Hey hey, I’m a monk-ie!

And people say I monk-ie around and don’t post here… oops.

There are a couple of things I want to blog about, but just a short post for now because it’s almost 6 am here and I haven’t been to bed yet. I decided to roll up a monk because I hadn’t tried playing one yet… SHEER FREAKING AWESOMESAUCE.

Want proof?  *grin*

My level 5 monk just soloed the Pit. Not even a close call. I have the screenshots to prove it, too, just too lazy at this hour to trim them down to a manageable size (I doubt anyone wants to wait for a 1672×995 image to load).

No Muck’s Doom, but that’s OK. She’s a monk. It’s not like she needs to switch to an ooze weapon anyway!

8 thoughts on “Hey hey, I’m a monk-ie!

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yay! I absolutely *love* my monk… until I switch characters. That monkish speed gets addictive… then I switch to my overburdened hagglebard and go to vend stuff… it’s like I’m running in molasses!

    I did Taming the Flames on elite with a full group, nearly at level (I was one level over, a couple of others were two levels over) – and I kept hearing *ding* *ding* *ding*… so I’d run back, grab their soulstone, and go to a shrine so they could rez. Finally I said screw it, and just collected their stones, one by one, until I had a full set… and awed the crap outta them as I went through and basically soloed the quest. And I didn’t even have my frost wraps I was bidding on yet… Between my monkish speed, and monkish saves, and monkish healing, and monkish punching…

    Are you going light or dark path? Either way, I’d suggest getting the Scorched Bracers from Chronoscope or – even better – the Jidz’tet’ka (or whatever it is) from the Sentinels chain. Starts out as Torn Chitin Bracers, but they freakin’ ROCK when upgraded.


  2. Evennote

    *accidentally deletes Comic* 😛

    She has Jidz-Tetka now, Even got them many levels ago but has been using Wind Howler bracers for ages, so I passed the Jidz-Tetka on to Acanthia. I do need to get her some better handwraps, she’s got +3s and +1 (something) of bleeding. (This dates me, but I used to LOVE watching “The Monkees.”)

    @Mizzaroo – Monk is almost worth going VIP for even without all the other stuffs! 😀


  3. Mizzaroo

    Maybe Ill buy Monk next time its on sale… But I really wanna play the new class coming out too. *sob* I just wanna play everything! Hahaha


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    (I used to love ’em, too. Especially the random running-around scenes. Straight out of Scooby Doo!)

    I’d say Monk is about my third-best purchase (best purchase is the shared bank, hands down. Second best is all the extra slots I got when they were on sale)

    Bleeding is surprisingly useful. I’m talking on things like elementals and mephits, which you wouldn’t think would bleed. Dona’s got +2 Holy of Bleeding, +1 Force Burst of Bleeding, +something Frost of PG, and +1 Holy of Disruption (for those pesky undead). And some kinda stunner, maybe Force of Stunning +6, which I never use.


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