Girl power!

It’s kind of weird how my Thelanis toons have shuffled themselves around. Victaurya was my first toon, followed fairly closely by Even. Then came Discordette, and finally Jall, who was originally only supposed to be there so my now-ex-boyfriend and I could play incognito sometimes.

Somehow Even ended up as my main toon. Jall and Vic ran neck-and-neck for a while, but over the past couple of months Jall’s just taken off, getting herself up to level 16 while Vic is back at level 11 (and getting outdistanced by some of her recent PUG mates). Poor Dissy (she needs a better nickname, but then again, I shouldn’t have given her such a lame name to begin with) is way back at level 7 and hasn’t run anything in a while because she’s not very solo-able.

Jall’s surge is due in large part to this incredible need I felt to see what she would do with In the Demon’s Den. Somehow I seem to have gotten obsessed with that quest; it’s the only F2P quest Even doesn’t have on elite. So one night, running with some new PUG friends (both Jall and Vic have been having great luck with PUGs lately), I realized that Jall was getting within spitting distance of level 16, which would grant her access to the Inspired Quarter and Demon’s Den.

Having a great group helped a LOT, and a bit later that night, after a run of several quests that wrapped up with an elite Delirium run, she was levelled up and ready. Our group had actually been talking about running Frame Work on elite next, but a couple of them knew how much I wanted to do Demon’s Den and suggested we head there instead.

A couple things were off right from the start. For one thing, we had three tanks, two wizzies and Jall as the only healer, and you really, REALLY want lots of heals for that, not to mention casters probably being more effective than melee, especially once you’re going up against the Marilith. For another, we were going to try it first on casual and someone accidentally went in on normal. But what the heck, we figured, we’ll give it a go.

And you know what – we made it! OK, we did have one wipe entering the last tunnel when we had a couple people get stuck outside in the main room, but we took turns releasing and healing and kept going. I had Jall’s sparkly feet (as I like to call her Radiant Servant thingy) going almost non-stop, and I think I went through about six major mnemonics, but dang it all WE DID IT with a group of 16s and 17s.

Now that I’m VIP, at least for the next three months, I decided to do some quick favor runs with Even this morning and figured the Sharn Syndicate would probably be the quickest way to get the itty-bitty last bit of favor she needed to unlock Champion status. Less than an hour later, I had her standing in front of Nyx Durandimion being congratulated for reaching 1750 favor and offered the +2 tome of her choice.

Since she’s already eaten a +2 Tome of Supreme Ability, and since the favor reward tomes are BtC, this didn’t seem so great at first… and then I remembered that once she TRs, she loses any tomes she’s eaten. Her next life will be as a rogue so my initial thought was to take the Dex tome, and then I thought of Vic. Her Dex is plenty high enough, but she could sure use some Con help. So there’s a +2 Con tome sitting in Even’s bank for her next life.

I really need to start playing Discordette more. Frankly, after I rolled her, I was kind of disappointed that she wasn’t a more powerful character. Her “bardness” just seemed weak – she’s not great at heals, she doesn’t have a lot of buffs yet, her DPS is pathetic, she doesn’t have great damage spells, she can’t do traps or locks. She’s kind of had me thinking, “Dang, why would anyone want to play a bard? They’re all but useless.”

And then I found myself in a PUG with a most awesome bard (a real girl, too – as much as I love my male DDO friends, it’s nice to have another actual female in the group). She healed, she buffed, she had the highest kill count in the group, AND she had a song that regenerated everybody’s spell points. That alone would be well worth having a bard along for. I’ve been tempted more than once to re-roll Dissy as another class, but not any more. I’m going to try to find her some patient party mates (maybe even Mizzaroo in two more levels!) and work her up to where she can really start showing her inner awesomeness.

Meanwhile in real life, I’m trying not to melt. It’s been 100+ degrees here most of the week and I have NO air conditioning and a west-facing window, so this room gets really, REALLY hot. My usual hours of playing time every day have been cut down to a few hours late at night after it’s cooled down a bit. I really need a summer home in Alaska.


5 thoughts on “Girl power!

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    I have an L4 Ranger/L1 Rogue who could probably help Dissy out a bit pretty much anytime… though that’s my bank toon, so I’d need a few minutes to shift things around a bit lol I’ve spent the past several nights just sitting and staring at the screen trying to figure out what I want to do next and saying “No, not that… nah. No…” She’d especially be up for Coin Lord or K quests (for the backpack and bank slots *g* ) but is willing to do pretty much anything.


  2. Mizzaroo

    WOOHOO!!! I SAW MY NAME!!! Haha. Ill take it your not a hot weather person? Well, over here I can still go outside with my jacket on and be happy =] Teeheehee


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