A rogue by any other name

Vic has gotten herself levelled up to 9, so now she can have a cleric hireling who can rez her if she dies. She’s had a bit of reworking as well thanks to one of her Dragons guildmates who knows a LOT more about building a rogue than I do, and some of the points I spent on dumb stuff early in her development – before I found out that it’s mostly pointless for a rogue to have a good Heal skill – have been put into her disabling, search, etc.

Among her new enhancements is repeating light crossbow proficiency. I found two I liked on the AH and asked in the advice channel which would be better for her, but the very few people who responded seemed to think that repeaters aren’t great weapons. I told them I’d like to put a little more effort into ranged fighting since Vic is kinda squishy, and their advice was… “Don’t be squishy.”

Well, easier said than done. If I tried to “desquishify” her, I’d have to take points away from other stuff she needs to be a top-notch trapmonkey. For now I’ve settled for getting her a couple of light fortification items (have you SEEN the AH prices for stuff with moderate fort?!) and a few things with Health on them for the nine extra HP they give her.

I tried to solo Redwillow’s on hard with her last night and she was kicking butt for a while. Too bad I suck at navigating wilderness-type areas and blundered around lost a bit, ended up managing to pull about eight trolls, including a boss, to her and then stirred up a nest of scorpions to boot. Before that, she’d been mowing down bugbears like a gossip columnist’s pen through Paris Hilton’s reputation and had done very nicely dispatching a few smaller groups of trolls as well.

I just need to see if I can get her strength up a point or two. I realized just last night that her load goes to “medium” if it’s more than about 180 pounds, and it usually hovers around 200. That explains why she seems to run slowly for a li’l elf in light armor. I put most of her extra points into intelligence and dexterity when I rolled her, so her strength is only 11.

I was trying to figure out what she had to be carrying all that weight since she has a very small weapons collection and wears light armor. Then I realized her ingredients bag had almost 20 pounds worth of trap parts, and she’s toting around a fair amount of poundage in potions – resist acid/cold/electricity/fire/sonic, protection from all five of those as well, cure pots, fox’s cunning (for a little extra help on tough traps)… I bought them for her in stacks of 50-100 and there are probably 15-20 different ones. You don’t realize how much weight that adds up to until your speedy little rogue is huffing and puffing and falling behind big clumsy Warforged.

I pared her gear down a bit, mailed some of her extra potions to Discordette (who needs all the help she can get and then some), and equipped her Ogre Power +2 Belt of Light Fortification, which serves the dual purpose of making her a little less squishy and enabling her to carry more weight. Unfortunately it means giving up her Proof Against Poison since that’s also a belt; looks like Even will have to go shopping for her again.

Still haven’t decided to do with the Lesser Heart of Wood. I may use it to give Vic a bit more strength or make Discordette a little better suited for soloing… or I might be totally vain and use it on Jalliria so I can change her appearance because I don’t think she’s pretty! Poor Jall…


2 thoughts on “A rogue by any other name

  1. blametroi

    The game favors strength. I converted my assassin to strength based and she plays better. I don’t like the feel though. If you can find a +1 strength tome and you haven’t read one already, get it. 12 base seems low for this game.

    Always have a strength stat item, and start looking for divine power clickies.


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