Alive and buried

I broke down last night and bought the Catacombs adventure pack for a couple of reasons:

  1. Even needed just ONE more favor point to get to 75 with the Silver Flame.
  2. Although she won’t get XP, all my other toons will.
  3. Boy, is it fun to go in there on a toon with a decent turn undead skill.

I’m getting a lot better but still feeling really under the weather, and it took me three tries to get Victaurya through the whole thing – not because she had any trouble with it, but because I felt yucky and could only do a quest or two at a time before I needed a nap. The only part Vic struggled with at all was the very last part where Archbishop Dryden turns on you. Vic is not great against undead, what with being a squishy chaotic rogue who can’t wield a pure good weapon, and I made the mistake of getting overconfident and not sending her cleric hireling in there with her. When her HP started falling alarmingly fast, I got her back down the stairs so she could summon the hireling to save the day. Every so often, they actually DO come through.

Even hooked up with a few of her favorite people later to run Spawn of Whisperdoom. She even got XP for it despite entering late. When we were done it was time for my friends to go to bed, but by then the TheraFlu was kicking in and I decided to take her into Catacombs sans hireling – after all, Even, unlike Vic, can turn undead, plus NO level 18 should need a hireling for level 4 quests.

A paladin’s turn undead ability isn’t nearly as powerful as a cleric’s, assuming they’re roughly the same level. When Even runs level-appropriate quests and tries to turn, she mostly ends up stunning the undead. Turn her loose on a bunch of level 4 skellies and ghouls, though, and she can really fly. It was really fun in Catacombs to run around smashing sarcophagi until she had a huge horde of undead chasing her, then turning them and watching them all vaporize.

Yannick Drumdoom is going to LOVE Even. Both she and Vic picked up a ton of collectibles (yes, Turbine, not collectAbles) that seemed to be mostly funerary tokens.

I’m looking forward to taking Jall in there. Thanks to one of the friends I did Whisperdoom with tonight, who zerged her through Shan-To-Kor and Archer Point Defense to get her the one more action point she needed, she’s now a Radiant Servant. She was already pretty good at turning undead – probably better than Even, even without making adjustments for the difference in their levels – and I’d like to see what she does in Catacombs. I just wish she had more turns; she’s only got five to seven depending on what she has equipped, whereas Even has 13-15.

I’m hoping to get those favorite people of mine together soon – well, first we need to get my very favorite one levelled up to 16 so he can get into the Inspired Quarter – to do In the Demon’s Den, possibly on hard and/or elite. We may well go down in virtual flames, but if I’m going to fail a quest, those are the people I want to fail it with.

Just one last random thought for tonight – what is it lately with the constant spamming of the trade channel? Every five minutes IS SPAM. It’s not marketing. If you were that good at marketing, you wouldn’t need to spam the trade channel EVERY FIVE MINUTES. The same guy was spamming essences for sale when I first logged Vic on this afternoon. I logged on and off a few times over the space of about four hours due to nap breaks, and at the end he was STILL doing it. Go list them on the AH for horribly inflated prices like everybody else – so what if they don’t sell? They’re not selling in the trade channel either, and the AH is a hell of a lot less annoying.


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