How to lose a girl in 10 minutes

Sometimes pick-up groups are a great way to get quests done and make new friends.

And then there are the other times.

Victaurya joined a group to do Bounty Hunter today. Nice people overall, but she missed out on a chest during the first run (on normal) because she was disarming a trap while everyone ran ahead, and missed out on SEVERAL chests during the subsequent hard run because everybody just went zinging past her while she was searching and disarming, and she ended up completely on her own.

It wasn’t that the group was mean or anything like that. They just made it pretty clear that all they wanted was the extra bonus (Ingenious Debilitation, or whatever it’s called) for disarming traps and after that, nobody gave a dang if she was there or not.

I tried telling them, when I saw they were looting a chest again nowhere near me, that I’d lost them while disarming. I was told, “lol its ok, keep disarming we need the bonus.” No one offered to help me find the chests – heck, they wouldn’t even wait for me to catch up. One person did say “sorry” when they were finishing out and I said I was going to stay in the dungeon and get the chests I missed.

I join groups to be part of a group. Maybe some people would be fine with just the XP and going back for the loot afterwards, but that’s not much fun to me. I’m thinking maybe I need to get Ironica out and go kill stuff on Korthos.


6 thoughts on “How to lose a girl in 10 minutes

  1. stucklogan

    I feel for ya. If you are in the quest for loot as well as XP then by all means stay in the dungeon and go back and get your chests. If the group wants to run again and cant cause you are lootin… well… tough cookies, they should have stayed with you and you could have all finished together so another run could be had. I say make em wait as punishment for abandoning their extra 15% XP-getter.
    Happy questing!


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Should’ve told them getting you to the chests was the price for the +15% XP! I hope they at least killed everything along the way for you…

    This is why I normally solo. Sure, it takes me a heck of a lot longer, but I get to enjoy the dungeon way more. I wish that the map would update/reveal as your party members explore, and not just when YOU wander down the hallway. That would certainly help in cases like this.


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