Being a wiz isn’t a whiz

I felt like doing something different today, so I headed over to Sarlona and created my first-ever wizard toon.

It’s been less than half an hour and I’m in Heyton’s Rest waiting by the shrine because I still have another eight minutes until I can use it again. Yep, that’s right, my very first real quest and I’m already a clock-watching shriner.

I knew that Vicriia, my new wizzy (she’s a Drow elf, so I used an online Drow name generator), wasn’t going to have the DPS of Even or of my “disposable” fighter/barb, Ironica. But I didn’t expect her to be quite THIS squishy on beginning quests. She’s already burned all the way through her mana (180 SP to start) once, her Charm Person spell hasn’t worked on ANYTHING yet, and she’s out of the starter Cure Light pots she picked up.

But she’s fun. Casting damage spells is pretty new to me; Even doesn’t really have any. Jall the cleric has a few, but usually saves her mana for healing. Discordette, my poor neglected bard, probably has some bard songs or something, but I haven’t played her in ages, and of course Victaurya and Ironica don’t have spells, period.

So it was kind of cool to FINALLY get a chance to cast Magic Missile at something, and to use an Eternal Wand of Finger of Fire.

I went with one of the default paths; I’m not nearly competent enough to try a custom build on my first wizard. I’m sure there will be times I’ll regret that, but that’s OK. Most people, if they looked at how I’ve built Even, would probably say I’ve made some major screw-ups (and I’m sure I have), but I’m used to her and she works for me.

Same with Ironica – I used a “disposable” build a very knowledgeable friend gave me to make her. The build isn’t designed to live past level four or so, but I’m going to keep going with her once I get there (and after playing a super-squishy wizard, I’m looking forward to taking Ironica out again and pummeling lots of stuff). I’ve never once re-rolled a toon. There have been times when I considered it, especially with Discordette, but yesterday I was reading an excellent blog post by Mizzaroo that was partly about how boring it would be if we all created the same toons. And she’s right.

So I might let some of my toons sit for a while depending on what I’m in the mood for, but I WILL go back to them. The mistakes I’ve made have been great in terms of learning about the game.

Victaurya’s done well with her extra playing time; got her levelled up to 7 last night playing with a SUPER group on Gwylan’s. She ran the House D Depths chain on elite with another group after that; the XP was nice, although the runs were pretty fast for my taste (TWO MINUTES?! Seriously?). But they were nice and it was a group zerg kind of thing, not one person ditching the group to run ahead.


4 thoughts on “Being a wiz isn’t a whiz

  1. Mizzaroo

    Playing a Wizard is pretty fun. It can be tough though in terms of managing health and mana. One of the fun things I learned about the fire spell you start out with is that if you position yourself right you can take out a whole group of enemies within a certain radius of you. Enjoy your time as a Wizard 😀


  2. raladnahs

    A former “all Paladin, all the time” guy here. I spent my first year almost exclusively running paladins. I got razzed by a guildmate because it always seemed like I was pulling scepters and quarterstaves and scrolls and…well, you get the point. He busted on me and said that the game was trying to tell me something, but I was sure the caster life was not for me. Just for kicks I rolled up one, and a cleric, and a rogue. Took the cleric and rogue to level 7, then stopped. Played my pallys some more…fiddled around with the caster here and there….got him to level 7.

    Haven’t run a pally since November of last year. Yeah, soloing is a little trickier, but once you get those AoE effect spells and can kill SEVERAL things in one shot or a few seconds…wow, I solo much faster as an arcane than I did with a self healing melee, and I still bust everything and do all the optionals.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of squishy spellflinging. Learn how to run, jump, click and you’ll do just fine 🙂


  3. ComicRelief

    If ever a whiz of a wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one because… because… because… because… because… because…

    I’ve only played a MU in PnP… not sure I could handle all the clickies needed in game. Might try it someday… (but not today…) 😉


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