Caveat emptor

Just a short (for me) post right now, got a much longer one in the works. I’ve been sadly neglecting most of my toons except Jall, but more on that in the promised looooong post.

A few nights ago I was surfing the AH when trade channel chat caught my eye.

“wts pit restart guide pst w/offer”

Seriously? Someone is trying to SELL a Pit restart guide? The same guide that Vargus d’Deneith GIVES you just for taking the quest? The same guide that is NO help whatsoever in completing the quest (although it’s good for a laugh)? The same guide that has absolutely no real purpose and is worth NOTHING? The same guide that I’ve trashed DOZENS of times because I didn’t want it cluttering up my inventory space?

Yep. That same guide.

I don’t know if the guy sold it, or for how much if he did. But let this be a lesson – if you don’t KNOW what an item is, DON’T PAY FOR IT. Ask somebody. If you see something in the AH or on the trade channel and you’re not sure what it’s for, but you think it sounds really cool and you simply MUST have it, for crying out loud, don’t shell out half your plat to get it.

I’ve seen a lot of mostly useless things – people selling the Tear of Dhakaan shards for thousands of plat, for example. If you bought one, guess what? The only thing you can do with it is turn it in to the collector in House P for… 10 plat each. That’s ten, T-E-N, not 10K.

Same with gems. I can turn in a whole bagful of gems and if I’m REALLY lucky, I MIGHT get 100 plat out of it. Yet I see gems – ordinary gems, not crafting gems – going for thousands on the AH.

Maybe there are a lot of washed-up used car salesmen running around DDO who have nothing better to do than try to rip other people off. Or maybe it’s a corps of endless monkeys chained to endless typewriters – well, computer keyboards – who just happen to be putting all kinds of basically worthless crap on the AH for outrageous prices.

So anyway…

*looks around furtively and opens the flap on her trench coat*

“Psst… wanna buy some masterwork arrows?”


3 thoughts on “Caveat emptor

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Back during the Pirate birthday event, immediately after the preview, somebody was offering the Kobold Union Regulations for like 20K or something ridiculous… and kept getting pissed off at me because every time he’d post that, I’d say “DO NOT BUY THAT, you can get it for free as soon as the event returns THIS WEEKEND! And if you can’t wait that long, you can go to DDO Wiki and get the full and complete text yourself!”

    (Then there was the time, in another game, where somebody kept offering a total scam… so I kept reporting him and then saying “THIS IS A SCAM! What he’s offering CANNOT BE DONE!” – and then he spent the next 10 minutes following me around and insisting that he could do it… and getting reported every single time. And THEN he admitted that it was a scam, but he’d be willing to cut me in for half if I’d team up with him… that was FUN. Like a week later, I was offered a job as a player moderator…)

    But basically, I figure most traders are greedy bastards out to gouge newbs. Which makes the gem thing even funnier, ’cause the people who might possibly fall for that particular scam? Probably don’t have the plat to go for it.

    (And no. Got any regular arrows?)


  2. Mizzaroo

    Yeah. Some silly things go for silly prices in the AH and even off of it. It is worth a giggle though. Unless you dont giggle then nevermind =]P

    Hmm… Im with LrdSlvrhnd. Ill take some regular arrows please 😉


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