Why isn’t there an IQ requirement to play this game?

Did you ever get in with a good pickup group, run a few quests, have one person drop, and end up with a total MORON in their place?

That happened to Victaurya tonight. She ran some House K quests with a real nice bunch. One of our group logged after three quests to play one of her higher toons and was replaced by… ugh. Words fail me.

It wasn’t just that he was another rogue, although having two wasn’t necessary. It was his ATTITUDE. It wouldn’t have mattered if he’d been a cleric or a barb or a wizzy. He started lecturing the group from the moment he joined – well, not QUITE from the moment he joined, first he had to figure out how to find the quest entrance and kept arguing with us all that we weren’t in the right place.

And the guy NEVER. SHUT. UP. He could have given my mother a run for her money, and believe me, that’s saying something. He made a big deal out of informing us all that if we got any throwing weapons from chests, he wanted them. One guy looted some shurikens and Moronface went off on him – “WHY did you take those? YOU can’t use those!” Blah, blah, blah… the guy said he took them for one of his other characters. “WHAT other character? Your ranger? Rangers don’t use shurikens!” And so on.

I got killed twice, both one-shots, the poor cleric never even had a shot to heal me. Unfortunately for me, both times were in an area with two chests and some collectables. After I got rezzed the first time and while the rest of the party was shrining, I tried to run back to grab the chests. Unfortunately there were a couple of mobs that had been missed and I got killed again. I asked if someone would take a minute to run back with me so I could get the chests, but no takers – my loss, since the quest had a point of no return.

I definitely will NEVER join any party if I see that guy in it. I’m sure he’s got other toons, but if I’m in a group and I hear his nasally, whiny, incessant voice, I’m outta there.


7 thoughts on “Why isn’t there an IQ requirement to play this game?

  1. syckophreeke

    Unfortunately it happens often. I have a level 20 rogue, not gonna say I know everything, but I have had several that I have grouped with that were the same way. Sorry for your luck, but remember his name so you can watch groups so you can stay away.


  2. XavierElanor

    Regrettably this is unavoidable if you want to use the social panel. Always make a note of players and their guild so you can avoid them in the future, possibly even use MyDDO to find out any alts.


  3. Vikkus

    Must have been a full moon. I got one like that yesterday also. I didn’t even finish the quest series he was so rude and then had to add him to ignore because he kept on whispering me.


  4. This is why even with my rogue I solo with a pocket cleric. Okay means some quests I run a level or two later but given the choice of PUG or solo I would rather not listen to idiots.


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