‘Cause it really is just a game

Imma gonna try to keep this short since it’s 4 am here, just had a really great couple of days on DDO. Met some cool people on Sarlona and got Ironica into a small guild with only about a dozen or so members, but they’re all active and all (as of last night, anyway) level 6 or under – GREAT guild for new toons. Ran a few quests with one of her new guildmates and got her well into level 3 and past the 100-favor mark (a bit more on that later).

Also joined up with someone else the night before that and did some questing along with some AWESOME conversation. He/she (not sure which; wasn’t using voice) is in an even tinier guild than the one Ironica ended up joining – just three people, all friends. If that person had been on the next night I probably would have joined that guild – nice to have two good choices. Maybe I’ll see if Vicriia can join the tiny one.

So, I was trying to get enough DDO points to buy the Devil Assault adventure pack while the sale was still on. I was kindasorta close and remembered that an account’s first toon to get to 100 favor on each server got a bonus 100 DDO points – or so I thought. Somewhere along the line it changed. Ironica got to 100 favor and got 25 points, no bonus.

But I also have a new toon on Cannith. It’s a long story, just some MyDDO friends who got together so we have a place to hang out in game since our main toons are scattered around various servers. Because it’s a just-for-fun thing, and because I like to try something new, I decided to go for a race and a class I hadn’t played before… ended up with a dwarf arcane archer. And WOW, is she squishy! Barely to level 2 and already died on Korthos a few times, but I like her.

So I was playing her and trying to loot her some decent equipment (that ember stuff can’t do everything) while in the back of my mind bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t afford Devil Assault, so I ended up with Necro I (the ONLY pack I had enough points for). I get through the second quest and think, “Hmmm, that’s odd, why the heck does she have mail?” None of my new guildmates were online and I don’t know anyone else on Cannith, but I trotted her cute little stumpy butt over to Stormreach to check the mailbox anyway. Turns out you now get 25 DDO points for your first toon to get to 5 favor on a server.

Hey, I like that. It was too late to take advantage of the sale on adventure packs and didn’t do Ironica any good, seeing as how she was past 5 favor when the change happened, but points is points.

By this time she had accumulated enough plat to get a hireling without breaking the bank, which gave her survivability a huge boost. So I decided I’d run a few more quests with her, get her to level 2. I’d been at it for a while when I noticed she had mail again. This time it was for getting to 25 favor, and the reward was 50 points. OK, my memory sucks, it might have been 50 points for 5 favor and 25 points for 25 favor, but the end result is that I had 75 more DDO points than when I signed her on. If I’d known last night what I’d known now, I’d have rolled a new toon on each server and done some serious favor farming.

Ah well, hindsight’s 20/20. And so far I’m liking the Necro I pack (which might change once I solo it a zillion times to earn favor). Jall did the first four quests in the Bloody Crypt arc on elite with a couple of good friends and Emerald Dragons guild mates. It was the first time she really got to seriously try out her new Radiant Servant status, which looks so cool it would be worthwhile even if it didn’t actually do anything. I’m LOVING that it makes her turn undeads regenerate. Kinda makes up for her having only six of them.

Later I got to thinking about farming some more favor – thanks to Azida (my new dwarf ranger) I’m thinking that with a toon on each of the servers I’m not already on, I can probably quickly get enough for Devil Assault, maybe another one or a more pricey one. And I was feeling kind of “what the hell” and wanting to roll up a toon that would be good for soloing, but still something a little on the unusual side.

Well, you know how people joke about making halfling barbs? Guess who now has a halfling barb? She’s got that quintessential ember greataxe that’s darn near bigger than she is. I’ve been seeing a couple of players lately with these HUGE clubs. Seriously, I don’t know what they are but they’re damn near as big as Even. I MUST get the halfling one of those.

And speaking of Even, I think the gods of Xen’drik may be trying to send me a message that she SHOULD do a lesser reincarnate. About a week ago she won a lesser heart of wood in the MyDDO lottery and I was debating what to do with it since it’s bound to account. Right now it’s sitting in my bank; I’ve kind of been thinking I’ll use it to give Jall a cosmetic makeover once I get a shared bank account, because Jall has these weird eyebrows and is sort of scary-looking. Well, I was going through Even’s mail last night, mostly detaching the essences and collectibles I send to her from my other toons, and there in her mailbox is ANOTHER lesser heart of wood – she won a second one from the MyDDO lottery.

Looking at her stats, there ARE a lot of areas she could improve on, so maybe I’ll go ahead and use one (after writing it all down so I can use the second one to change her back if I don’t like the result). Except… she’ll lose her lovely acid green hair dye and go back to being kind of a green-tinged blonde. I REALLY like that hair dye but I don’t think I’d buy it again; I’d rather put the points into adventure packs.

Yeah. So much for my “short” update. LOL


7 thoughts on “‘Cause it really is just a game

  1. Mizzaroo

    As far as I can tell you get 25 points at 5, 25, 50 and 100 Favor(for first characters on a server of course). Since Ive only been playing a month or two I wouldnt know about a bonus 100 at 100 Favor since Ive only ever gotten the 25.
    ITs to bad our play times are so opposite. Im sure youd be a blast to play with =]


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    You get 25 at 100 for EVERY character. I don’t believe you get any bonus there. And I believe it’s 50 at 5, 25 at 25, and 25 at 50 for your first character.


  3. Evennote

    Hmmm, that’s odd. I’m SURE Ironica didn’t get anything at 5, 25, or 50, and she was my first toon on Sarlona. The only other toon I’ve ever had there is Vicriia the squishy wizzy, and until a night or two ago she only had one real quest under her belt.


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