Hard to resist

No, seriously, it IS hard to resist – when you’re a level seven rogue and you decide it’s about time you ran the Pit. It’s hard to resist all the fire and acid.

But Victaurya, with a LOT of help from a good friend and guildmate, was alive at the end. Neither of us got Muck’s Doom, but oh well – it took Even a LOT of tries to get one, and she still hasn’t gotten another.

My subconscious must have wanted me to torture myself. After Vic’s triumphant foray through the Pit, Even gathered her nerve and some friends and headed off to In the Demon’s Den. One of our party members, who hadn’t had the, ah, “pleasure” of meeting the Marilith and her buddies yet, thought we should go in on hard or even elite. I promised him that if we got through normal with no major problems, I’d be up for another run on hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHA – well, we didn’t do the hard run, not with our death count at 25 by the time it was all over. Luckily we had a SUPER group who talked and laughed and stuck together. It’s amazing we made it through at all; we only had one healer, a Favored Soul, and he did a stupendously great job keeping us going. In fact, the hard run was actually starting to look like a possibility until we decided to shrine before we went after the third ritualist. On our way back through the main room, we got jumped by a bunch of elder fire elementals and what seemed to be a family reunion of Hezrous.

As summoned creatures fighting for you, Hezrous are awesome – but dang, those suckers hit HARD. We wiped, but our FvS revived somehow (can they rez themselves? I should have asked) and somehow managed to stay alive long enough to get ALL of our soul stones and carry them back to the shrine.

Of course, hindsight’s 20/20, so we were thinking while we were healing. And what we were thinking was that what we SHOULD have done was kill the third ritualist, then DDoor back to the start and use the first shrine, then pull the Marilith back to the shrine area so we could rez ourselves as needed. It didn’t stop us from dying a few more times, but we kept at her until she finally went down like a cheap prom da – uh, never mind.

I’m afraid to even think what that quest is going to be like on elite. I don’t even want to go near it on hard – heck, I don’t want to go near it on normal or even casual most of the time. But someday I WILL watch the Marilith die on elite.

I was debating signing off after that so I could try to find out what’s so great about this thing called “sleep,” but another friend sent me a tell to see what I was up to. He was looking to play some of his lower toons, so I got Vic back out and we ran Proof Is in the Poison. I don’t know why I was feeling masochistic enough to want to run all these quests with acid and fire and poison, but the quest, as the first two did, went pretty well. Vic surprised me a bit with her kill count, being the squishy little rogue that she is and especially considering that I kept forgetting she’s not Even and tried to tank with her.

That wasn’t Vic’s only pleasant surprise tonight. During our Pit run, I noticed her mail icon was on. That got me wondering who the heck was sending her mail – until the last few days I haven’t played her that much, she doesn’t auction anything, and she hadn’t passed any favor benchmarks. Turned out to be someone she grouped with the other night (on an alt, which REALLY had me puzzled at first since I didn’t recognize the name). He sent her some really nice armor, a belt, some bolts and a whole bunch of thieves’ tools. I’ll have to find out what stuff he’s looking for on his toons and see what I can do!


4 thoughts on “Hard to resist

  1. ComicRelief

    Wait – there’s a mail icon in game? Hmmm…guess I need to learn to pay closer atten…SQUIRREL!!

    ‘Twas nice of them to send you stuff.


  2. ComicRelief

    Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a little envelope show up. I always just go and check the mailboxes. Maybe it only shows up if you get mail from another player?

    I may have to test that. 😉


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