Open mouth, insert foot

For once I’m glad to be wrong, which is a nice switch for me since I’m wrong a lot but rarely glad about it. Turns out – as so many of you pointed out to me *grin* – that the old medium ingredients bag has been renamed to the SMALL ingredients bag, and the new small/old medium bag still holds 30 items. My dwindling inventory space and I are much relieved.

Too bad they don’t make a bag that could help out poor Victaurya with the Chamber of Insanity. For some reason she has a heck of a time disabling the traps in that quest. It’s not that big a deal as you can just avoid them, but it’s weird that she has the problem in that quest on about three out of four of the traps. She tried to solo it on elite tonight and failed on both of the traps she got to, with BOTH of them blowing up in her face on her second attempts. And then I forgot that the chest in the room behind the secret door is also trapped, so I ignored the “Your keen senses detect danger” message and sent her charging in there… only to watch her squishy little self get instantly killed by the blade trap. That left poor Flower the pocket cleric to deal with the Shade of Agony on her own. I was hoping Flower would win out so she could carry Vic’s soul stone to the shrine, but the Shade got the best of her.

Flower is probably my favorite of all the hirelings I’ve used, but I’m a little miffed at her since Update 9… or maybe it’s just been so long since I had a level seven toon that I forgot her quirks. She can summon a spider to fight for her, which is cool since Vic’s DPS is pretty shoddy, but the problem is that Flower will abandon Vic and run off to heal the darn arachnid. Girl, I’m DYIN’ over here! So what if that thing loses a leg – it’s got seven more! Get your butt back here and HEAL ME, DAMMIT!

OK, vent over. I gave up on Chamber of Insanity for the night and joined a PUG to do Gwylan’s on elite. Mostly a very nice group and I’m hoping to run with some of them again. I got attacked by an elf warrior while I was trying to disable the poison traps in the west complex – in case you’ve never played a rogue, when you’re searching or disabling and something hits you, it stops you and tells you that you were interrupted, and you have to start over. On top of that, since the warrior was now attempting to julienne me, I had to stop and fight him while trying to heal myself because the cleric was on the other side of the room with the rest of the party bashing on trolls. One group member ran into the center during all this, set off the traps and got poisoned, then made a snarky remark about why the trap wasn’t disarmed. Before I could tell him what happened, the party leader spoke right up and said that Vic was doing a great job and that the rogue he’d been with the last time he’d done the quest hadn’t been able to disarm ANY of the traps. I felt proud of Vic – there were a few that took her two tries, but she got them all.

She did miscalculate on the very end optional chest, the one with LOTS of traps guarding it; I goofed and stood her a little too close to search, and she got hit by waves of sonic that crushed her to a powder. No worries though, the party leader took her stone to the shrine, she went back and disarmed the trap, and everybody got the bonus loot.

She had more unexpected mail tonight…


Perhaps this weapon will work better in your hands then mine. Good luck to you and may you adventure with good companions that don’t leave you behind.”

I have no idea who this is, but if you’re reading this and it’s you, THANK YOU! For the awesome rapier, of course (which she needs to re-equip, she took it off so she could bind it), but even more than that, for the kind words. If not for that, I’m not sure Vic would have joined the Gwylan’s PUG; I was worried about possibly getting in with zergers. Seeing that made me decide to go for it, and I had a great time.

If only my real life could be fixed so easily… *sigh*


6 thoughts on “Open mouth, insert foot

  1. Mizzaroo

    Hirelings can be pretty dumb sometimes. I almost died once because my Cleric hireling ran way ahead to kill an enemy that wasnt in the immediate vicinity and I was ambushed by a mean group of hob gobs.

    Thats pretty awesome someone gave you a nice weapon.


  2. ComicRelief

    Now that you mention it, it did seem that my favorite cleric hireling was also running off more than usual when she’s told to guard me. Hmmm…maybe they did tweak them in update 9. Was anything listed in the release notes?

    Bet they still stand in acid, or jump into lava though…


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, that’s why if I don’t know EXACTLY where the box (and especially where the TRAP) is, I stop and search as soon as my Jedi senses tingle. Then I advance a bit and do it again. And again. I’d rather take three times to find the panel than get impaled ’cause I thought I was safe!

    It’s great both that your party leader spoke up and that somebody sent you a weapon! Always set somebody to guard the rogue… I got myself killed doing that in a PUG earlier (… forgot I’d recently leveled up as a ranger, and that I now had CLW. Totally stupid mistake… and my overconfidence didn’t help any) but I kept him safe whilst he was disarming! Then he grabbed my soulstone and ran screaming while the half-dead (half-undead? Whatever…) ghoul chased him. (Of course, what he was screaming was “DIE ALREADY!” as he ranged the little beastie…)


  4. Vikkus

    I didn’t notice the name change of the bags first either. πŸ™‚ The Chamber of Insanity can be very brutal, if you ever want some help just give me a call. I might be able to heal through it.

    Also, for the sword, you are very welcome. It was a bit too chaotic for my hands.


  5. raladnahs

    Yes, the hireling thing happened to me in stage one of the new chain yesterday. Ran it on hard, was standing WAY up on a ledge taking hits from AOE and DoT spells from Pale Fire, no big deal, my hire was there to heal me. Next thing I notice my screen is getting wacky and my red bar is WAAAAY down. I realize my hire is now down near my guildmate and HIS hire, about a football field away from me trying to heal someone there. Needless to say I backed away, but the DoT spell got me and there wasn’t a thing I could do. Great idea having the hires heal party members, bad idea having them go off on scenic travels to heal another member located very far away.


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