Rogue: It’s NOT a cosmetic

Watch general chat long enough and you’re likely to see someone say their party is looking for a “rouge,” at which point several people will probably waste no time in making fun of them for wanting to add blusher to their party.

Real-life me occasionally adds a bit of rouge to her face. Virtual me started out on DDO with a rogue named Victaurya (my cat’s name is Victoria, but that spelling was taken). I got her through most of Korthos and a few harbor quests before I created Even to be the muscle for my then-boyfriend, the man who introduced me to DDO and a very able, though squishy, wizard. Even kind of took over and Victaurya got less and less playing time.

But what I really wish Even had, more than cool attack spells or awesome buffs, are the abilities a rogue gets like disarming traps and picking locks. Since Even solos a lot, she’s taken her fair share of trap damage and missed out on cool loot. Sure, she’d love to have Firewall and Dimension Door so that she’d have a shot at soloing Sinvala from Mired in Kobolds, but that’s just one quest. Rogue skills would come in handy LOTS of times.

Now that Even is kind of stuck until THAT DARNED INFERNAL CREDIT CARD FINALLY GETS HERE (YES, dammit, I’m impatient!) so she can upgrade to P2P, I’ve started thinking about getting some of my other toons out and giving them a go. I logged Victaurya in yesterday to check mail and decided, just for the heck of it, to take a look at the Groupings tab. There was a group about to do Rest for the Restless, and they were looking for a rogue. Yay! Off I went to House P.

Like Even, Victaurya has done a fair amount of soloing and not much grouping, especially with strangers. On any toon, I’m always a little leery of joining a PUG – what if I bomb? What if some zerger ruins the quest?

No worries this time. The group was AWESOME, and since there are big ol’ nasty cold traps and locked chests, I got to be useful. I stuck with the group for three runs of Rest for the Restless (normal/hard/elite) and then ran Redwillow’s with them before stupid real life intruded. They made me feel really appreciated, too, telling me “good job” every time I disabled a trap or opened a locked chest. I didn’t expect that; I was just doing what I was there for. It wasn’t like I was killing a lot of mobs or healing people, but it was still a great feeling – especially since she levelled.

I knew NOTHING about character builds when I made Victaurya (honestly I still don’t know that much), but she seems to be turning out all right. One thing that surprised me in a good way – WOW, can she save. It had been ages since I’d run Rest for the Restless with Even, and I didn’t know that the trap control boxes had to be disabled before the lever was thrown. So there I was at the top of the ladder, getting blasted from three directions by cold jets… and above Victaurya’s head, all I could see was, “Save… save… save… save.” And that was without any resists. Even could kick Vic’s butt with both hands tied behind her back, but Vic wins when it comes to avoiding trap damage.

So tonight I got Vic back out for some more fun. I decided to run her through the “Depths Of” series in House D. I loved those when I did them with Even; I remember I did them solo first, normal and hard, and then waited impatiently for my then-boyfriend to log on so we could do them on elite.

I had at least as much fun tonight doing them with Vic. There’s a great mix and variety of mobs, lots of collectables (she looted FIVE Deadly Feverblanches from the series), a fair number of traps and some locks to pick. I wasn’t quite brave enough to try it on hard with her soloing… but I dunno. Maybe tomorrow. She didn’t have any serious problems at all; I think she might be able to solo hard.

I wanted to get Vic her first ranking bubble at level 6, so she also ran Kobold Assault and the Baudry Cartamon quests on hard. The Baudry series was no problem, in fact the whole thing was kind of boring. Kobold Assault – now THAT was another story. Her pocket cleric ran out of spell points before the halfway point, and it took a LOT of finagling to get him enough time to use the rest shrine without being interrupted by kobolds beating on him. She finally managed it by targeting the shrine, parking his butt behind it and telling him not to move, then intimidating the kobolds away so they wouldn’t interrupt him and having him use the shrine while she gulped down a LOT of Cure Light pots.

I was really glad that a few weeks back, when I realized Even had a full stack of Cure Lights that she would probably NEVER use, I mailed the stack to Victaurya. She started the night with that stack and maybe a dozen or so that she already had. Now she’s down to about 60, but she finished Kobold Assault solo on hard – not bad for a squishy little rogue in light armor with 61 HP.

It wasn’t all good – she also joined a PUG to do Purge the Heretics. The party leader reminded people SEVERAL times to stay together, but to no avail; several of them went in before Vic even got there, and she managed to get inside barely in time for the quest’s finish. Seriously, people. If you’re looking for more, then STAY with them when you get them. Why would you want to join a party when you’re just going to run through it by yourself? Not to mention all the mobs left hanging around; Vic ran into a whole gang of them and got killed while she was trying to find the end chest. The party leader was nice enough to take her stone to the shrine and then lead her to the chest, helping her battle the leftover mobs along the way.

I’m in a writing mood, but I think that’s enough for one night.


5 thoughts on “Rogue: It’s NOT a cosmetic

  1. Vikkus

    Glad you are having fun with your rogue skills. We can use more of them around. Always seems to be at least one trap or locked chest that needs opening.


  2. Mizzaroo

    I love playing on my rogue. Although I do sometimes mispell it when Im tired. The best aspect is definetly the saves vs traps. I learned that the fun way too. Ran right through a poison trap I faid to disable and saved everytime I ran through it.


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, all those traps and locks are precisely why my first real character (y’know, once I was done playing around and starting to work on what I *wanted*) started out with a level of rogue, and then ranger all the way (well, so far). My monk laughs at traps (and sometimes pays for it. Everyone rolls a 1 eventually…) and my gimpy hagglebard also laughs at traps (rather nervously, and with Cure LW ready, ’cause she KNOWS it’s gonna hurt like the dickens, but laughing is better than crying… right?) But my rogue/ranger? Pshaw. No sweat! …Until that 1 shows up, at least. Stupid 1s.

    It’s fun to solo stuff when you know you have a pretty darn good chance of dealing with the traps! And an even better chance at bonus loot!


    1. I really never play a true rogue, but I do have a Pale Trapper (18 wiz/ 2 rogue) that does very well against traps, so I know the feeling. And that’s awesome that the group you were in appreciated you. Typically, they don’t really say much unless you screw things up, then they’re all over you (a reason why I never take PUGs. I have bad luck with them).

      Also, sorry this is my first response. I have wanted to respond to many of your previous posts I have liked, but it took me this long to figure out how lol! Congrats on the level, as well!


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