Life is like a box of kobolds

You never know what you’ll get, do you?

I sure didn’t know what I’d get with Even, considering as how I had no idea what I was doing when I rolled her. For the most part she and I have managed to muddle through just fine.

Well… and then came epics.

Epics are starting to make me feel like Even may be Forrest Gimp. I KNOW I’ve gimped her build. It’s just never really been much of an issue before. But in epics, I’m noticing that she seems to be doing much, MUCH less damage than her party members. She’s usually low man on the totem pole in kill counts. Yeah, I know, I don’t normally put much stock in kill counts, but… it’s pretty bad when you get that first kill and feel an overwhelming sense of relief that at least you’ll be on the list, especially considering she’s supposed to be an intimitank.

There could be other explanations, like questing with a TR-heavy party, or with party members who have all their green steel gear. I’m more than a little concerned, though. I feel like she’s not really pulling her weight in epics. Granted, she’s only run five of them so far (Chrono, Big Top, Snitch, Claw of Vulkoor and Last Stand). I’m not about to give up on her. She’s a far cry from the “just stand there and intim the hell out of them so I can cast” pally I rolled up way back in December. And while she’s not an asset in epics, I don’t think she’s a liability, either.

On the plus side, she acquitted herself marvelously in a run of Hound of Xoriat, a near-party wipe that turned into a triumph. We got swarmed by a deluge of reavers and had about three people left alive – Even included.  Melee wasn’t going too well – too much damage from Xy’zzy, not to mention the reavers – so she whipped out her trusty Bow of Sinew and started twanging away. She didn’t get the kill, but scored a couple of nice crits on the mother of all hounds to help bring her down and end on a high note. Everybody got rezzed (in fact, Even rezzed a few of them during the end fight), we all got loot, there was much rejoicing.

Still need to get her flagged for ToD; she needs New Invasion and then she has to farm the stuff to make her boots. She also needs flagged for Abbot and Stealer of Souls, and she’s got to get her butt back into Vale and farm green steel ingredients. Not to mention farming Tor so she can get dragontouched armor, and Sands epics because she still needs the seal and the shard to make her Vambraces of Inner Light epic. Plus she’s got to farm the Attack on Stormreach quests for marks so she can upgrade her Katra’s Wit and Teraza’s Sight. Not to mention that Crystal Cove is coming back on Sept. 19 – hopefully she’ll be upgrading her cavalry plate as well. Last time around I didn’t know anyone who wanted to do the Cove. This time is going to be WAY different.


This screenshot has nothing to do with the above, I just threw it in because it looks good, and because I’ve been having a blast doing the Inspired Quarters quests with my Monty’s guildies. The Path of Inspiration pack has some really fun and creative quests, and if I ever go back to being F2P, I’m definitely going to make sure I get it. Plus you get to meet new friends like the big metal guy above!

Even is also working on favor farming a lot because I want to unlock Favored Soul before I TR her. I’m starting at the bottom of the list and working up. Tangleroot Gorge – soooo tedious! Three Barrel Cove is a bit better, about halfway through that so far.

Oh, and here’s an experiment – introducing the EvenNote Pandorabot. Remember, it’s an experiment. I haven’t messed with a lot of the files yet.

She’ll be finishing 3BC tonight and probably then moving on to Sentinels of Stormreach. Might take a break from favor farming to run an epic or two… I’ll keep plugging away at the epics with her.

After all, gimp is as gimp does.


5 thoughts on “Life is like a box of kobolds

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    I hate Tangleroot. Maybe because I’m constitutionally incapable of just rushing through the first few quests… no, I hafta go get all that shiny loot. EVERY TIME.

    I can pretty much do the first several quests in the outer fortress, and then MAYBE the first one in the inner fortress… but then I have to stop for like a week.

    At least 3BC, the quests are different… the only problem is GETTING to them, which can be //////////monotonous as a non-VIP (yay for Elite unlock lol)


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