Last night I noticed that I was just 40 Turbine points shy of being able to afford another adventure pack, so I checked my favor-farming toons and discovered that Liai had just one “real” quest under her belt (the intro one doesn’t count). Two Korthos quests later, she passed five total favor and got the 50 points since she’s my first and so far only toon on Ghallanda, and I had 360 DDO points just clamoring to be spent.

I debated a bit – Reaver’s Reach would be great for Even, although I don’t have any other toons high enough to get any use out of it yet; and Necro II was tempting since I already have Necro I. But I’ve wanted to run Chronoscope for a really, really, REALLY long time, so it wasn’t really much of a decision to pass up Reaver’s and Necro II for the Devil Assault pack.

WOW, did I ever make the right choice! Even ran Devil Assault ages ago on a pass and I loved it, so – even though I SHOULD have gone to bed – I got Jall out and went in on normal. As she’s been doing lately, she cruised, got some nice if not overly memorable gear, and so I decided to try it on hard. Yes, I know it jumps from a level 6 quest on normal to level 12 on hard, but hey, Jall’s level 12 and she’s been kicking butt, right?

Well, that had to end sometime, and it ended during the first wave of DA on hard. Being a glutton for punishment (as well as a chronic insomniac), I decided to see what Even made of it on hard. She didn’t have any serious problems, but it was far from a cakewalk. I’m looking forward to trying it on elite with her, but definitely not solo.

Tonight, though, I signed on a bit early for me because I was itching to do Chrono. I nearly decided to try it with Jall first, but I wasn’t too sure about her being able to solo it, and for my first foray, I really wanted to go in by myself and get a feel for it so I wouldn’t hold up a party. Besides, Even needs more playing time.

I wasn’t expecting to dance easily through a solo attempt on a raid quest, even though it was a level 6 quest and Even’s level 19, but DANG. It was quite a challenge! I didn’t realize that hirelings aren’t allowed in raids, so it was TRULY solo; Even doesn’t even have the capability to summon a pet.

I started out with her +5 Crippling Rapier of Pure Good since the beginning of the quest includes a warning to use good weapons against the devils. It got to be a pain switching back and forth between that and her Vampiric Fury Blade, though, and when I realized the vampiric blade was doing at least as much damage as the rapier, I said heck with it.

The really cool thing about vampiric weapons is that every time you hit something, they heal you for 1 HP. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re swinging like crazy in a crowd of monsters, especially if you pop a haste potion, it REALLY adds up. That blade kept Even’s health pretty much full; any damage she took from the devils was easily made up by her hitting the various archers and casters and stuff.

Except for the bosses. The big dude in the bank wasn’t TOO bad; it took a long, LONG time to kill him, but he didn’t do any really bad damage. The Orthon in the Steam Tunnels hit harder (damn magic missiles) and gave her a few tense moments, but she still dispatched him without a whole lot of trouble.

And then came the end boss, that conjoined Abishai thingy – HOLY FREAKING CRAP. If it had been JUST him without the devils he kept summoning, it would have been hard. Having to deal with the devils whilst trying to kill this thing that was taking very little damage from either the vampiric blade or the rapier while dishing out plenty of damage to Even – yeah, that was… fun. No, really, it was, even though she did die once.

But that was cool, because unlike most quests where if you’re soloing and you die, you have to start over, Even just got teleported back to the little area outside the Rusty Nail and the Steam Tunnels. There’s a rez shrine there, plus both rez and rest shrines in the tavern, so a few minutes later she was headed right back into the fray.

It was a little disheartening to see that Mr. Conjoined Abishai Devastator had healed the damage she’d managed to do to him, but by just plugging away, she finally wore him down and killed him. Very nice loot too, even though she spent an inordinate amount of time running all over the Marketplace trying to rescue everybody for the optional (I think they were hiding from her).

I’d been chatting with a couple of my Emerald Dragons guildies during the end part of the quest, and when I finished, one of them mentioned that he’d like to run it to go for some of the named loot. I got Jall, he got his Favored Soul, we filled up a party and off we went on elite.

It amazes me that 12 people who mostly don’t know each other can actually work pretty well together. There was one guy who got a bit confused and got separated from the group – he needed a couple of rezzes and a LOT of healing – but everybody was cool about it. I was very glad to be mostly standing behind everybody else dishing out heals and a few buffs in between firing a crossbow at bad guys. It was a lot tougher on elite with a lvl 8-12 group than it was on normal with lvl 19 Even, even though we had 12 people, but I think it was more fun, too.

One of our party members passed me two greater mnemonics early in the quest – GREAT guy, did a great job on the mobs and tried to pass Jall the Gem of Many Facets he got in the end chest. I was SOOOO tempted… but the guy who needed all the healing had already said he was hoping for the gem, and Jall already has a Pearl of Power X and a Voice of the Master, plus a Globe of Imperial Blood in her bank for when she hits lvl 13. And besides, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing Chrono a LOT now that I have the pack, so I gave up the gem to him. Can’t complain, Jall now has the Envenomed Cloak and the Helm of Frost!

In case you were wondering about my new guildie’s heart of wood, he passed it to Jall to sell. After asking around and being told that a million and a half plat was the bare MINIMUM it would go for, I tried posting in the trade channel but got no response, so it’s on the AH (Thelanis) with a 1.25 mil starting price, no buyout, 72-hour auction. I love this guy’s attitude – he told me to take whatever I needed from whatever plat it sells for and give the rest to anyone who needs it. I have no intentions of keeping any or giving any away; I’ll keep it for him until he levels up high enough to hold it all, but the thought was very much appreciated! It’s a good feeling to have such a team player in the guild. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chrono-licious!

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, I enjoy Chrono… even though I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing most of the time. But it’s fun to just run in there and kill everything. I don’t even care about the loot anymore (Almost every time I’ve gone in there, I’ve pulled a Hellfire crossbow… but I still don’t own one, ’cause I always pass it to somebody else. Also still don’t have the Boots of Corrosion, but I don’t really care about the full set… I’d rather keep my Korthos set on most of my guys, and then load up the rest of the slots with more useful stuff lol)


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Bah, hit “Submit” too soon.

    I was REALLY looking forward to running Chrono and getting that Gem of Many Facets, and then picking up some more Korthos stuff… until the birthday event. Now my characters (at least on Thelanis) are too twinked to want to remove stuff for Korthos gear LOL “Well, I could get the Protector’s Gloves and add DR 1/ and light fortification and +1 AC… or I can use the Brawling Gloves for, effectively, +2 to hit and damage, and sneak attack. Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. Or the Nimble gloves for +1 to hit and +2 sneak attack damage, or… OK, that’s even MORE of a no-brainer!”

    And of course, I’ve gotten the BTC (instead of Account, like everything ELSE) shield of Exceptional Haggling (Marketplace Shield or somesuch, but really. It’s only real use is the Exceptional Haggling) for an end reward choice every time I’ve run it… ‘cept my first time with the hagglebard. That kinda peeved me lol

    Still don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time in Chrono, but my usual tactic of “stick to the guy with the healy glow about him” seems to work well. Beyond that, I don’t much care *g*. I’ll just follow instructions like a good little peon…

    My L12 ranger soloed DA on Normal the other night for the first time. ‘Twas easy and I’m thinking I should go for Hard, ’til the last guy popped up lol I should try it with my monk and her healing punch… *muses now that I actually have reliably working internet for the first time in a MONTH*


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