Inane insomnia idioms

Should sleep, can’t sleep, will blog because my mind can’t focus nearly well enough to try questing.

Just some random thoughts; I have a pretty important – to me, anyway – post planned for tomorrow.

A very kind soul sent Victaurya a pretty fur-trimmed outfit that has an intelligence clicky so she can dump her Fox’s Cunning potions. This is probably my favorite part of DDO, the generosity and helpfulness of the people I come across. Generally I don’t name names because I don’t know if they want to be identified – you never know who might see this and think, “Hmmm, they gave her stuff, Imma gonna beg them for some stuff too.” But it is much appreciated, and DANG the outfit looks good, too! I’ve seen them before on wizards and always kind of wanted one but didn’t know what they were called to search them on the AH. GREAT for a rogue as well, being super lightweight.

First I thought my allergies were acting up, then I thought I had a bad cold; now it’s pretty clear that what I’ve had is the flu. It’s been more than a week and while it’s getting better, I’ve still got chills and fever, sore throat, aches, stuffy nose and an obnoxious-sounding cough. Bah. No wonder I can’t sleep. I’m thinking it’s going to be a Nyquil night.

But I did really feel like questing earlier and couldn’t find anything I really wanted to solo on Vic or Jall (or Even, but until I upgrade she’s kind of stuck for new stuff anyway), so I dug out poor underused Discordette and pondered a bit. Ended up taking her to House D and running the “Depths Of” series on hard with Storm, the acceleration-challenged Favored Soul hireling.

“Acceleration-challenged” is a polite way of saying “slow.” The first three quests went really well, with no worries at all until the end fight in quest No. 3. Her HP got down pretty far once or twice but Storm FINALLY woke from his stupor and healed her in time. I tried putting him in both modes – attack and defend – and neither seemed to help; he pretty much just stood there as if he were a spectator. He even let his own HP take a real beating before he remembered to heal himself.

So I was kind of nervous going into the final quest of the series. There were some really close calls in that one, and a few times I really thought she wasn’t going to make it. She hung in there and got to the end, though. Rather than tempt fate and try to take on Hammersmith the Mighty and his fellow ogres all at once, she got out her trusty bow and took out the two ogres down the left passage, healed up, did that again for the right passage, and then pulled Hammersmith back to the shrine just in case. Turned out to be unnecessary, because he went down pretty easily after all that. She ranked up after the first quest in the arc and is within spitting distance of another rank after getting through the whole thing.

Jall caught some of Even’s luck with the MyDDO Lottery – she won a level 9 Gold Seal cleric hireling. She’s already got two other Gold Seals in the bank from a while ago; they’re level 7 or 8, I think, can’t remember why I got them for her. Someday when I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m not in a fever-induced brain fog, I’m going to take Jall and all her Gold Seals to Red Fens and run that for a while. The way that area is set up, she can keep running the quests there while working on S/R/E in between and not lose her hirelings, so might as well get the maximum use out of them.

I’m debating whether I want to try soloing the Pit on casual with Victaurya. Jall’s done it twice now, and Vic’s not THAT much squishier than she is. Trouble is, Vic’s DPS isn’t that great; Jall went in with a fighter hireling so she could mostly sit back and heal. Vic would be going in with a cleric, most likely, or maybe a FvS.

I’ve still been thinking about whether or not to upgrade, and I’ve just about made up my mind to go ahead and go premium for three months and see how I feel at the end of that. That should be plenty of time to get Even caught up on all the favor quests and then get her to level 20 to start doing epics; probably enough time, if I want, to get some green steel and other stuff crafted and start thinking seriously about when and how to do her true reincarnate.

She ran In the Demon’s Den with a SUPER pick-up group last night. I was the only one who knew it fairly well – the rest of the group had done it once or twice, or not at all – and everybody was great about coming up with ideas and sticking together and listening. No deaths, not even a close call – pretty darn good for a group that overall wasn’t that familiar with the quest. Granted, we were on casual, but I’d love to get that same group together and give it a run on normal. MAYBE even hard if I’m feeling especially masochistic. Elite… *shudder* Someday.

Just looked at my space used here and was thinking that 10 megs isn’t a lot if I’m going to add stuff to my gallery. Maybe I should get a Flickr for my DDO screenshots.


3 thoughts on “Inane insomnia idioms

  1. ComicRelief

    I think that once you’re “premium”, you’re “premium”; it’s not like a month-to-month thing like VIP, just a “second tier” (if you will) of F2P. I went “premium” right away (I bought the 32-point build pack).

    Feel better soon (note that was NOT a request). šŸ˜‰


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    I suspect she meant “VIP,” not Premium – which is everything that isn’t F2P or VIP. An F2P who bought TP = Premium. A former VIP who let the subscription lapse = Premium.

    Glad you like the outfit! It’s just been sitting in my bank character taking up space ever since I made a level 8 Spyglass from the Crystal Cove event – tier 3 includes a permanent +4 INT boost. I really only kept the outfit around as a “just in case” thing if I should ever get another character slot and thus a new character. Hope you can get more use out of it than I was!

    You might also want to look into getting some resist elements clickies – if you haunt the AH and the brokers, you should be able to find some with 3 or even 5 charges at a decent price. That kind of thing is fairly common on clothing and jewelry, which would all have a negligible weight.


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