Pondering reincarnation

I keep looking at the two lesser hearts of wood sitting in Even’s bank and thinking that maybe it’s a pretty good idea to use at least one of them on her after all.

See, in the past few months Even has jumped ahead of her favorite partner in crime by a few levels because he works a hellish schedule in real life whereas I can trot Even out and go questing pretty darn near whenever I want to. She’s just barely shy of level 19; he’s at the third rank on level 15. If they quest together, she’s going to kill his XP, which is not going to help him get caught up.

So besides the obvious benefits of lesser reincarnation, it occurred to me, based on what I’ve read and been told, that if she uses that lesser heart of wood, she could level herself back up to 15 or 16 and choose to stay there for a while even though she’d have enough XP to keep going.

I could really use some good advice from someone who’s gone through the process at least once. What I’m assuming is that after she would lesser reincarnate, she’d go to a trainer and level herself up one level at a time (along with spending her four action points per level). So once she got to, say, level 16, she could walk away from the trainer and be a level 16 pally until such a time when she’d choose to go talk to the trainer again and level up. Is this how it works, or am I missing something?

Another thing I’m confused about – I’ve heard that when you lesser reincarnate, you lose any ranks you have at your current (pre-reincarnation) level, so you should do it as soon as possible after leveling, before you’ve earned any ranks. Does this mean you lose the action points for those ranks, or you don’t get any of the XP you earned after your last level – i.e., suppose, just using round numbers, you were a level 10 with two ranks and 110,000 XP, and the XP required to get to level 10 was 100,000. If you did the LR and leveled back up to 10, would you then have 100,000 XP and no ranks?

Obviously I’m in serious need of a lesser reincarnation guru. That stuff is just for starters – once I get that squared away, I have to figure out which feats and enhancements to take and all that good stuff. I have kindasorta an idea of how I want her to end up, but no clue at all on how to get her there.

Azida the dwarf arcane archer finally made it online at the same time as one of her new guildmates, so for the first time she had non-hireling company to run some quests. It was great timing because it got her to 50 favor (YAY for Turbine points!) and levelled up to 3 – WOW, she seemed to get there fast. It doesn’t seem like I’ve played her nearly as much as I’ve played Ironica, and she’s only at 3 as well. Granted, Ironica has two ranks and about 14,000 XP more.

Also still trying to find out what those freaking humongous clubs are so I know what to get Liai, the halfling barbarian.

I have another new toon, a “serious” one this time. I did some searching around and found a build for a rogue/pally/fighter, so I’m giving that a try on Orien. I can’t quite duplicate the build because it’s a 32-pointer and I only have that unlocked on Thelanis so far, but I got as close as I could and I’ll fudge the rest as best as I can.

Tonight was mostly catching up on stuff after being without Internet for a day and a half because my provider FLAT OUT SUCKS. (I won’t mention names, but both their reliability and customer service are Comcraptastic.) I did some favor/XP runs with Jall, took her through Bloody Crypt on normal and she rocked it. Wish I didn’t have to repeat the whole arc to do it again on hard and elite. Then I ran the first two Phiarlan Carnival quests with her. It’s not a bad pack, I just have a hard time getting into it sometimes, and tonight was one of those or I’d have gone through the whole cycle.

I tried to find something to do with Even but everybody in Monty’s around her level seemed to be running P2P stuff, and her other friends were either already running stuff or not online. Bah. I really, REALLY need to upgrade.


6 thoughts on “Pondering reincarnation

  1. Samiusbot

    Let me try to help you out some. If you reincarnate you can’t stop at a certain level.

    Let me try to explain what happens when you use a greater/lesser heart of wood.

    You go to the character creation screen, but you can only make a handful of changes. Race and sex can’t be changed. But depending on the + value of the heart you used you can change a few levels.

    You can change feats, skills, and appearance. Then you arrive at an airship. Where there is a lady to talk to and you tell your story, ie relevel up. If you have ever made a skip to level 4 character you will have an idea of what to expect.

    But I believe you have to finish what you started. You can’t “level” back down to level 12 from level 20 and relevel up via getting xp. That is what a True Reincarnation is for.

    As for loosing Xp when you reincarnate, I think you loose any xp you have banked past what you need to level up. As your 19 that really is not a factor.


  2. stucklogan

    As far as the Reincarnation goes, Im pretty sure that you cannot walk away and have levels banked. Dont quote me on that but I did use a +3 Greater Heart of Wood. And here is how it went. Talk to dude in house J. He destroys your body… You remake yourself. Then log back in. You will find yourself on an airship(just like if you have veteran status) Then you just proceed through the levels, pretty sure that you cant leave the ship until you have completed the level ups. You just get to make different feat choices and the like when you level. Then once you are all done you are zapped back to the spire to continue to punish kobolds with a better(hopefully) you.

    Either way if you have a couple of hearts just sitting there, then why not give it a try. If you cant walk away at lvl 15 then you should be able to make better choices and make the character better performing at the level you were at prior.

    Good luck!


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    I haven’t actually done it, so I can’t speak from experience as to the process, but I’d be VERY surprised if you could stop midway through. I know you can’t with making a Veteran character.

    And again, no experience but the way I’ve read it, you lose all the XP beyond the minimum needed to get to your current level. It would put you at 100K and you’d lose that extra 10K XP.

    And I’m not surprised that it seems faster leveling up with somebody else than with a hireling, since you can get through stuff faster *g*

    Dunno specifically which one it is you’re looking for, but you might want to look up greatclubs on DDO Wiki; most of the named ones should have pictures, if it wasn’t just a random greatclub. I gotta say, I really want to see a halfling with a greatclub… almost as much as I want to see a halfling with paired Dwarven Axes (the number of “Halfling required” DAxes I’ve seen in my travels, you wouldn’t believe…)


  4. ComicRelief

    BTW – don’t need to upgrade to P2P, just need to buy the quest packs. One-time fee (per pack) as opposed to monthly. Of course, there are other benefits to P2P, like 500 TP/month. So you have choices (or at least “choice”). 😉


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