Oh, the irony…

If you’re one of the two and a half people who read this blog, you probably know that my main toon, Evennote, has probably run the Pit about a bazillion times in hopes of getting Muck’s Doom.

She’s looted it just once – on casual, no less – and I promptly sold it to get the plat to buy my then-boyfriend a Robe of the Magi. It had never appeared for her before and never has since. I’ve run the Pit many times on Jalliria as well, several times on Victaurya and twice so far on Acanthia, and not so much as a whiff of Doom.

Friday night was the first time I ran the Pit off Thelanis, as I hooked up with Z and Shin to take my lvl 5 ranger, Azida, in there.


Lucky for me they were both lvl 9, and that they allowed me to talk them out of going in on hard or elite. Things went quite well considering that Azida is not – YET – a force to be reckoned with, and that Shin was having all kinds of connection problems. As we were standing triumphantly over the Avatar of Juiblex’s smushy remains (well, to be honest, that thing is smushy when it’s alive, too), I remarked jokingly, “Watch Azida pull Muck’s Doom on her first run.”

Yep. You guessed it. Azida got a Muck’s Doom. I wanted to include a screenshot of her wielding it, but… she’s lvl 5, and the Doom is minimum lvl 6, so she can’t equip it yet. But she’s rather cute in her own right, so I threw in a shot of her on the airship.

But hey! I’ve got a Muck’s Doom again and this time I’m keeping it!

Also ironic – Even and Jall, mostly Even, are both starting to think seriously about green steel crafting and getting the ingredients they’ll need. I don’t have any other toons even close to being Vale-ready yet. So guess which toon wins the “What’s in the box” MyDDO lottery? Ironica (even the name fits this one), my lvl 3 favor-farming fighter/barb on Sarlona. Makes me really wish there was some kind of a cross-server shared bank slot, or some way to transfer stuff among your own toons on different servers. Ironica is a “disposable” build not designed to live past lvl 3 or 4… although what the heck, I’ve gimped all my other toons, I’m not giving up on her just because she’s supposed to have an expiration date.

12 thoughts on “Oh, the irony…

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Me, prolly. She’s taken a look at my dwarf-filled character list…

    I ran Durk’s dozens of times (yeah, I know, not NEARLY the same as The Pit) on Khyber trying for a second Muckbane, before giving up and just buying one when I saw one cheap… and then tried mailing them (and a bunch of other stuff) to a character on Thelanis. Which happened to have the same name as a recently-deleted character of mine on Khyber, so the mails left. And, of course, never went through.

    So I started farming EVERYTHING again on Khyber, ’cause I was pretty much penniless lol And *still* never managed to loot a Muckbane. And finally bought a pair.

    Two days later (and like a month after sending), all those mails bounced back as undelivered.

    So then later on I decided to go to Thelanis once more, don’t remember why exactly…

    First time through Durk’s on ANY character, and I pull a Muckbane.

    But hey, congrats!!


  2. Evennote

    Actually the “half person” was a lame attempt at humor, but I’m thinking it would have to be Comic, since he’s probably going to “accidentally” delete me. ;D


  3. Mizzaroo

    Congrats on getting it. Haha. I still have yet to pull a Mucks anything. Then again its kinda hard to pull something when you cant even play huh?(been really busy lately) Enjoy your new weapon when you get to level 6! =D


  4. Evennote

    I probably shouldn’t tell you guys this, but one day a while back I was running quests on Jalliria and realized she didn’t have a decent ooze weapon, which in turn made me realize that Victaurya and Discordette didn’t have ooze weapons either, so I sent Jall off to farm Durk’s. Six Durk’s runs, six Muckbanes. Not sure what was going on that day, I’ve farmed it a few times since then and have never seen another one drop.


  5. ComicRelief

    @Evennote: Oh, I got the “two and a half” reference/”humor attempt”, and it wasn’t that “lame” (though if you have to explain…).

    Ironically (pun intended), my question was purely rhetorical. Hehehe.


  6. LrdSlvrhnd

    Dang, congrats on that! Shoulda farmed it a few more times lol I just have two banes (both farmed) and two Dooms (both bought) on either server, and move ’em between characters as needed. Takes a little longer, but since they all share a lot of OTHER equipment (Lotsa stuff from Crystal Cove, a few other random items) it’s not really all that bad. Yay for the shared bank!


  7. LrdSlvrhnd

    My surefire method for running the pit: Find somebody who seems to know where he’s going, and glue yourself to his back. Also, learn how to get to the furnaces, ’cause everyone will be back there eventually…


  8. Evennote

    That invite goes for you as well, Slvr – you wanna do the Pit, look me up. I’ve gone from having a deep and abiding aversion for the place to flat-out loving it. šŸ˜€


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