It’s not easy bein’ green

Even can haz green steel!

Ever since I broke down and went VIP, Even has spent a lot of time in Vale – flagging for Shroud, running Shroud, farming for ingredients. After enviously ogling the green steel items crafted by her friends and guild mates, Even really wanted her own. And not just to match her hair.  😀

Last night I went through Even’s inventory and made a list of what she had, then booted up a green steel planner to see what she wanted to make and what would be needed to make it. When I realized that all she needed for a green steel greatsword blank were one Lammanian lily petal and one green brier twig, I resolved to start to get Even’s butt out to Vale ASAP.

She got the chance tonight – well, after a fun few hours which involved nekkid dancing on the airship, a request for a lap dance and a crazy way-over-level guild Pit run (no Muck’s Doom for anyone). We were pondering what to do next when someone suggested Coalescence Chamber. “YEAH!” I yelled (probably hurting a few ears). “I need green steel ingredients!”

Our cleric wanted to play his rogue, which WOULD have left us without a cleric, but I decided to let Even relax a while and take Jall, who was about 30,000 XP shy of level 18 at the start of the night. Figured we needed a cleric, Jall needed XP and Shroud flagging, and she could pass any ingredients to Even. She got about 20K XP all told after my Monty’s buddies took a detour to pick up a few explorers and we encountered a few rares along the way, plus some slayers and of course the quest XP. She got the last Lammanian lily petal Even needed, and a very kind guildie passed her a green brier twig.

So YAY! Even has a green steel greatsword! Nothing on it yet, gotta go back to Vale and run Shroud for more ingredients, but at least the process is started!

Eventually what I’m hoping to make it into will be:

Tier I Effect: Holy, 2d6 vs Evil – Positive/Dominion/Material

Tier 2 Effect: Good Burst – Positive/Dominion/Material

Tier 2 Bonus Effect: Aspect of Positive Energy (Either) ::: Raise Dead (1/day)

Tier 3 Effect: Good Blast – Positive/Dominion/Material

Tier 3 Second Shard: Undecided (the planner didn’t give me any options for this)

Tier 3 Bonus Effect: Aspect of Positive Energy II – Greater Disruption (Weapon) ::: On-hit 3~5% chance undead destroyed, will save DC unknown

I’m always open to suggestions, so if you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them – preferably with a little explanation of the pros and cons of what I have planned compared to what you would do.


4 thoughts on “It’s not easy bein’ green

  1. geoffhanna

    You don’t need a second shard at all if you are building positive/positive/positive 🙂 So… excellent, and also, cheap (relatively anyway)


  2. Mizzaroo

    Haha. If I didnt know any better, Id say her hair glows in the dark! That is so cool! Or maybe its made out of predators blood! Or was it aliens that was bright green… EITHER WAY! Awesome! =D


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