Haters gonna hate


Remember my post about Even being gimped? (You will if you’re one of the two and a half people who read this blog.) Lately I’ve been taking a little flak for how she’s set up. Strangely enough, the worst of it has come from people who have run with her and think she’s a good player; in fact one of them routinely invites her along on quests.

It’s nothing really THAT bad, just kind of crosses the line, IMOH, from, “Can I give you some advice?” to, “I’m telling you what to do.”

Among the things I’ve heard are that paladins should never, NEVER use two-handed weapons (oops, Even’s been using a greataxe or greatsword as her go-to weapon pretty much since Day 1); and that she’s never going to make it through raids and epics without a metalline weapon of pure good for a DR breaker (well, um, I shelled out the plat and got her one because of that comment, and her Insanity still does WAY more damage to devils and demons and big ugly raid bosses).

Normally this kind of stuff doesn’t really bother me that much, I think it’s just getting it from a couple of different people whose supporting evidence doesn’t hold up (that, and I’m running on serious lack of sleep even for me and feeling under the weather, so I’m grumpy). I DO know what DR is and how important it is to break it, but when the Insanity is doing about triple the damage of my new DR-breaking weapon on the very same mobs I got the DR breaker for, why would I use the DR breaker over the Insanity?

And the two-handed weapon thing – I know sword-and-board paladins are the norm. The reason I was given is that Even will get a bonus to her intim if she’s using a shield. She DOES use one on occasion; her best deathblock item is a shield, so she goes to her +5 crippling rapier of pure good (which, not being metalline, is not good enough to be a DR breaker… or so I’m told) or occasionally her Rocksplitter along with the deathblock shield when she goes up against beholders. But she’s got a 54 intim, which is plenty for most (yes, I know not ALL) mobs.

Yes, there’s actually a real girl behind Even. Yes, I came into the game nearly a total noob, and I freely admit there’s a lot of stuff she doesn’t know. Yes, there are mistakes in my builds and my toons probably use different gear than what seasoned players would choose. But that doesn’t make me stupid. Even probably has at least 20 weapons. She’s used them all enough to know what works for her. Just because someone has a better build and/or better gear doesn’t mean they get to point out all the things I’m doing wrong.

OK, rant over, and if by chance you stumble across this blog and recognize yourself as one of the people I’m talking about, please don’t take it personally. In each instance, the advice giver was someone I’ve run with enough to like and consider a good player. It’s just the approach that got to me.

After that it’s not like I really need to bring more hate upon myself, but I’m gonna risk the wrath of ComicRelief because – well, I just am. I’d had Even running around Necro with a guildie for a bit last night, and we were back in the public area standing around the tavern when my mail icon came on. I sauntered Even over to the mailbox to see what was up and discovered that she’d just won an Eberron Unlimited Anniversary Lottery, which netted her 10K plat and… um… Comic, you might not want to look at this:


At least MyDDO loves me!  😀


6 thoughts on “Haters gonna hate

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    So I’m on my barb tonight, and I see this Delera’s elite run in progress going, for levels 8-11 (I’m 8) so I join in. And the whole time, two of the other players are talking about how they go for XP all wrong. “Oh, I farm the Sands, it’s great XP!” “Are you kidding? It’s faster to do this.” “Not really” *argueargueargue* “I don’t go into Gianthold until at LEAST 14.” “Really? I’m in there as soon as I hit 10!” *argueargueargue* The whole time. And of course it’s over voice chat…

    So we all go get ship buffs and repair and vend and whatnot before Thrall, and I get done quickly and I’m the first one back (the guy who invited us – one of the arguers, and the two of them even argued about whether or not to buff) to his ship was greatly amused by the way I singlemindedly ransacked the ship)… and I comment that it’s going to be weird having to actually look at the reward list, because this will be the first time I’ve done Delera’s a second time on a character, so it’ll be the first time I don’t just grab the Voice.

    And the OTHER of the two arguers (who happens to be the leader) says that I should grab Carnifex because “it’ll probably be the best DPS you get until level 14 or so” And there are still only two of us there, so I go look it up on Wiki and… it’s nothing special. Sure, it’s got an expanded crit range, and then it’s Keen on top of that… but other than that, it’s just a +2 great axe with 17-20 crit range. So I say “Is it really all that great now that there’s no longer all that autocritting?” And he starts in on hemming and hawing about not needing improved crit (which I’m gonna be getting when I level up to 9 ANYWAY)… and then starts talking about it being good except against undead and an elemental maul would be the best.

    So I point out that holy would be even better, and he immediately says “Well, there’s a lot of stuff immune to holy.” “But… not undead.” “No, but you won’t really see many undead after here, and holy won’t work on animals and stuff.” and going on about specialized weapons and some sorta drivel. “But… we were talking about undead, not animals and stuff. And I’m a dwarf, so the only reason I’d be NOT using an axe would be, y’know, skellies. So, y’know. Holy maul would be better”

    So that’s when he notices that I’m using my greataxe on the ghostly skeletons, and starts in on me about how a maul or club would be better, yada yada… and I point out that this is a PG axe, and that’s all the DR breaking I need against ghostly skeletons, and my axe bonuses make it a FAR better weapon for me.

    And he starts in about how this is his 5th life just in this character, and he’s been playing for 5 years, and he’s lost track of all the characters he’s played enough to cap, and then get bored with and delete because this was before TRing and he needed the character slot to start over, and he’s uber and awesome and uberawesome and I should bow down and kiss his ass and worship the ground he walks on (OK, he didn’t say the last bits, but that was certainly the implication) and I haven’t even run Delera’s twice on the same character before so what the hell do I know?

    “Well, I know that my L8 barb is damned close to your L11 fighter’s kill count, and that’s WITH obviously not knowing the quest as well as you AND having to stop fighting and type my replies while you’re on voice chat so can ramble on about all this crap you’ve been spewing while swinging…”

    This actually shut him up for the rest of the quest, I think he was concentrating on killing stuff (his numbers did go up appreciably more than me, but I was still a close second). And while we were waiting for all the buffs before the final fight, he suggested doing an elite VoN if anyone was interested… and everyone bowed out, except me who said “Sure, why not.”

    But not terribly surprisingly, I got booted out of the group as soon as I finished out. I guess he couldn’t handle being out-played by a fairly casual player whose highest character is L14 and has only done Delera’s twice on one character… Hmm, must be doubly embarrassing to be a 36-point TR with a bunch of past life feats and probably some tomes, and STILL only barely out-do a 32-point tomeless character 3/4th of your level…)

    (I gotta wonder if anybody’s run the numbers on khopeshes to see if they’re still King of the DPS in the Land of the Non-Auto-Crits… I’ve *always* thought getting khopesh proficiency was a waste of a feat, and Improved Critical would be better and more general.)

    Oh, and for my loot? All the of the named stuff was basically useless crap that I’d never use, so I grabbed something to deconstruct. Don’t even remember what… and even if Carnifex had been there, I probably wouldn’t have taken it. I don’t care WHAT he says, I’d put my +2 Shock greataxe of Bleeding up against a Carnifex against 95% of critters. Doesn’t do a lot against undead or robo-dogs, but most everything else is just peachy.

    So, uh… yeah, there’s MY “this is how you should play!” rant. I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if the two of them hadn’t spent the ENTIRE freakin’ chain telling each other they’re leveling up wrong…


  2. ComicRelief

    Wait, what? I have “wrath”? Since when? I mean, other than “faux wrath”…
    Besides, I don’t need any of your stink-, er, that is, really cool HoWs now anyway. Sure I still wouldn’t mind getting a couple, but I’m OK without them too.
    (*grumble**that’s what, at least 3 now?* *grumble*)


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