Tough times

I’m still playing less than I used to and haven’t felt much like blogging; real life is kicking my butt pretty hard. I really want to get some playing time in for ALL my characters soon – lately it’s been Jall and Vic with a bit of Even and Discordette – but in the meantime, a few thoughts on life. Unfortunately the person who inspired these thoughts isn’t likely to ever read them, but at least I’ll get them off my chest.

Everybody’s different, but being different doesn’t mean someone is good or bad. Whether you’re a hero or an ass has nothing to do with your religion, skin color, age, or sex. It’s the choices you make, the actions you take or choose not to take, that show whether you’re a hero or an ass.

Any ass can tell lies. Heros are the ones who face up to the truth even when it makes them look bad.

Any ass can dodge issues they don’t want to face up to. A hero deals with conflict.

Any ass can boost his (or her) ego by making fun of other people. Heros know that meanness says more about the person dishing it out than the person taking it.

Any ass can produce children. The heroes are the ones who put their childrens’ needs ahead of their own and make it a priority to stay involved in their childrens’ lives.

Any ass can get drunk, high, gamble away a fortune, or sleep around indiscriminately (often making kids that they don’t really care about or bother to support, financially or emotionally). Heroes have the decency and maturity to not only know their limits, but respect them.

Any ass can break a heart. Only a true hero can mend one.

So if you’re sitting around getting drunk and playing the video game you bought with the money that should have gone to child support while you laugh about how you played someone to make them love you and then played mind games with them because you thought that made you a better person… let’s just say you’re no hero.

And one more thing… you have a daughter. Women tend to be attracted to men who remind them of their fathers. Think of the way you treated me. Now think of how you’ll feel if your daughter falls in love with a man who treats her the way you treated me. How will you feel about that man? That’s how you should feel about yourself.


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