To VIP or not to VIP

I’ve been waiting on my new credit card to get here – well, it has to be two months or more now. Not sure what happened to the first one; when it didn’t get here in a timely fashion, I cancelled it and requested a new one. I’ve been through a whole bunch of red tape to confirm that I’m really me and not trying to steal my own identity, and STILL the second one hasn’t arrived. Checked into it AGAIN today and was told that my account is being “verified.” Not sure what this means as it’s approved and all that good stuff. I assume they’re erring on the side of caution because of rampant identity theft, but in the meantime I can’t upgrade my account easily – sure wish Turbine would take PayPal for account upgrades.

So I’ve been thinking. All along I was debating if I was going to stay premium (well, once I GET premium) after the first three months or go back to P2P. If I were to upgrade and then go back to F2P, I’d lose the premium stuff I hadn’t already purchased.

But if I buy stuff with points, I’ll have it no matter what – adventure packs, shared bank accounts, etc. Buying a pack or two at a time, what with having six toons, will help me keep earning favor to get more points to buy more packs. It seems like it wouldn’t be difficult or take THAT long for this approach to save me some real-life money in the long run.

I was wondering what other people thought about it, especially anyone who is or has been P2P. If that’s you, why did you upgrade originally? Why did you decide to stay premium or go back to F2P?


4 thoughts on “To VIP or not to VIP

  1. Vikkus

    I started off F2P, then bought some points which made me Premium. In April I went VIP since you can pay $9.99 a month now if you buy 3 months worth. That was a good deal. Less than $30 for 3 months of gameplay seems good to me.


  2. blametroi

    I started F2P but with the intention of going P2P quickly if I liked the game. I did and so I am P2P. It’s just easier not to worry about do I have this or that. It works for me, but $10 per month isn’t a problem for me.


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    What I did, which was nice, was to go VIP for a few months (and that $9.99/Mo for 3 months is a good deal, if they still have it), simply to check out various packs and such. That made me realize that I really wanted Sharn, STK was nice and atmospheric, Tangleroot was too repetitive, Three-Barrel Cove was great fun, buy Monk when it goes on sale but I could live without WF and FvS, etc.

    Basically, you get three months to figure out what you want to buy AND get 500TP/mo… which will nicely pay for the account bank you’ll want to get after getting addicted to it *g* (I still maintain THAT’S the best TP I’ve ever spent, even paying full price rather than 50% for almost everything else…)

    The only problem with that is, if they do Festivus in July again, you’ll miss all those nice deals. Hmm, I wonder if you cancel your VIP membership, but you’re still in the active period (since you lose VIP at the end of the billing period), if that lets you then purchase stuff… prolly not. But it’ll just be a few more months until December…

    Bottom line, I’d grab that 3-month VIP membership and then cancel at the end of it.


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