Vanity, thy name is Monk


Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?

Meet Acanthia, my new monk. She actually started out with black hair, but most of my (non-Even) toons have black or very dark hair so I splurged on an amber hair dye.

I’m seriously freaking LOVING her monkish-ness. And her cuteness – just look at her! She’s adorable! I do have another halfling toon – Liai, my pint-sized barbarian on Ghallanda – but I tried to make her look tough. I wasn’t particularly trying to make Acanthia cute, she just turned out that way (don’t disagree or she’ll kick you where it hurts – just ask the trogs in the Pit!).

Up until now I’d always kind of scoffed a bit at people who were overly concerned – or so I thought – with how their armor looked as opposed to how well it worked. Then along came Acanthia and all the cute robes and outfits. My Sarlona wizzy, Vicriia, also wears robes rather than armor, but I rarely play her (I don’t know anyone on Sarlona and it’s damn hard to solo with a level 1 wizard), plus while she’s attractive enough in her own right, she doesn’t have that cuteness factor, and I’ve never given much thought to what she was wearing, appearance-wise.

Oh, how things have changed. Acanthia is my first toon to start out at level 4, and I really liked the disciple’s robes she got as starter equipment. But starter equipment isn’t useful very long, so I went to the AH to see what I could find for her. Picked out a couple of robes and outfits, started trying them on and BAM! I’ve become a virtual clothes horse! I thought my online fashion sense was limited to Second Life™ – guess not, because even after paring down the stuff she probably will never use, Acanthia still has nine robes and outfits in her inventory plus probably about eight more in the bank that she’s not levelled high enough to use yet. I actually took her to House K and ran around posing her in different places wearing different stuff while I got screenshots.

Acanthia with Big Top

Any fashionista knows the value of accessorizing. Even recently completed her first epic, Under the Big Top, and everyone in the group passed their Big Top Hats on to her. Since they’re BtA and not BtC, she passed one on to Acanthia, who looks really utterly SUPER cute in it… plus it can cast Otto’s Irresistible Dance once per rest.

Speaking of Even, she’s been quite the busy girl getting flagged for raids, running raids, learning about green steel crafting, pondering her true reincarnation and all that. I’ll post more about her one of these days. Meanwhile last night I couldn’t sleep – again – so I finally dusted off ALL my neglected toons except poor Dissy and ran each of them through at least one quest.

And because I did promise proof, here you go:

Acanthia in the Pit - 1 Acanthia in the Pit - 2

10 thoughts on “Vanity, thy name is Monk

  1. Dunsany1

    You soloed The Pit at level 5? That is… tremendously impressive.

    And, yes, Acanthia’s very fetching. Particularly with that top hat. 🙂


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    I’ve spent tens of thousands recently trying for the right look – AND usefulness – for most of my characters. Dona had lesser acid guard robes of heavy fort for a while, which perfectly matched her pirate hat and made me happy… but then she leveled up, and I’ve been looking for decent-looking acid guard of heavy fort ever since lol Still haven’t found another one that matches, but she’s got a mostly white outfit which will be good until Labor Day *g*

    Fortunately, she’s fairly cheap and easy compared to my others, for whom I want to get mithral armor. Trying to find something suitably spiky-looking for my new barbarian hasn’t been fun, but at least for him I can just find whatever crap on the cheap and craft what I want for him – can’t craft heavy fort for Dona, or +4/5 for Grynd lol (Although it actually turns out that a +3 mithral breastplate of nimbleness – which I can totally craft – will provide as much protection as the +5 breastplate he’s got, thanks to his Dex)


  3. ComicRelief

    Hey! What happened to the pics? Did they get deleted? If so, IT WASN’T ME!!! I didn’t do it; nobody saw me do it; you can’t prove anything…


  4. Evennote

    The pics are still there for me… although I should really get a Flickr or Photobucket or something. I’ve had people tell me before they couldn’t get stuff to load from my domain back when I was still doing a Second Life™ blog.

    Yeah. Imma gonna go do that now. Been meaning to anyway, 10 megs isn’t nearly enough space for all my screenshots.


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