Perdition, indeed

OK, we’re all over my whole small/medium ingredient bag snafu, right? RIGHT?! (LOL)

My very generous friends and former Emerald Dragons guild mates treated me to a couple of guest passes tonight so we could run some Necropolis quests. I dragged poor Even out – she’s probably been feeling neglected sitting so much while I play Victaurya – and let her try out her +49 Intimidate on some interesting new creatures. The new intim animation is cute; kind of looks like she’s going, “Neener neener NEENER!” at the mobs.

We had a great time tearing around getting the explorers and rares while racking up slayers. By the end of the night, I had all the explorers, more than half the rares and had passed the 400 slayer mark. We also had a lot of fun doing Flesh Maker’s Laboratory.

But you might have noticed that the first word in the post title is “perdition,” as in “Ghosts of Perdition.” Per

Noun: (in Christian theology) A state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.

Forget my struggles at various levels with Haverdasher, Proof Is In the Poison, the Pit and even In the Demon’s Den. Whoever named Ghosts of Perdition knew what they were talking about. It’s rated as level 14, so our confident group – a level 17 wizzy, level 17 cleric, level 16 pally/cleric, and Even’s level 18 pally – trotted in on elite.

The first part of the quest – no sweat. We dispatched the two brothers with ease. The undead weren’t a big problem, not with one full cleric, one part-cleric, and Even doing OK on turns since she started using Seek Eternal Rest. Reavers – bah! We laugh in the face of your ice and cold! Resist THIS, you big cold overgrown troglodytes!

Yeah, well, you know that old saying about pride going before a fall. A very, very, LONG fall. Way down into the depths of the Glacial Abyss. You know how far the fall is from the backup generator room of the Pit down to where my old buddy the Avatar of Juiblex lives? This was further, or seemed to be. But hey, that’s what feather fall is for, right?

We had confidence, we had resists, we had feather fall. What we didn’t have was a way to defeat Cholthulzz, the undead beholder who lives down in the icy depths. And he’s got minions, which didn’t help. Antimagic, so we couldn’t heal; Even’s Lay On Hands worked, but she’s only got four of those per rest. Deathblock didn’t help. Every time we’d manage to damage the damn thing a certain amount, the floor would give way and we’d fall even further down, finding him waiting at the bottom for us each time. At least the fall gave us a few seconds far enough from him to heal up and cast Restoration to get our negative levels back.

We wiped. We tried having one party member hold the dungeon while everyone else released and shrined, then all going in again. The only good thing about old Cholty is that he can’t heal himself, so we figured we could just keep plugging away and get him eventually.

But we kept dying, and he kept sitting there waving his stalks at us and grinning. I KNOW he was grinning. We wiped probably five or six times, maybe more, before we decided to give up on elite and start over on hard. The exact same thing happened. As far as any of us could tell, there was no real difference in difficulty from hard to elite, but that didn’t stop us from wiping several times on hard before we gave up on that as well. We ditched our two cleric hirelings for some DPS – the clerics couldn’t heal in that antimagic zone anyway – and we still got nowhere. We didn’t even damage Cholty any more on hard than we had on elite.

Finally we decided to give it a go on normal. This is where you think I’m going to tell you that at last we beat him and got some nice loot for all our trouble, right? Think again. Normal – EXACTLY the same as hard and elite. Then when we tried to have one person hold the dungeon open so the rest of us could release and heal up before trying again, we ran into a weird glitch where the floor wouldn’t collapse, leaving us trapped above Cholty – which in hindsight was probably a better alternative than getting back down to the bottom to face him again.

The weird thing, though, is that we had a ton of fun, at least I did. I’d rather wipe with great people than cruise through a quest with a less friendly bunch.

Later I finally bit the bullet and started looking into the new crafting process. I’ve deconstructed two weapons so far, or I think that’s the term for what I did with them – I don’t have them any more, but their better qualities have been converted into essences. I also had a moment of weakness and dropped way too much plat on a large – LARGE – ingredients bag from the AH for Vic, but at least now she’ll have lots of room for both her trap-making stuff and all the new essences and things.


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