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Why, DDO, why? Are you not making enough money from us already?

In case you hadn’t noticed, shops such as Empty Handed no longer carry medium ingredient bags. Now they only have small ones, but for about the same price as what I got a medium for just a few days ago.

This SUCKS, because with all these new essences of stuff, a small ingredients bag – besides now being the old price of the medium – isn’t going to cut it for a lot of players. I’m glad I had Even send Victaurya the plat to get the medium before Update 9 and the change; Vic needs the medium for all her trap parts, and now that the essences get stored in there too, she could really use a large.

It’s not hard to figure out why the medium bags were removed from the shops and replaced with small ones at the same price. People are going to NEED those mediums now, and aside from hoping to nab one from the AH or luck out and loot one, the only way to get them will be to fork over some real money to Turbine for enough points to get them from the DDO store. Boo.

Things got better for Vic tonight after the party that grabbed their bonus XP for her trap-disabling efforts and then left her high and dry. She spent a lot of time in House J, first with a PUG that was appreciative of her disabling skills (even when at one point we had THREE rogues in the group). After that she hooked up with one old friend and made some new ones in another group. She got to disable lots of traps AND everyone made sure she didn’t get left behind while she was searching and disarming. She levelled up to 8 and can finally use some of the cool stuff that’s been sitting in her inventory with an X on it… which reminds me, I need to put different armor on her, she’s got a really nice set that’s min lvl 8. She also hit 400 total favor, bringing me 25 DDO points closer to one of those ingredient bags.

Even came out to play after that. I was debating whether I was going to quest her or just check mail and the AH before going to bed. Ran into another friend who was looking for something to do and we ran the F2P Medusa Chain quests, although by the end we were tired and kind of silly… let’s just say there were whips and jump spells, along with proof of just how intimidating someone with green pigtails can be.


16 thoughts on “Tagged and bagged

  1. DocBenway

    Actually the free small one you get from the Twelve has been renamed from “Small” to “Tiny” but still holds 12 items. Similarly, the “Medium” bags were renamed “Small” but still hold 30 items.

    It is just a change in name, not in actual size or availability.


  2. Mizzaroo

    They got rid of the Medium bags? Thats lame.. I was gonna buy some soon for some of my other characters. Wheres Mr. Burns when you need to release the hounds on someone?

    At least the rest of the night was good for you though yeah?


  3. yawumpus

    As far as I can tell, “small” is the new “medium”, at least for ingredient bags. Imagine my panic when I noticed that I didn’t have any green medium bags, two small bags (one in the bank) and suddenly a tiny bag as well.

    It looks like a simple rename, with the ~7k plat bags all holding 30 unique stacks of items. I suppose that they now have so many items in the game they not only had to have a new level of bag for “huge”, they also added “giant” as well. I understand that you can’t fill a huge collectibles bag past 3/4 full, I wonder how many ingredients there are for these “giant” bags.

    It seems that turbine has ignored US corporate policy. All items are supposed to be named “big, bigger, biggest”, especially the soft drink industry (to be honest, these drinks are often far larger than you should be attempting to drink).

    Finally, imagine my shock when I couldn’t find the new crafting ingredients from Lamannia in the turbine store. While I was fearful of the prices (I was only willing to spend ~200tp to buy one set of greater and lesser for each discipline), I was flabbergasted that turbine declined this chance to rake in the dough by selling ingredients. There is hope that they can avoid pay-to-win after all.

    PS. Right now I bought a second medium bag for my main and it seems to be working fine. If you wish to grind favor for a bag, you might consider creating a mule account and snarfing up the 100 favor/server bonus. Both collectibles and vale ingredients (except energy cells) can be mailed for a silver, so it is easy to create and use a mule with a large bag (note that collectible mules with large bags may eventually want a medium bag.)


  4. TurbineCommunity

    The bags have just been renamed, because even larger bags have been added. So, the small bag is the same size as the old medium bag.


  5. Vikkus

    I saw someone mention the medium bags are now attainable from one of the Houses. I will have to look into it and see since those materials start to pile up fast.


  6. Bozone

    I don’t think they got rid of the mrdium bags, they just renamed them small – if you look, the number of slots are still 30, not 12 like all of the other small bags. Bad idea IMO to change the name so that smalls are all 12 except ingredient bags. It could confuse someone 😉


  7. Vikkus

    Sorry it wasn’t the Medium bag I was thinking of it was the Large that you can get from The Twelve once you earn 100 Favor with them.


  8. Marupal

    AFAIK this is just a rename. The (now)small ingredient bags hold the same amount as the (pre U9)medium bags. The original small freebie bag you get right after Korthos has been renamed to Tiny but still holds the 12 item limit.


  9. Marupal

    No prob. It caught me off guard too when I saw small ingredient bags in my shared bank in a “smalls are supposed to be BTC, how did this happen?” kind of way.


  10. LrdSlvrhnd

    So I hope you know it’s just a name change *ducks*

    I blinked a little myself when I went to the store Wednesday to get a bag… “Wait, small? I already HAVE one of those!” Then looked and it was tiny. They shoulda either named one of the new sizes “Scottish” (“Wee, not-so-wee, and freakin’ HUGE!”) or changed the names on the other types to match.

    Do they even *have* a Medium ingredients bag anymore? I’m pretty sure I saw a “Large” one in the AH with the same stats as the others…


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