Hot(bar) mess

Even can haz green steel!

Now that Jall is moving up in the world (she hit level 18 tonight!), I’ve been noticing things that were OK at lower levels but are less than ideal for her now.

Like Heal Mass. Used to be she never used it (except when I clicked it by mistake…), but lately I’ve found her needing it on several occasions. And the thing with Heal Mass is, when you DO need to use it, you need to use it RIGHT THEN. Or somebody’s probably going to die. Trouble is, it takes FOREVER to cast – has to be a good three seconds from the time I click the icon until Jall gets done waving her arms around and actually casts it – and it’s got a cooldown that’s at least equal to the arm-waving timeframe.

She was running Trial By Fire with her Emerald Dragons guildies a few nights ago and I noticed that fellow cleric Crys seemed to be casting Heal Mass rather quickly. He said he’d just picked up the Quicken feat the last time he’d spent action points. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “Jall needs that!”

And then I got to playing Even and having an uproarious time upgrading her new green steel greatsword to Tier II (that’s definitely a subject for a future post), and poor Jall sat home alone for a few nights. I got her back out tonight; we were supposed to meet up with some friends for Necro questing but that fell through, so I looked at her XP (10K from lvl 18) and then at her favor (closing in on 400 with the Coin Lords) and decided to make a run at both. Zerged through the Sharn Syndicate chain on elite (those quests give disappointingly little favor) and then decided to try the Attack on Stormreach arc. She cruised just fine through the first three on normal. I checked her Coin Lords favor again and realized that if she ran Siegebreaker on norm as well, she’d be  at  398 CL favor with no more CL quests left except hard/elite Attack on Stormreach and then the Inspired Quarter quests.

I didn’t want her to end the night two favor points shy of a benchmark, so I put up an LFM for Siegebreaker on hard (that quest drives me nuts because the end puzzle takes me forever). Got no takers so decided to give it a solo whirl – well, that didn’t last long at all. And one big  reason was that slow, slow, SLOW Heal Mass;  a second or two sooner and I might’ve been able to save at least one of Jall or her merc, maybe both plus Jall’s summoned Efreeti.

Ow.  :P

Maybe if she’d had Quicken for Ghosts of Perdition, Cholthulzz wouldn’t have turned her and Ayron the hireling into soulstones!

Meanwhile I was chatting with LrdSlvrhand and talk turned to feats and enhancements. Long story slightly less long, I was about to go level her anyway and decided to reset her enhancements, seeing as how I’d put a fair number of points into mostly useless stuff back when I knew even less about what I’m doing than I do now. That went quite well and she ended up with about 20 more hit points and almost 200 – yes, TWO HUNDRED – more spell points than she’d had before, plus an extra turn undead and some other cool stuff. Also dropped Follower of Vulkoor; she uses khopeshes so the weapons enhancements don’t make a difference to her, and her summoned scorpion was great up to about level 12 but can’t compete with the Efreeti now. I had her take Follower of the Silver Flame instead (Banishment FTW!).

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself because I think this is a very improved Jall, and I’m anxious to see how she does in an at-level quest. But she STILL needed that Quicken feat, so I trotted her down to House J to talk to Fred.

Now a little back story: Jall already has eight hotbars (nine when she has a merc). Much like her inventory, when I get something new I just throw it in an available space, so she has weapons next to necklaces next to spells next to feats next to skills in no discernible order. Her whole hotbar situation really is a hot mess.

Anyway, I mosey up to Fred and say, “Yo Fred, I need Quicken and I need it BAD. How much is it gonna cost me?” And Fred just looks at me in that cute Mindflayer way he has and shows me a list of my feats. “Hmmm,” I say, “which one should I drop to take Quicken? Maybe I should – waitaminnit, why is Quicken on the list?”

Yep. Jall already HAD Quicken. I don’t remember when she took it, but it was right there. Too bad it couldn’t make me a little quicker on the uptake.


9 thoughts on “Hot(bar) mess

  1. Rasczak

    lol, many a time have I had to explain to a new player that taking a feat is not always enough. Yes you have maximise, but it doesn’t mean your spells know that 😀


  2. Shindurza

    ONLY 8 hotbars? 🙂 Heck, whenever I roll up a new wizard I always tick Jeets off for making him wait if I am on Korthos, or the members of the Heart of Wind get tired of my company if I am going the Vet Status route, just so I can set up my screen…..with 13 hotbars. Why? Cause I know I’m gonna need them 🙂 Kinda funny running around Korthos with 13 hotbars that are mostly empty, but I’m used to seeing them so I figure, why wait?

    Oh…and about the whole Quicken thing…. NOOB!! 😉


  3. tyger_katt

    I can sympathise. Often Ras will level up my character for me and about two levels later, when checking on spell components, I will notice I have a whole bunch of spells and feats I haven’t used or activated yet.

    I’ll gladly accept a NOOB!! badge if they’re going begging.


  4. Shindurza

    I actually did that with one of my wizards once. My first one to be exact. Took him to level 4 and let him sit for a long time. When I started up again I think it was two levels before I realized I had Maximize but never put it in a hotbar. NOOB!! badges for everyone!


  5. PNellesen

    D’OH! I hate when I do that!

    My 20 Pure Cleric currently has 10 hotbars, all completely filled. I look for things to drop off and think “but I might need that once every 10 quests! I can’t remove it!!11!1” You just never know when you’ll need that +3 Ghost touch greatsword in an Epic House P quest :p

    I LR’d my first character when he hit 20 (he’s 19C/1F) and was also amazed at the difference in HP and SP I was able to squeeze into him by taking more “logical” feats and enhancements.


  6. LrdSlvrhnd

    U11 is going to allow you to set individual spells to use quicken/maximize/etc… which will be nice when you want to have something like mass heal quickened, but don’t care so much about taking the extra time for various pre-fight buffs. Rather than having to either toggle Quicken on or off, or accept the extra SP loss out of laziness… you can just set Mass Heal to *always* be Quickened, and Mass Aid to *never* be Quickened (’cause how often are you gonna hit that mid-fight, right?), and now both of them ignore however you have Quicken toggled.

    Also, I notice you didn’t mention looking for Quicken in your enhancements first…

    First thing I do when creating a new character is throw up 7 hotbars (as mostly a melee who doesn’t carry around a lot of specialized weapons at a time, I don’t really need all THAT much more, although my gimpy hagglebard is up to 10) and I keep 5 out of the 7 mostly the same. #1 for weapons and/or spells I’m gonna be using a LOT and want instant quick-button access to; #2 above it with all of the gear I *usually* wear (except for armor), so I can see at a glance that I’m all geared up; #3 depends on the character, and is to the left; #4 is healing-type stuff, and is on the right; #5 & 6 contains armor & situational gear (goggles of disabling, feather falling ring, etc.); #7 is generally a temporary catch-all for stuff I grab out of the bank for a specific quest.


  7. ComicRelief

    Guess you need to get a “gaming” mouse and/or keyboard, so you can assign macros to the numerous buttons for quick hot-bar changing. I was looking into a mouse with 17 (yes, that’s 17) buttons, but not sure I really want to spend $100+ just for a mouse…


  8. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, see, things like that just confuse me. I guess I’m getting old… can’t learn any new tricks! (Similarly, any game console control more complicated than the SNES is beyond my ken.)


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