And yet once again tonight I found myself grouped with a guy who insisted on lecturing me at great length about what I SHOULD be doing with Even. If you’re one of those infamous two and a half people who read my Haters Gonna Hate entry, it’s the same guy who was the worst offender on that occasion. The dumbest thing I’ve done isn’t anything to do with Even’s build or gear, but giving this guy another chance to waste about an hour of my time basically insulting me.

It didn’t start out that way. I was talking with a friend about how I really, REALLY want to get Cannith Boots of Propulsion for Even and how I was about to try to solo Schemes of the Enemy to try and get them. Coincidentally my friend was in a full party running the House C quests to get flagged for the raid, and mentioned that Lecture Dude would help me through it.

So LD sends me a tell asking for an invite, I add him, we head off to the quest. He says that you don’t have to run the whole quest to get the boots because they drop every time. I tell him that getting the completion would be nice but right now I’m really all about the boots, so we go in on elite because according to him, they always drop on elite.

The lecturing started kind of slowly, with him insisting on stopping and explaining every little part of the quest. Um, I appreciate that BUT I already made it clear that the boots are all I’m after for now, not to mention that with my Swiss cheese memory, I’m never going to retain this utter overload of info. Turns out the first – and according to him, only – boss we have to fight for the boots is an incorporeal spider. Even lent her ghost touch weapon to Jall a while back and hasn’t needed it (um, yeah, that Swiss cheese memory of mine failed as I had a GT greataxe in my backpack the whole time, but anyway), so she was switching around from her green steel to metalline to smiting to see what worked best.

This started the lecture about how paladins should ALWAYS be sword-and-board and should NEVER use two-handed weapons because it’s just wasting a feat. After I’d rezzed him (since Joe Über Cleric was too busy lecturing to pay attention to what was going on) and killed the spider and NOT gotten the boots in the chest, I checked Even’s feats because I was pretty sure I’d never taken two-handed fighting… well, lo and behold, I hadn’t. And I told him so. Then he insisted that I was taking an attack penalty – sorry dude, wrong again. THEN it was, “But you’re probably doing crappy damage, you’d be doing a lot more if you took two-handed fighting.”

OK, I’ll give you that, but at that point I think if Even had been dealing out 10K damage per swing, he’d still have found SOMETHING to pick on. The constructs in the House C quests are immune to some of the effects on her green steel (triple positive rather than Min 2, but it works GREAT on devils), but it causes respectable damage nonetheless along with rather nice crits.

So of course I should have made Min 2 instead of triple pos (dude, you wanna give me the ingredients to make another GS? Didn’t think so). And then it was her stats. I had to stop and do a reality check a few times because listening to him, it was hard to believe Even got out of Korthos, let alone got to level 20.

Then he started asking me if I was going to TR, and I said eventually I was going to bring Even back as a pally again. He told me I should not TR ANY of my toons until I TR my monk… uh, I LOVE Acanthia. I do. But she’s level 9. I’m not holding Even and Jall and possibly Vic back while I get Acanthia prepped to TR. Even is coming back first. AND she’s coming back as a pally – but oh no! I should bring her back as a fighter with two splashes of rogue, it’ll be JUST like being a pally except she won’t have some of the healing options, and she won’t be able to do this or that… OH EM EFF GEE, SHUT UP ALREADY!


Is it a guy thing? Because NO female I’ve ever run with – and I’ve run with some awesome ones – has EVER taken that kind of attitude. Advice is one thing. I’m perfectly fine with someone saying, “Have you ever considered this? It might help you do such-and-such.” But standing in a quest doing nothing but belittling me for at least half an hour – NOT cool.

I’ve grouped with people who’ve made build and/or gear choices different than what I would have done. I DON’T CARE. Teamwork and some common sense make for much better party mates than having some awesometastic build or superlative gear.

If you don’t like the way I play my toons, don’t group with me. It’s as simple as that. This guy ASKED to join me; I didn’t ask him. I wonder if he just wanted an excuse to be all macho by telling me about all the stupid girl things I’m doing.

If by chance you’re reading this and realize I’m talking about you, I’m sorry for taking this passive-aggressive route rather than having the backbone to speak up. I just didn’t feel like it would do any good. You know us silly girls – who wants to listen to us anyway?  [/sarcasm]


15 thoughts on “Macho, macho man

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    There’s only one thing you should do with Even (or Jall, or Acanthia, or even Dissy): whatever the frack you want that’s fun to play.

    And maybe put this idiot on your ignore list. And if for some reason you group with him in the future, consider the possibility of leaving midquest. Preferably while he’s either in a bossfight or incorporeal.

    So which sword worked best on that spider?


  2. ComicRelief

    It’s not a “guy” thing – it’s a “gaming elitist-snob” thing. Because there is obviously only one way to play this game. Granted, most ‘gaming elitist-snobs’ are male, but then, let’s face it – most gamers tend to be male.

    Besides, we all know you should really TR Even into a monk/barbarian/artificer with 17 STR, 17 DEX, 8 CON, 15 INT, 8 WIS, 8 CHR (CON is a dump stat) right?


  3. tyger_katt

    I knew there was a reason why I like reading your entries – the sentiment in your third last paragraph. I’m so behind you there.

    Sometimes the rule of ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ is so applicable.


  4. Rasczak

    I’ve been playing this game since 2006. Yes that puts me at the very beginning when the Europe servers first cranked up.

    I still believe that if you want to be in certain places you require certain things but one thing I will never do is tell someone how to play.

    If you enjoying the game and how you’re playing it, keep on going. It’s your fun and you should be entitled to having your own say when it comes to how you want to have that fun 😀

    I generally find that the people giving the most lectures, have only a bit of the information but try to prove how great they are by running their mouth off. Most of the time, the more they talk, the more you realise how little they know.


  5. LrdSlvrhnd

    @Ras: I agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph. If you need to prove your superiority over somebody by arguing about their playstyle… you’re probably not all that superior.

    I also believe wholeheartedly that it’s not the build/gear… it’s the player. A good player on the gimpiest character possible with Korthos loot will beat out an idiot using a totally twinked uberbuild 19 times out of 20 (hey, it’s always possible to roll that 1!)

    I got into an argument with an idiota few nights about whether Tempest 1/Kensai 2 (his view) or Tempest 2/Kensai 1 was a superior choice for a TWF melee dwarf using DAxes… and every time I pointed something out about Tempest, he’d come back with something entirely pointless as an argument – like the guy we were trying to help specified a first-life 28-point build for his SECOND CHARACTER, and this idiot is talking about “17 Dex for GTWF isn’t that hard to get on a 36-point build with a tome”.

    Basically, people who try to tell you how wrong you’re playing your character are idiots… and they don’t understand the difference between “rollplay” and “roleplay”. And are probably the kind of people booting characters for having low HP…


  6. Evennote

    I’ll end the suspense – nope, no boots after all that. LOL

    @Baz – That’s not the tool in the screenshots, that’s Wyoh the hireling… although standing there while I was swinging is pretty much what the tool did as well.

    @Ras – I’m with LrdSlvrhand. Your last paragraph totally made my day!

    And now I’m off to see how much trouble I can get my gimpy two-handed-weapon-using totally gimped pally into. (Boy, I’m glad the tool never grouped up with Dissy pre-LR.) 😛


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