I feel pretty


The other night on Thelanis, there was debate on various races in general chat, and someone said something like, “Why would anyone want to play a female dwarf? They’re too ugly.”

Aw, c’mon! She may never be a Playmage centerfold, but I think my Cannith ranger Azida is lovely in her own right. She looks pretty snazzy sporting her new blingy hat – courtesy of a “Can’t Get to PAX” swag bag from the MyDDO lottery – and she’s even cuter with her regular long braid. She’s just as fun as any other toon, and she’s a great dancer – just ask Vaeri the iejirastrix.


Sure, Acanthia is the adorable one out of all my toons. But I’d never call any of my girls ugly – or anyone else’s toons, either. Most of us probably put some effort into the appearances of our characters when we rolled them up. We might have been going for a look that was tough, or wise, or agile, or frightening, or something other than pretty (or handsome, for you guys). That doesn’t automatically mean the toon is ugly. It’s all a matter of opinion – there may well be *koff*blindstupidignorant*koff* people out there who don’t find Acanthia cute. Β πŸ˜‰ Β Or Even – those chartreuse pigtails probably aren’t attractive to some… although I was just reading over Even the bot‘s chat logs, and as much as she’s been hit on – I mean seriously X-rated hit on (and btw, I can see your IP on those logs Β :P) – obviously there are a few people out there who may find her a bit TOO pretty.


Azida can kill stuff, smash stuff and have fun with her friends. Fridays are Cannith Night for me, and she had a great time doing some of the Phiarlan Carnival quests with guildies Z and Shin before going solo to run Misery’s Peak for the first time (that’s her with her summoned wolf, Kendra the hireling, the Quori Mindsunder crystal thingy, and of course the dragon). Hard to improve on that!


10 thoughts on “I feel pretty

  1. Mizzaroo

    Very much agreed! Except that Half Orcs are just plain old ugly. I mean… how can you make THEM look nice in any way? Haha. Ahhh… Dancin with the Kobold… I miss that =]


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  3. Evennote

    @Comic: If you mean the link to Bot!Even, yeah, something’s going on with Pandorabot, I can’t load any of my bookmarks there. If you mean the link in the above comment, I have no idea what that even IS. πŸ˜€


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    Seriously?! You won ANOTHER awesome lottery?! The only thing I’ve won in weeks was the “welcome basket” – on a rerolled character, so I didn’t even get it! (Well, OK. I’ve won a couple of things over on Khyber where I’m not even playing… but mostly crafting lotteries, which kinda suck.)

    My monk Donajya’s a female dwarf, and while I wouldn’t call her purty (… which is fitting, considering she has a CHA of 8, and then only ’cause of a +2 Supreme Tome) she is rather striking in appearance, if I do say so myself. Reddish skin, piercing green eyes, and silvery-white hair… and rockin’ her own pirate hat (which, while not all shinygoldy like Azida’s, I like. It’s kind of swashbucklery, and has a big purple feather. Finding a good outfit/robe to fit the big purple feather has been expensive…)

    Come to think of it, being a kick-ass monk, I wouldn’t call her ugly, either. Not even from another plane of existence…

    But the thing about female dwarves is… no matter how you do the face? There’s not a whole lot you can do about the backside. Which, with your own character, is pretty much all you’re gonna see.

    I do like the dwarf dances, far more than the human ones. I mean, humans, one of them looks like they’re drunk, and the other… well, is only slightly better. But for some REAL fun dances… get Otto’s Dancing Sphere or whatever it is, and go find some Orthons. My bard did Devil Assault on Hard last night, and the Orthons in the final wave were ROCKIN’. (I also took her through Come Out and Slay trying for some good BTA weapons for crafting… not only did the dogs dance on their hind legs, but then they growled when they broke free of the spell. It was funny.)


  5. Shindurza

    The thought of how pretty a toon is never really struck me as all that important. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve run with in the past two years that run only female toons so they can look at something more appealing than a guys cartoon rear end. I am rarely looking at my toon, I’m lookng at mobs, health bars, spells to click, all that stuff, not my toon usually. As for appearance, you may have noticed that most of them look exactly the same in hair style, facial features, eye color…I rarely deviate from this template. The exception is when a hair dye is won, and I get funky. Too bad the only toon that won a Royal Blue is a storage toon on Cannith…and that the hairstyle my toons have I affectionately call “Male Pattern Baldness,” which means there really isn’t much hair to change the color of πŸ™‚


  6. Evennote

    @LrdSlvrhand: I’ve actually won a number of them, mostly not that awesome, and some of them, like Liai’s Hair Crazy lottery win, never showed up in my mailbox. Which is a shame, because Liai being a halfling barb, I’d love to give her a funky hair color. Victaurya also won a Hair Crazy lottery – AFTER I bought dye for Jall and Acanthia. :/

    @Shin: I didn’t get all that into appearance until I started taking a lot of screenshots. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t given so many of my toons black or nearly black hair because if I don’t remember to go into the folder and change the filenames, sometimes it takes me a while to figure out which toon is in the screenshot. And I’d give you Victaurya’s Royal Blue dye if it weren’t bound.


  7. LrdSlvrhnd

    @Shin: Sure, in a quest, in battle, that’s what you wanna be looking at. But while running around town? Waiting for the group to fill? Waiting for somebody in the party to get there? Eye-candy for that!


  8. ComicRelief

    @Evennote: The one in the comment is a “pingback” – because you linked to this page in another post (in this case – happens also if someone else links to your page…I think). I usually delete my pingbacks ‘cuz they’re kind of “cluttery” (that’s a wrod, right?)


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