Who doesn’t love a challenge?


“Half Orcs are just plain old ugly. I mean… how can you make THEM look nice in any way?”

So said Mizzaroo in a comment on my last blog post. So yeah, I already blogged once tonight but who am I to back down from a challenge? Therefore I give you… Quiaga!


Maybe she’ll never be Miss Eberron, but hey, she IS kinda cute. I think she looks nice in her own half-orc way!

Except I tried to do a modified Batman build on her and I really don’t think it’s gonna work.  LOL

One problem… for some reason she started out as a 28-pt build. I should have gotten the option to make her 32 points but it didn’t come up. Not sure what’s going on there. Maybe it’s just because I rolled her up at 4 am and wasn’t paying close attention…


She’s a great dancer, too!


8 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love a challenge?

  1. yawumpus

    It looks like you made her on Cannith, and you have unlocked 32 point builds on Thalanis (and possibly other places). As far as I know, you don’t have a choice about going back to 28 point builds.

    It gets annoying to want to test out a new class/build idea, and suddenly find out you get to start in Korthos as a 28 point build. Makes testing monks difficult.


  2. Evennote

    @yawumpus: I THINK I should have 32-point builds on all servers since I’m VIP… the DDO Store won’t let me buy 32-point builds, as it won’t let me buy adventure packs and other VIP perks. Not sure what’s going on there.

    @Mizzaroo: GAME ON. *grin*


  3. ComicRelief

    I *think* that if you take a pre-defined path build, they are ALL 28-point builds. To use a 32-point (or higher) build, you have to do a “custom”. But I could be wrong…

    …it’s happened once or twice before.


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    32-point builds aren’t, as far as I know, a VIP perk. You may not be able to purchase them from a server where you’ve unlocked them, however – that might’ve been your problem. They’re on sale this week, I believe, so you probably want to look into that.

    And I think they fixed the bug where the paths just do 28 points even if you have Champion status. But, like Comic says… I could be wrong *g*

    Oh, and I kept trying to wipe the speck off my monitor before realizing that Azida had a piercing under her lip…


  5. Evennote

    @LrdSlvrhand: I was on a Cannith toon when I tried to buy a 32-point build, and I couldn’t. I probably missed something when I rolled her up.

    And stop picking on Azida because someday she’s gonna have Many Shot, and she’ll use you for target practice! 😀


  6. LrdSlvrhnd

    I wasn’t picking on her! I honestly thought I had a speck on my screen! (I’m still cleaning off Dr Pepper from when it exploded all over the laptop the other night) Although as a dwarf ranger, she should get a Dorfen Tosser*. My dorf ranger loves his. And I’m pretty sure he’s named it, and caresses it lovingly when I’m not looking. But then, he’s very much a melee kinda ranger. Ranged is for when you just can’t run in and smack ’em with a pair of axes.

    *Dwarven Thrower


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