Emerald luck

Jall cruised through Sykros’s Jewel tonight with nary a close call. I’m so proud of her! Even always had a hard time with the kidnappers at the end (I remember once making her run and hide while I put up the LFM to get some help – don’t tell her I told you).

That put her just four total favor short of 900 and 25 more DDO points, so I started pondering what else to do. As I was standing there in the Marketplace looking through her adventure compendium, I got a tell from a level 2 fighter asking if he could join my guild, so I sent him an invite and welcomed him to the Emerald Dragons fold.

I was feeling pretty confident so I headed off to Anvilfire Inn to pick up Stormcleave Outpost from Alciana d’Deneith. I briefly considered going in on casual – yeah, it’s a lvl 8 quest and Jall is lvl 12, but she’s kinda squishy, it’s a tough quest and she was soloing. But in the end I went for normal because I didn’t want to finish and find out casual only gave 3 favor.

Once again she astonished me, cruising through with ease. Through about the first five groups of mobs, she still had some of her bonus HP from casting Aid on herself. She was dealing plenty of damage and taking very little. The only snags she ran into were having to make two trips to get all the supply containers (I need to figure out how to clear some inventory space for her) and not being intelligent enough to activate one of the runes. Everything else – piece of cake.

So I repaired, sold, transmuted stuff and mailed off essences and collectibles to Even. Also picked up a few things for Victaurya, so I signed her on to get them. The new guy who just joined Emerald Dragons posted in guild chat asking if anyone could help him with questions about an item.

Now, ComicRelief, sit down and take some deep, slow breaths. Seems my new guildmate, fresh off the boat from Korthos, decided to run The Kobolds’ New Ringleader… and looted a +3 Greater Heart of Wood. He linked it so I could see for myself, and sure enough, he’s got it.

We checked the AH to see how much they were going for, but there were none listed. So I asked on the trade channel and – aside from the dipstick who tried to offer me 5 copper – the responses were well in excess of 1-2 MILLION plat.

I think he’s going to keep it in his bank for now. I’m not sure what level you have to be to have that much plat (he’s F2P, not sure if that makes a difference), and being lvl 2, a +3 heart of wood isn’t that big a deal yet. I suggested he hold on to it until he levels high enough to either be able to have that much money, or to know which feats are working for him and which aren’t so he’ll have a better idea what he wants to change. He’s already talking about buying the guild a bigger airship.

I already felt kinda lucky because Jall pulled a Silver Flame Hymnal and a Fragrant Drowshood from Ataraxia’s, and Discordette pulled a small Eberron dragonshard from Searing Heights, plus Even found some good armor at a good price on the AH (for Jall, not herself, but Even handles the financial end of things). And also because when Vic was standing at the bank in the Harbor tonight, a very nice lvl 16 fellow rogue handed her four sets of +5 Thieves’ Tools and refused payment for them.

I didn’t even come close to my goal of running at least one quest with every one of my toons this weekend. I never got off Thelanis, and Jall and Discordette are the only ones who got actual playing time. Must work on that! I need to get Vic levelled up to at least 10 so she can pull some gear out of her bank to use and sell/transmute/pass on to Discordette or guildies her current stuff. Her bank slot and inventory are both pretty full.


3 thoughts on “Emerald luck

  1. siver

    To answer your implied question about the platinum cap, at level 10, you can carry 640,000 platinum, not enough at all. At 11, you can hold 1,280,000, and 12 lets you carry 2,560,000 platinum. At 13, or if you become premium you reach the maximum limit of 4,294,967.

    For more reference about this, http://ddowiki.com/page/Gold

    So, the person would either want to become premium or wait until level 12 or 13 to sell the heart.

    Of course, another option could be to give the item to a guild member he trusts, and then when he is able to carry that much, the member passes him the money. This might work if he really wants to put the money in the guild vault for an airship, but I personally would not recommend this to anybody directly.


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Cripes! Maybe *I* should join your guild, clearly you’ve got some kinda luck thing going… maybe then I can at least win some crappy lotteries *g*

    And for the record… I’m usually one of the dipshits offering 5 copper for something insanely expensive. Though it’s usually something entirely worthless to me, like a khopesh or heavy armor or something similar.


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