With a little help from my friends

I haven’t been online as much this past week – darn real life anyway. When I HAVE been able to get on, I’ve been spending the time in game and not so much here, so I haven’t been keeping up with various blogs as much as I’d like.

Had a GREAT night tonight, though. Got a pass for Delera’s and ran Even through nearly the whole chain on elite with some of my very best DDO friends, including my most favoritest person who I haven’t had a chance to quest with recently. Some of our party had to go before we did the last quest and I still had about 15 minutes left on my pass, so I logged Even out to make sure she has time to get back in tomorrow. Wish I’d remembered to check her mail real quick first because I saw the little envelope come up, and I know it’s not a favor reward (checked that) or an auction expiring/selling, since for once in her virtual life she doesn’t have anything listed on the AH. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Before that I ran Vic through a couple of mostly-favor quests and got her to 500 total favor and 25 more DDO points. Then after Delera’s, I dragged poor Jalliria out of the mothballs and ran Haunted Library with another good friend. It was kind of cool to be able to turn undead and have everything just vanish. Even’s turns aren’t nearly that effective, even with Seek Eternal Rest cast on her.

A few nights ago I got to run Stormcleave twice, once with a friend on Even just because I couldn’t remember much about the quest at all, and in a PUG with Victaurya. I had a great time in both runs even though they brought to mind the first time I ever ran that quest, which was NOT a good experience and is probably the reason I stayed away from doing it again for so long.

That first time I was with the same group I did Delera’s with tonight plus one other guy who at the time was in the same guild. If he hadn’t been there, I think the rest of us would have had a ball (we pretty much always do, even if we wipe). But this guy… I’m all for respecting other cultures, but he was from another country and had some very definite ideas about women. There were two women in the group (real-life women; I think one or two of the guys had female toons), myself and D, mother of one of the other party members. Since the three non-idiot guys were my then-boyfriend along with the husband and son of the other woman, you’d think Mr. Male Chauvinist would at least have kept his thoughts to himself.

But no. He bitched and moaned at D and me throughout the quest. No matter what we did, it was apparently the wrong thing. We were all on voice and by the time we got to the last room, this guy was just SCREAMING at us. D sent him a very polite mail the next day explaining that his behavior wasn’t appreciated and basically gave him a chance to apologize; as I recall, he chewed her out in his reply and that was the end of his days in our guild, thank heaven.

Remembering that guy now actually made my recent Stormcleave runs more fun, because I could really appreciate having great party members. And it also made it even more special to be able to group up with my old bunch tonight and enjoy their company.

Now I need to get some time to dust off Discordette and take her for a spin, and to head over to Sarlona so I can play my poor neglected toons there.


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