Movin’ on up

Ain’t real life great? My DDO time has been a bit limited lately due to getting busy in pesky RL and to the weather – yes, really, the weather. First it was several days of severe thunderstorms that chased me offline; once the wind starts blowing, my Internet connection is about as reliable as a hireling. And then it was several days of pure, relentless HEAT. We’re talking 90+ degrees. This room has a west-facing window so it really heats up as the afternoon wears on… and oh yeah, it has NO AIR CONDITIONING. Aside from being worried about the computer overheating, I’m worried about ME overheating.

When I’ve been online the past week, I’ve been mostly playing Jall trying to get her levelled up. I’d only had her out to Searing Heights a few times, and never for long; now she’s completed the whole S/R/E chain with a lot of help from some Emerald Dragons guildies and never has to go back there.

Her guildies were a huge help to her in Red Fens as well. She’s got Fathom the Depths on elite – that was kind of cool; she sucked for most of the quest until we went after the optional gelatinous cube at the end. Actually she still sucked against him, ran out of mana and couldn’t heal fast enough and everyone EXCEPT her died – BUT. She had no rezzes to bring her party members back but kept plugging away at the thing with her crummy DPS while tossing herself a Cure Mod every time her SP regenerated to 12, and occasionally using Radiant Servant for a bit of healing every time that regenerated as well. She got down to single-digit hit points, no mana, no positive energy bursts left… and somehow she hit the cube where it gelatinously counted and killed it.

There was much rejoicing, for as it turned out she had a nearly-forgotten Raise Dead scroll in her inventory and thus was able to rez the other person in the group with rez power, so everybody got the chest and piles of gold.

She did The Last Stand with the same people but elite was a bit too much for her to handle as far as healing. Hard went pretty well though (she’d soloed it on normal earlier). She’d been in the Fens just enough to get all the explorers before, but this week she also made serious dents in rares and slayer (I’m too lazy to log back in to see how serious; I think she’s at 400 slayer and might need a rare or two). She still needs Claw of Vulkoor, but she’s gonna wait for guildies or other help – I tried to take her through it solo on normal and those little red scorpions hit her HARD. She might have made it anyway if she hadn’t decided to fight the optional skelly, who hit like about a hundred of the little red scorpions and was not at all impressed by her turn undeads or positive energy bursts. Should’ve gone into sneak mode, put the hireling on attack, and looted like crazy while I was still alive to loot – ah well, hindsight and all that.

She’s up to level 11 now, and I’d really REALLY like to get her to at LEAST 13 (14 would be better). Meanwhile I’ve been having a blast playing Azida late late LATE at night (after it cools down a bit and after I’ve checked in with my Thelanis buddies). OK, so arcane archers aren’t really supposed to run around with greataxes being all melee – she’s not half bad at it. She’s closing in on finishing Korthos; just needs Sacrifices and Redemption on elite, hasn’t done Misery’s Peak at all yet and needs about 250-ish more to finish out 750 slayer. She got some serious help tonight from a couple of her Destiny guildies – ran Sunken Sewer, then ventured into Cerulean Hills for the first time and pretty quickly got herself all the explorers, all but one rare, 200-plus slayer, and Where There’s Smoke on normal (nice doggies, good doggies, have some ham and don’t attack the orcs, doggies).

Where There’s Smoke gave both Azida and her paladin guildie/party buddy enough XP to level – YAY, they both got to lvl 4 and got mana for the first time! Then it was bedtime for the guildie; Azida tacked on a solo of Recovering the Lost Tome to round out her night before visiting the ranger trainer to do the leveling.

It’d be nice if there was a way to transfer stuff between your toons on different servers. Azida still has only about 1K plat and hasn’t looted anything of note yet. If Even could send Azida, say, 5K, she could get all tricked out with cool ranger gear (and better armor – her +2 chain shirt ain’t so great).

Speaking of Even, she’s as usual sitting around not doing much, but the other night I was going through her mail when one of her fellow Montians posted in guild chat looking for a rogue to do Xorian. It took a few minutes to finish cleaning out Even’s mailbox – all my other Thelanis toons send their collectibles and essences to her – and I thought maybe it would be fun to run Xorian with Vic. Luck was on my side; the party leader didn’t have a rogue yet and was more than happy to wait for me to log Even off and get Vic on.

There were several deaths – including a couple of mine, stupid chaos orbs – but wow, we had a great time! SUPER group, lots of chatting, a real effort to make sure nobody got left behind. The party leader was stupendously good, and I hope I get to run with him again. I felt bad for our cleric; she was only lvl 7, and that’s a really tough quest to run level-appropriate with one healer. She still did a nice job; most of the deaths were one-shots from the orbs and there was nothing she could do, but the real reason I felt bad for her was that one of the orbs hit her with something and she lost two wisdom points, so we missed out on a rune because the rest of us – well, I guess we just weren’t wise. Still, the XP was great and the loot was pretty fine as well (I think one guy got a strength tome).

I’d love to know how people find time to play gazillions of toons. I’m having trouble keeping up with my nine; I haven’t been on Sarlona or Orien at all in probably a week. Not to mention it’s been almost a week since I blogged here! Which leads me to my last thought for tonight, which is now “this morning.” I was thinking of posting some DDO fan fiction from time to time. The very term “fan fiction” used to make me cringe; it seemed like nothing but soppy stories about tragically orphaned but incredibly beautiful/brilliant/powerful/etc. girls who singlehandedly saved innocent children from grisly fates whilst simultaneously beating the living crap out of giant fire-breathing monsters and fending off advances from lecherous trolls.

Unfortunately that’s a pretty accurate description of a lot of fan fiction, but that doesn’t mean it ALL has to be like that. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a story about the first time I soloed the Pit on Even and wondering if I should expand on it and post it here.

Mostly now though I need to think about getting some sleep, perchance to dream about winning another lesser heart of wood. *grin*


7 thoughts on “Movin’ on up

  1. Mizzaroo

    Last night was lotsa fun =] Hopefully I can find some time in the future to hop on in the evening again so we can kill stuff together =D Hurray leveling up!


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yes, you should totally write and post it! And it’s too bad there aren’t weapons of Greater Lecherous Troll Bane… a +5 Saltpeter Dagger of GLTB, perhaps.


  3. ComicRelief

    BTW – I was also thinking it would be cool to be able to mail between servers. I’m betting it is *technically* possible, but I doubt it will happen. Probably lots of complicated code – they’d also probably have to issue a disclaimer like “we can’t guarantee delivery”, in case it got lost in the Ether (it happens).


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    When I was switching servers, I decided to mail ALL my good stuff over. And it went through. ‘Cause I used a name on Thelanis (new server) that was the exact same as one I’d had and previously deleted on Khyber (old server). So, it registered as a valid name to mail to, I threw all my stuff at the mailbox, switched servers… and nothing. Empty mailbox.

    Roughly a month later, all my stuff popped into the first character’s mailbox as “Undeliverable”


  5. ComicRelief

    @LrdSlverhnd: I’m sure they would have to implement some type of “server prefix/suffix” to be able to mail between servers (like: Khyber.Comic or Comic@Cannith when mail from, say, Argonnessen). Probably no incentive for them to do so, either. Then again, maybe if they charged a phenominal, er, I mean, nomial fee like 1 TP per message for inter-server in-game mailing only, they’d have more incentive to implement it. Oh crap! What was I thinking, giving them an idea like that?


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