Born-again paladin?

I’ve been mostly looking forward to the day that Even gets to TR, even though I’ll miss her paladin self.

I’ve made a lot of what many people would consider mistakes as I built her, and sometimes I’ve wondered if I should have re-rolled her. For the most part, though, I like having kind of a unique pally build (OK, so it’s unique because of the things I’ve screwed up) and finding ways to compensate for the things I might have done better.

But now it’s dilemma time. I was headed to the Pit for a Muck’s Doom run earlier tonight (alas, no luck there) when I noticed the mail envelope was on, so I swung by the mailbox in House D first.

Surprise! Even won a lesser reincarnation from the DDO lottery. Now… use it or not?

I’d have to buy her acid green hair dye again, but that’s not a huge deal. I’m not sure how some of the other stuff works. Apparently she can keep her current level and I can just change out some of her feats and stuff. I’m not sure about other stuff, like her +2 Tome of Supreme Ability (and I either have a really bad cold or fairly mild flu, feel like hell, and am not in the mood to look this stuff up).

Even if I could improve her, I’m not sure I want to. Every one of her flaws has been a learning experience for me. I’m hoping to stick with her long enough to TR her through every class, then bring her back as a pally again once she’s done everything else.

I try to remember to enter all of the lotteries, but it’s kind of a reflex thing. I don’t always look at what I’m entering. On the plus side, the lesser heart of wood Even won is bound to account, not to character, so once I get a shared bank account I could use it on any of my other toons. I’m thinking my bard might be a good candidate, maybe make her a little more suited for solo play.

I actually managed to get in some playing time on all four of my Thelanis toons in the past 24 hours. I really wanted to play over on Sarlona as well, but all my friends are on Thelanis. Neither of my Sarlona toons is even in a guild yet… I’m thinking of starting a guild over there, but that’s a subject for another post.

Meanwhile I’m still working on figuring out all this crafting stuff. I’ve been deconstructing and making shards but still haven’t taken a deconstructed item and made it into something new. Even finished the Delera’s chain tonight with one of the group from last night (none of the rest of them could make it, but hopefully we’ll all get a chance to group up again soon), and we talked a bit about the whole crafting process. He mentioned that he doesn’t like having more stuff to carry around (Parfett’s, Lorinda’s, etc.) and says it would be better if we could either just pay a small fee in plat to craft stuff, or buy the reagents right at the machines instead of having to go to a separate room. I like that idea. It’s a pain dragging essences and reagents from bags to inventory while I figure out what to do with them.

It seems to both of us, and to quite a few other people I’ve talked to, that your crafting level should be at least partly based on your character level. Discordette, at level 6, could possibly manage to craft something she could use, but it will be a long time before level 18 Even will be able to make anything that will be useful to her. After looking through the recipe books, I don’t see Even EVER being able to craft things that would replace what she’s already using. I just don’t see how putting one prefix attribute and one suffix attribute on, say, a greatsword could possibly make something she’d pick over her Vampiric Fury Blade.

And have you looked at the auction house prices for essences? Not that the AH has EVER been known for reasonable prices (I paid around 60K for Even’s Globe of Imperial Blood; there’s one on there now with a starting price of 900K), but I haven’t even been seriously collecting essences so far, and if I sold off the ones I have at AH prices, I’d be at least several hundred thousand plat richer.

So I think I’ll mess around with the new crafting system for fun, but not much more… at least until someone finds a way to make Striding Feather Falling Boots of Haste and Jump.


5 thoughts on “Born-again paladin?

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    AFAIK (bear in mind, this comes from reading, not from doing), you keep tomes when lesser reincarnating, but not TRUE reincarnating (which sucks, IMHO. Oh well, I probably won’t be in any kind of position to TR for months or even years…) You also keep your favor and XP (although I believe XP is set to the minimum for your current level – if you’re L12 with 2 ranks, you’ll be L12 with 0 ranks. If you have enough XP for L13, but have been holding off on leveling up for whatever reason… you’ll be L12.) This might help.

    But for what it’s worth… if you enjoy Even as-is, keep ‘er!


  2. bvermeul

    Right. This is from memory, I’ve done a couple of lesser reincarnations.

    1. You keep your tomes, and they kick in at the appropriate levels. That means when you have eaten a +2 tome, you will get +1 @ lvl 3, and +2 @ lvl 7. This can be beneficial for some things.
    2. You keep your current XP from levels you have taken. If you have kept off leveling, you will probably lose the XP you would have banked. So just level and then reincarnate.

    Congratulations on the lottery win πŸ™‚


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