Shrouded in secrecy – and laughter

Even's guildies from Monty's are always there for her, whether it's running Shroud or standing nekkid atop the XP shrine.

Consider this a spoiler alert: If you’ve never run the Shroud before and you’re planning on doing so, I beg you, STOP READING NOW. You won’t find any tips on getting through it in here, just an anecdote of something that happened the night I lost my Shroud virginity. Your first Shroud will be MUCH more fun – I guarantee you – if you do NOT know what I didn’t know the first time I ran it. So bookmark if you must, then go get flagged and run Shroud with a group of your best friends, and THEN come back and read this.

You’ve been warned.

Even ran her first Shroud recently, after a long, long, LONG period of anticipation and a brief period of trying to cram in all the flagging quests as quickly as possible (ample help from her Monty’s guildies got her flagged). I was going to keep the experience to myself, but reading a very funny account of Kobayashi_Hatoko‘s first Shroud inspired me to share my own story.

Seriously. If you’ve never run Shroud, leave this page, like, NOW. I repeat, you’ve been warned.


Party leader: “OK guys, Even is a first-timer, so that means we have a shot at the extra chest!”

Party: *general cheering*

Me: “Extra chest? Cool!”

Party leader: “Now listen close. When we get to the last portal, everybody wait and let Even go first. Even, stand on the altar and jump into the exact center of the portal. If you click the exact center, we get an extra chest. But if you screw it up, we wipe.”

Me: *gulps* “W-w-w-wipe? Wait, there’s a JUMP? I suck at jumping!”

Party leader: “Aw, you can do it, we have faith in you!”

Party: *general cheering*

Flash ahead to party standing at portal, waiting on my momentous jump.

Miscellaneous voice in background (muttering): “I hope she doesn’t screw this up.”

Me: *swallows hard, reminds self to breathe, aims pointer at portal, switches in and out of mouselook several times trying to get perfect angle, tries to steady shaking hands and tune out muttering voice, and finally… JUMPS*

Party: *dies*

Me: “OMG guys, I’m SO SORRY! I thought I had it. I TOLD you I can’t jump!” *crawls into corner feeling miserable*

Party leader: “Wait, don’t release, I have an idea!”

At this point I thought he was going to pop a spirit cake on one of the healers and get us all rezzed… and then I realized that we were all miraculously alive with full mana and health bars.

Me: “Wait, what?”

Party: *general uproarious laughter*

Me: *realizes she’s been had and cracks up*


The rest of the run went great, we pounded Harry into a pulp, and my party members were very generous in passing me green steel ingredients from the chests, especially after the “party wipe.” Every so often someone STILL mentions that in guild chat:

“Hey, anybody wanna run Shroud? Even, you wanna come help us wipe again?”

These guys are great. Β πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Shrouded in secrecy – and laughter

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Well, I’d already read hers, so I figured I was safe here… when *I* do my first Shroud run, assuming I remember, I’m gonna have a hard time deciding between playing along and hoping I get all that good stuff, or playing skeptic. Or some combination thereof… “Hmm, really? That’s… odd. You sure? Well, OK… *JUMP*”


  2. ComicRelief

    @LrdSlvrhnd: I’m thinking playing up the “gonna release out” bit…”OK, well, I’m releasing out…what do you mean ‘wait’? Everyone dead, so I’m releasing out…we can try again later…no, I’m relaseing out…here I go…”


  3. B.Ogre

    Thanks Even! Funny stuff. Funnier since tonight was MY first run, and had the pleasure of your company to boot! And Funnier STILL, since I knew there was a part where the party all dies.
    Well, short story shorter, I didn’t realize we were AT that part, and I fully believed the ‘extra chest’ story. Confident in my ability to successfully succeed, I jumped, and BLAMMO! party wipe. Imma thinking: OHHHH #%@$!!! And there you are on speaker begging everyone not to release, that you may have a cake in your inventory… I’m already looking for a safe place to curl up and die, and then +2BLAMMO! Party un-wipe! And worse, since the mic chat was so attrocious, and we pretty much ran on for more Harry beatings, I went the rest of the raid not knowing I’d been had!
    So Tricorne’s off to you, you got me REAL good. πŸ™‚ Oh, and what a great run it was too. πŸ˜€


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